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  • Upcoming Open seminar

    Introduction to Acquiring with Mastercard

    26 - 27 September 2017, London

    This two day face to face seminar is designed to provide newcomers to the industry with the basics of acquiring. The seminar will help to build their understanding of the 4 party model, the role of the Acquirer and the acquiring value chain and transaction cycle. The seminar will also introduce them to key topics such as chargebacks, fraud and risk and the key factors impacting on Acquirers in today’s European market. This two day session is designed for entrants new to acquiring or anyone wanting to understand more about the acceptance of card payments. It would also be suitable for those in commercial, business, sales and operational roles.

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  • Upcoming Open seminar

    Mastercard digital payments solutions NEW

    27 - 28 September 2017, Bratislava

    With the Mastercard Digital Payments Solutions seminar you will learn about the latest trends in the mobile payment space, the benefits to be reaped, the issues to be aware of, as well as best practice advice on how to get the most out of these exciting new opportunities.

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  • Upcoming Live Event

    Mastercard Connect key applications overview

    27 June 2017

    This is the second of a serie of two Live Events about MasterCard Connect. During this second session, you will learn more about a selection of Key applications available for ordering in the Connect Store. At the end of this Live Event, you will be able to identify and select the key applications needed for Card Industry and MasterCard Business Management. Suggested Audience: Issuers, Acquirers, Processors .


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  • Upcoming Live Event

    Mastercard mandates roadmap - 2Q2017

    26 June 2017

    All new mandates since the last update are presented to draw the attention and bring a bit more insight. This Live Event aims at identifying and describing all new mandates introduced by Mastercard during the previous period or that will be launched shortly. This Live Event serie will focus on mandates with a Global or European scope.

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Business Insights

Business insights

To keep yourself up-to-date on what is going on in the card payments business, take a look at our seminars that are designed for all customers, both new and existing.

Bulletin Highlights

Bulletin highlights

Stay up-to-date with the main articles from MasterCard’s Global and European Operations Bulletins

Franchise And Regulatory

Franchise & regulatory

Compliance at all levels is rapidly becoming a business critical activity. Take a look at our seminars that will help you avoid issues and protect your business.

Products And Solutions

Products & solutions

Take a look at our seminars that address latest developments in consumer & commercial products. Don’t miss out on our seminars that cover MasterCard ‘s state-of-the-art technology solutions, such as chip & contactless and digital payments

Issuer Business

Issuer business

If you want to manage your issuing business more profitably, take a look at our seminars that cover the issuing side of card payments.

Acquirer Business

Acquirer business

If you want to grow your business without increasing your risk, take a look at our seminars that cover the acquiring side of card payments.

Implementation & Operations

Implementation & operations

Transactions don’t happen by magic. Take a look at our seminars and drill down to the level of knowledge that you need, in order to optimize your day-to-day operations

Customer Testing

Customer testing

Take a look at our seminars that explain how to go live with MasterCard and how to perform ongoing testing using the MasterCard Simulators



Choose the wrong chargeback reason code and you could lose a transaction dispute. Our seminars are designed to help you progress your knowledge in this highly specialized area.

Risk Management

Risk management

If you want to increase your business without increasing your fraud, take a look at our seminars and learn how to defend your business in today’s fast changing ecosystem.