Bookbinding & Printmaking Workshops
Bookbinding & Printmaking Workshops
You want some hands-on workshops? Roger that. We've got an evening of two rotating workshops lined up just for you. In one you will create one of the single most influential structures in the world of contemporary bookbinding -- a flag book -- an accordion fold book that opens up into a 3 dimensional piece of art! The other teaches you how to create striking, bold illustrations and prints PDQ (pretty damn quick) utilizing a linoleum block. Come join us for two amazing art methods that once mastered are only limited by your imagination! Workshops are limited to 40 people, so sign up early!

Workshop is now open to AIGA members and non-members.
Trustees, Design Leaders and Sustaining members: $10
Supporters: $15
Contributors: $20
Student members: $10
Non-members: $40
Student non-members: $25

Participants need to bring:
- bone folder or dull knife
- ruler
- pen/pencil
- scissors
- permanent marker
- X-Acto knife

Flag-style Bookbinding
Bookbinding specialist, Kay Sperry, will teach you how to create a "flag book" in this unique book structure that will thrill & amaze! The "flag book" has a concertina (accordion fold) spine with "flags" attached in an alternating manner. Therefore the book can be "read" by turning the pages in the traditional manner, but when fully open becomes a 3 dimensional piece of art! Once the mechanics of the structure are mastered, the possibilities are nearly unlimited. We will work with rectangular "flags" for this workshop, and samples illustrating other options will be shown.

PDQ Printmaking
In this short workshop, woodcut artist Caye Dreiss, will teach participants the principles of relief printing by making a linocut. You'll draw a design, cut a linoleum block, and print it in black and white by hand or by using a press. Each participant will gain knowledge about materials, tools and processes and produce a small limited edition of their own linocut prints. Suitable for beginners and artists looking to refresh their skills or expand their repertoire.

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