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    Schedule 2019

  • Upcoming Open Seminar

    The acquiring and acceptance ecosystem -
    evolution & innovation

    25 June 2019, Prague

    This training is ideal for those familiar with the Acquiring industry and want to understand the key influences and how these will affect their business.

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  • Upcoming Open Seminar

    Academy Accelerator Week

    25th to 27th June 2019, Waterloo

    The payment business is undergoing massive change due to the increasing ubiquity of mobile devices in everyday life. In this introductory seminar, around 20 experts will take you through emerging payment technologies and the wide range of Mastercard products and services available to handle the change effectively and efficiently.

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Below are the courses that we have just launched and are
new additions to our curriculum.

Payment foundations

  • The acquiring and acceptance ecosystem - evolution & innovation

Digital & security solutions

  • Cyber & intelligence solutions
  • Blockchain & cryptocurrencies
  • Authentication and biometrics

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