IHS Markit

Innovation Awards at ShowStoppers @ IFA 2019

Thursday, 5 September 2019 | Messe Berlin Fairgrounds

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Judging Criteria 
The IHS Markit Innovation Awards judges will evaluate submissions based on nine established criteria, as well as one open criteria specified by the judges themselves. Judges give a number score (Lowest 1 ----- 2 ---- 3 --- 4 ---- 5 Highest) to each criteria for each submission. The sum of all 10 criteria equals the total score for the submission.
The criteria are:
  • Innovation - How innovative is the product, technology or service?
  • Production - Is the product, technology or service still in development (concept stage) or in production/available in the market? (Concept 1 to Production 5)
  • Ease of use
  • Solves a problem/improves daily life
  • Multiple applications (several functions or different verticals)
  • Uniqueness - Are there similar products/technologies/services? Does it build on an existing solution, or is it completely new?
  • Market opportunity - Is this a niche product/technology/service, or is there potential to make a major impact to many companies/people?
  • Longevity - Is this likely to be a short-lived product/technology/service, or is there potential for long-term sales in its current or evolved form?
  • Category - How does it meet the category description (i.e., Audio – audio quality, Video – video quality).
  • Open criteria - Judges' choice of criteria, e.g., sales presentation/pitch, aesthetics of product, booth traffic). A judge must use the same criteria across a category.
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