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Preparing for retirement isn’t just about the numbers - your emotional readiness is important too. Funding retirement is now the biggest cause of financial anxiety with Australians1. Most don’t believe they’ll have enough to live their preferred lifestyle once they’ve retired. During this session our panel of industry experts will discuss some of the key aspects of preparing for this significant change to our lives.

Our experts include;

  • Dean Pearson, Head of Behavioural & Industry Economics at MLC Wealth and co-author of NABs Consumer Anxiety and Wellbeing index.
  • Jason Marler, also of MLC, and a passionate advocate for simpler superannuation and taking charge of your financial independence.
  • Wayne Bishop, Director of Activetics Pty Ltd, and developer of the Changing Gears™ Workshop and Coaching program for mature age employees.

Our host for this session is Chi Ngyuen, Consultant and advocate for the interrelationship between health and wealth.

This session is a must for anyone over 50, as you’ll get some great tips for building a holistic plan.

Topics to be covered:

  • How is the Australian economy and the cost of living going to impact your planning?
  • What drives your overall sense of emotional and financial wellbeing?
  • How can you prepare and plan successfully for retirement?
  • What are some investment strategies to consider as you head into retirement?
  • How can you plan for the unexpected?


Registration options:
If you can’t make the panel discussion, there are a few options available to you, so you don’t miss out:
  • Receive a copy of the on demand version
  • Attend a Retirement Ready strategy webinar presented by our Superannuation Consultant team
Simply click on the either of the ‘Register Now’ button to select your preferred option.
Theme Date & Time Webinar
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Pre-Retirement Panel Discussion
webinar or on demand version

Wednesday 27th Nov
Thursday 28th Nov 7.00pm

Retirement Ready Strategy webinar

Wednesday 27th Nov
Thursday 28th Nov 7.00pmWednesday 27th Nov
Thursday 28th Nov 7.00pmWednesday 27th Nov
Thursday 28th Nov 7.00pm
Tuesday 3rd Dec 7.00pm
Wednesday 4th Dec 12.30pm