ACE Symposium EAST Pre-Cons
Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sports Conditioning Workshop

Cost: Additional $159.00
Provider: ACE - American Council On Exercise
Credits: ACE 0.8 CECs, NSCA 0.8 CEUs, NASM 0.8 CEUs, ACSM 8.0 CECs
Course Type: Live Workshop

Sports conditioning workouts featuring advanced drills continue to rise in popularity, but some people are concerned they may not be appropriate for all clients. This interactive, hands-on workshop addresses the science of sports conditioning and explores a systematic approach to designing programs. Learn the skill-related parameters of fitness including balance, agility, coordination, speed, reactivity and power, and how to tailor drills to specific population groups. Explore appropriate progressions in intensity, complexity and movement suitable to specific skill and conditioning levels.

You will learn:

  • Key considerations for developing sports conditioning programs
  • To conduct a specific needs assessment before designing sports conditioning workouts
  • Design, demonstrate and cues for appropriate skill- and conditioning-level drills,
    exercises and movement patterns that address all parameters of fitness

Metabolic Training Workshop

Cost: Additional $159.00
Provider: ACE - American Council On Exercise
Credits: ACE 0.8 CECs, ACSM 8.0 CECs, NSCA 0.8 CEUs, NASM 0.8 CEUs
Course Type: Live Workshop

Metabolic training is one of the hottest workout styles today. While many trainers know 'what' exercises to do, they may not fully understand the physiological principles that support these training philosophies. Learn strategies to help clients overcome plateaus and achieve weight-loss goals with high-intensity metabolic conditioning. With the success of popular HIIT programs, it's no secret that high-intensity drills and movements can help clients shed pounds. This interactive workshop gives you the tools to deliver those sessions in a safe, effective, and fun way that keep your clients coming back for more.

You will learn: 

  • To explain a personal trainer’s scope of practice for providing nutritional advice to clients

  • How identifying Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) can determine the optimal level of caloric intake for
    promoting weight loss
  • Role of macronutrients and how they relate to physical activity
  • To estimate the energy cost of exercise using Metabolic Equivalents (METs)
  • Program design using the ACE Integrated Fitness Training® (ACE IFT®) model for clients who want
    to lose weight


TRX® Rip Training Course
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Cost: $249.95 (originally $295)
Provider: TRX®
Credits: ACE 0.8 CECs
Course Type: Live Workshop

Led by Dan McDonogh, senior manager for TRX® Group Training & Development in San Francisco, this 8-hour course will cover the fundamentals of Rip™ Training and other techniques you can use in one-on-one or group sessions. Learn to progress and regress Rip Training movements for clients at all levels and explore how to use the Rip Trainer to deliver a dynamic, total-body workout you can integrate into individual client training programs. Upon completion of the course you'll be able to correctly set up and use the Rip Trainer in various environments for a total-body workout, safely and effectively instruct others, and articulate the benefits behind Rip Training.