MasterCard Global Merchant Risk Summit

October 24 - 26, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Cyber-criminals consistently target traditional and on-line merchant retail outlets in an attempt to steal valuable payment card account data and commit fraud.  Typically associated with organized crime syndicates, these fraudsters can attack both large and small businesses located anywhere around the world any time of the day or night.  Join us at the MasterCard Global Merchant Risk Summit which will be at a thought-provoking and informative forum to learn about the latest tools and techniques for minimizing fraud risk and maximizing profitability.

Don't miss the Pre/Post-Summit Workshops:

New!Pre-Summit - Understanding Chargebacks: A Card Acceptor Overview. Wednesday, October 24.

Post-Summit - Understanding PCI Compliance: A Merchant Focused Introduction to the PCI Standards. Friday, October 26.

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New! Exhibitors
Meet some of our participating exhibitors

Join Us! Topic Highlights Include:

  • Types of Fraud & Attacks - Fraud 101
  • Best Practices for Managing Compliance with MasterCard Programs
  • Business Protection - PCI DSS Compliance Matters
  • Terminal Providers - Which New Devices are Out There?
  • Chargeback Processing & Mitigation - Know Your Rights
  • Navigating the Future of EMV in the US - MasterCard POI Roadmap
  • Face to Face vs CNP Fraud: How to Drive Your Business?
  • MasterCard Account Data Compromise Program
  • MasterCard Products and Solutions: PayPass and PayPass Wallet, EMS Merchant Scoring and SecureCode


Who Should Attend?

The MasterCard Global Merchant Risk Summit is appropriate for merchant services and fraud security professionals including:

  • Payment Card Operations
  • Information Technology Security
  • Merchant Services
  • Fraud Investigations and Management



  • Authorization and Chargeback Processing
  • Security and Portfolio Risk Management
  • Corporate Audit and Compliance


Meet some of our participating exhibitors