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Location: Palm Springs, California

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Palm Springs is different.  Clear blue skies.  Star-filled nights.  Sweet desert air. A mountainside close enough to touch – certainly to hike.  So much to see, do, explore…or not…your choice.  Sunshine – it makes a difference. And you’ll feel it with the people – friendly, happy, joyful, carefree. Palm Springs.  Relaxing.  Rejuvenating.  A place to make memories. A place in which to hold a memorable meeting. Palm Springs, Like no place elseTM.

Palm Springs. A meeting destination where you can literally fly in, check in, and get to your meeting in a half-hour. The Convention Center is less than 2 miles from Palm Springs International Airport and offers over 1,600 hotel rooms within walking distance. The heart of our unique village, with its urban sensibility, showcases a variety of restaurants, shops, spas, attractions, including a world-class casino. Palm Springs. Where every Thursday night is held VillageFest – a vibrant pedestrian street fair – stroll, see and be seen, find a hand-crafted souvenir, enjoy a beverage or bite, listen to music – a favorite among locals and visitors alike. You’ll discover a spectacular desert setting. Breathtaking. Glorious sunrises. Gorgeous mountains. Palm Springs. Where the outside of your meeting is every bit as inspiring as the inside. We invite you to come experience a place where the city becomes your own.  Come and see why we believe it is Like no place elseTM.