IVEC 2020 Exhibits and Sponsorships
Company Tabletop Number Company Description: 
Bridge12 Technologies Inc.6Microwave Tubes and Terahertz Systems Manufacturer
CALABAZAS CREEK RESEARCH INC7Calabazas Creek Research, Inc. specializes in UHF, microwave, and millimeter-wave RF sources and components at power levels from milliwatts to hundreds of Megawatts. The company focuses on new, innovative technologies for the next generation of RF sources and systems.
CPI3Communications & Power Industries (CPI) is a global manufacturer of electronic components and subsystems focused primarily on communications and defense markets. CPI develops, manufactures and globally distributes reliable solutions used in the generation, amplification, transmission and reception of microwave signals for commercial and military applications as well as communications, medical, industrial and scientific markets.
Diversified Technologies, Inc.18Diversified Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Bedford, MA, USA is the developer and manufacturer of the PowerMod™ line of solid state power supplies, pulse modulators, and related high voltage, high power equipment. DTI's high voltage systems are used for defense and commercial applications including radar, power conversion, food sterilization, biomass oil extraction, and high-energy physics.
Elcon Precision1Elcon Precision manufactures custom photochemically machined parts, metallized ceramics and brazed assemblies. We photochemically machine Mo, W, Cu, Au, Be, Ti, SS, Inconel and others for TWT grid, source and assembly components. Ceramic assemblies include microwave and RF packaging, sapphire windows, emitters, and hermetic feed-throughs. We are ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified.
Electron Energy Corporation10Vertically integrated producer of rare earth magnets.
Keysight Technologies4Keysight Technologies, Inc. is a leading technology company that helps enterprises, service providers and governments accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Keysight's solutions optimize networks, bring electronic products to market faster and at a lower cost with offerings from design simulation, to prototype validation, to manufacturing test, to optimization in networks and cloud environments.
Lucas-Milhaupt2Lucas Milhaupt is a global leader in brazing. Since 1942, Lucas Milhaupt has developed innovative metal joining solutions to improve process efficiencies, quality, and safety for industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We serve the aerospace, automotive, power generation, electronics, medical device and component manufacturing, and HVAC and refrigeration markets.
RadiaBeam16RadiaBeam is unique in the accelerator field due to the synergy between the research and commercial sides of our business. Our multi-disciplinary expertise produce unique accelerator solutions that work. From on-demand medical linacs to additive manufacturing of high-power components, RadiaBeam is here to translate research to reality.
ScandiNova Systems Inc.12ScandiNova Systems AB is a leading manufacturer of Solid State Pulse Power Modulators for particle research accelerators, radiotherapy, X ray cargo scanning detection, E-beam sterilization, Pulsed Electric Field and various other pulsed power applications. Located in Uppsala Sweden, ScandiNova has system installations worldwide.
Sienna Technologies, Inc.17Sienna Technologies, Inc.’s advanced materials technologies provide innovative solutions to today’s diverse and demanding industrial and scientific applications. Sienna Technologies offerings range from high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride ceramics products for high power electronics, to aluminum nitride based microwave absorbers for vacuum electron devices and associated metalization and brazing services.
Spectra-Mat, Inc.9Spectra-Mat, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of electron emission products for the microwave industry and of controlled expansion thermal management material solutions for microelectronics. Spectra-Mat’s technology for dispenser cathodes contributed to the latest advancements of the modern microwave, linear accelerators and x-rays tubes industry.
Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corp11Spellman is the world's leading independent supplier of precision DC high voltage power supplies, X-Ray generators and Monoblock® X-Ray sources for medical, industrial and scientific applications.
TDK-LAMBDA AMERICAS NEPTUNE8TDK-Lambda Americas High Power Division is a manufacturer of Programmable, High Density Power Supplies located in Neptune, N.J.. The Genesys ™ series of Programmable Power Supplies has the highest density in power levels from 750W through 15KW with output ranges up to 1500V and 1,000A.
Tech-X Corporation13Tech-X develops a variety of scientific software, including physics simulation software and high-performance computing in the cloud, and provides expert physics simulation consulting services in plasma physics and electromagnetics, including photonic integrated circuits.
Teledyne MEC20Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) has over 50 years of experience in the design, development, and manufacture of sophisticated microwave/RF components and integrated assemblies for the most demanding challenges.
Virtual Integrated Analytics Solutions LLC5We are a full service provider offering a variety of services from engineering solutions to software, hardware, and training.