Guiyang Southwest International Trade Market

Guiyang Southwest International Trade Market is located in the southwest of Guanshanhu District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. The planned area of the project is about 10 square kilometers, with a total investment of 60 billion yuan and a total construction area of 14.2 million square meters. It is a business market cluster that integrates market operation, international trade, modern logistics, e-commerce and leisure and entertainment. After the completion of the construction of this markets group, it covers all kinds of business forms of Guiyang City, including wholesale of vegetable, agricultural and sideline products and automobile sales (wholesale of spare parts). Moreover, it also builds corresponding logistics, warehousing, hotels, logistics services, headquarters operation and management center, office buildings, residential buildings, schools, hospitals and so on.

Guiyang Southwest International Trade Market has a complete set of comprehensive supporting facilities. Hongtai Logistics, which has the most complete logistics routes, the lowest fee standard for similar logistics parks and the most standardized management mode, has been put into operation, brought great convenience and reduced logistics costs for the majority of operators. The logistics has access to more than 80 counties and cities in the province as well as major large and medium-sized cities in the country. Its storage scale is huge. With over 2 million square meters of storage and complete functions, it can fully meet the requirements of storage area and special commodity inventory of all kinds of operators. Near the Central Garden Landscape Area, there is a gourmet street with more than 200 specialty restaurants. Its business hotel can not only meet the accommodation requirements of various customers, but also provide modern facilities and venues for various conferences and exhibitions to serve for the business people.

Guiyang Agricultural Products Logistics Park (Guiyang Agricultural Products Logistics Development Co., Ltd.)

Guiyang Agricultural Products Logistics Park is a comprehensive and modern large-scale agricultural products wholesale market, integrating exhibition and trading, cold chain logistics, processing and warehousing, safety traceability and supporting services. It is a "vegetable basket" livelihood guarantee project jointly established by Guizhou Province and Guiyang Municipal Government. The project is planned to use 1,000 mu (164.7 acres) of land for construction, with a construction area of 650,000 square meters and a total investment of 3.2 billion yuan. It is the state-owned comprehensive trading market of agricultural products in Guizhou Province with the largest amount of investment, the largest area and the most complete types of transactions. Guiyang Agricultural Products Logistics Park will use the advantages of state-owned enterprises to show the demonstration effect of public welfare market and ensure that the price of vegetables in Guiyang City is lower than that in the surrounding provincial capital cities. It also promotes Guizhou's agricultural products to enter the national market.

Guizhou Comprehensive Pilot Area Exhibition Center

Launched in July of 2014, Guizhou Big Data Comprehensive Experimental Zone Exhibition Center (referred to as the Exhibition Center) is located at the core area of Big Data Plaza. The Exhibition Center is a miniature landscape of the development of big data industry in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, demonstrating the goals, measures and achievements of the big data industry from the following aspects: top-level design & history of Guizhou Big Data Development, Piloting Demo Base of China Southern Data Center, Guizhou’s Cloud Computing and Four Systems of Guizhou Big Data.

The total building area of the exhibition center is 7080 square meters and the exhibition area is 5000 square meters. It shows the development of Guizhou big data and the top-level design as well as seven tests in the comprehensive test area. In the Wisdom Experience Hall, visitors can also feel the brand-new wisdom experience brought by the technology of 5G application of the three major operators and home Internet of Things. In the FAST experience area, the CAVE image experience space composed of four LED screens can make people feel the ability of FAST astronomical telescope to detect and receive radio signals from cosmic objects in an all-round way.