SID Vehicle Displays & Interfaces Exhibition 2020
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3M28, 273M is a science company that strives to find sustainable solutions to make automotive displays and sensors better and safer.
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AGC Plasma Technology Solutions32AGC (Ashahi Glass Company) is the world’s largest producer of automotive and architectural glass. Relying on decades of experience developing optical coating technologies for advanced glass performance, AGC Plasma partners with its customers to provide customized large area and high-volume coating equipment for a range of functionalities like anti-reflective and anti-glare surfaces.
AU Optronics5
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Beneq, Inc.65
BOE Varitronix40, 41
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Cat-i Glass Mfg19
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Dexerials Corporation63, 64
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EuropTec USA Inc79
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Futaba Corporation of America57, 58
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Global Lighting Technologies3Global Lighting Technologies, Inc. is the world leader in new and innovative solutions for high-efficiency LED-based edge lit lightguides. With multiple IATF certified manufacturing locations, GLT continues to develop new coupling, extraction, and manufacturing processes to improve LED-based lightguide technology for automotive applications.
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I-PEX Connectors38
IHS Markit1IHS Markit (NYSE: INFO) is a leader in critical industry and market intelligence. With a legacy dating back to the 1920s when R.L. Polk published the first vehicle registration reports, our solutions deliver insights across the entire automotive value chain—from product planning to marketing, sales and the aftermarket.
Iwatani Corporation66
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Konica Minolta74, 75
Kyocera21, 20Kyocera is a leading manufacturer of LCD products focused on total solutions for the industrial and automotive markets. Kyocera offers high-performance TFT display products, and applied LTPS-TFT array technology.
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MAC Thin Films, Inc.2
Momentive Performance Materials77, 78
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N.S. International Ltd.62NSNA is a tier one supplier of Head-Up Display systems and Instrument Clusters providing these components to many major automotive OEMs. As a leading innovator in Clusters and HUDs, with 70+ years of experience, NSNA is uniquely positioned to “reinnovate” this sector and fulfill its role as the industry’s premier vehicle information systems and technology integration provider.
Neonode Technologies AB44
NSG Pilkington North America52
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Radiant Vision Systems37
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Sekisui36, 35
Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc.54
SHOEI U.S.A., Inc.8
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Taica North America Corporation56
TechnoTeam Vision USA49, 48
ThreeBond International26ThreeBond is a global manufacturer of adhesives and sealants. Our products are used in a wide variety of bonding and sealing applications for Automotive Vehicle Displays,Power Distribution, HMI and Sensor Management Systems. We currently have production and sales systems in North and South America, Japan, Europe, Asia, and China. We work closely with our customers to develop custom products and solutions specific for each unique application.
Tianma America, Inc.30, 31Tianma America, Inc. (TMA) A leading provider of small to medium size display solutions to the Americas, utilizing cutting edge technologies from Tianma Microelectronics and Tianma Japan, Ltd. (TMJ), coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing resources of the Tianma Group, TMA offers a comprehensive range of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) products and associated technologies.
Topcon Technohouse Corporation51
TouchNetix Ltd.7
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United Visual Researchers46
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VIA Optronics42
Von Ardenne North America34
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Wacker Chemical Corp4
Westboro Photonics76