Compete Smart 2012
TRACK Session Descriptions & Presenters

The following is an overview of the content of each breakout session by Track. 
Important Note: Sessions ending with 1 or 2 are on Day One; Sessions ending with 3 or 4 are on Day Two.  

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Track A
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TRACK A -- Guidance System:  LEADERSHIP

A-1 High Velocity Growth Strategy That Works

What are you doing today about where you want to be? Haven’t had the time to think about it? Now is the time! Come learn and apply tools that lean out traditional strategic planning steps. Explore high velocity processes to quickly develop or adjust your personal or organization’s growth plan. Walk away with purpose, direction and courage to grow, innovate & succeed.

Todd Daniels, MMEC Field Engineer, Montana Manufacturing Extension Center
A-2 Probe Value: Characteristics of Award Winning MT Family Business

Being part of a family business presents unique challenges... Examine characteristics that have skyrocketed manufacturing success for Family Business award winners across Montana and discover how they compare to national excellence standards in this workshop. Explore how they fit you and discuss issues threatening your trajectory and what has worked in your operation. Learn more about Family Business Program resources to propel your business.

Craig Ehlert, Adjunct Instructor of Management & Director of Family Business Program, MSU College of Business 
A-3  Chart a Course with Succession Planning

Explore steps to building a succession plan for you and your business & short analysis of how to determine potential marketplace value. Whether you step down tomorrow or in 20 years, the process of creating a succession plan helps create systems and processes for successful transition in the future but also improves your bottom line today. Probe opportunities to create tax favorable exit strategies as well as financial protection.

Mike Tobiason, Anderson Zurmuehlen 

A-4 Take the Controls: Leveraging Change for Innovation & Growth

Are you leveraging the naturally occurring change within your organization to drive innovation & growth? Come explore strategies to elevate how your organization utilizes the ever-changing business environment and address gaps that jeopardize innovation & growth. Learn how to continuously identify market trends and organizational pressure points, identify and rank mission-critical priorities and how to develop organizational hunger & tolerance for change.

Colleen Rudio, Rudio Performance Management Group 

TRACK B -- Increased Payload through Marketing/Sales
B-1 Closing the Deal:  Developing Effective Sales Relationships 

Myth: Born a salesman. Truth: Sales is a skill you can develop to win. Build your confidence with universal laws of selling from an experienced sales executive. Learn to understand customer needs and how to align with customer buying process, get tips on active listening and strategies for turning “the objection” to opportunity, and how to leave the door open for the next visit.

 David Minerath, Quest Integration

B-2 Uncharted Territory: How Ready Are You for Change/Growth

Propel your business by learning about the dynamics of change and how you can more proactively influence changes needed for growth. Get a self-evaluation on where you stand to create pathways that minimize risk in a growth initiative and how to bring your people along. Explore pain points and how to keep change going in uncharted territory.

Leesa Kennedy Nopper, MMEC/MT Dept. of Commerce B2B & John Murdock, Entrepreneur

B-3 Ignite Your Conversion Rate with Electronic Marketing thru CRM

Probe how e-mail and web marketing tools are greatly expanding the ability to develop and nurture prospects, converting to customers faster than has been typical. While observing specific tools that reside in the Dynamics CRM world, you will get a real eye opener, learning how to market in an age dominated by digital media and social networks.

Doug Sire, InterDyn BMI

B-4 Illuminate Success Selling Direct-to-Consumer Online

Hear how Montana Manufacturers are doing it! – Reaching customers & driving sales directly through the Internet and social media. Explore costs, staffing, and triggers to the next steps. Panelists from Red Oxx Mfg, Botanie Soaps, PFM Landtamer & Skinny Dip Candles.

 Moderator: Jeremy Wolf, Field Engineer, Montana Manufacturing Extension Center

TRACK C -- Greater Propulsion thru Innovation
C-1  Commercial Flight: Practical IP Law for Manufacturers

How and when do you protect your valuable intellectual property (IP) assets? Explore the legal process of obtaining patents, trademarks and copyrights PLUS financial and business factors to consider before filing for protection. Illuminate how the recently passed American Invents Act affects filing of patent applications. Get tips to utilize your IP cost effectively.

Richard Conover, Attorney at Law
C-2 Risk Capital: Resources to Propel Innovative Technologies

Risk capital: what it is, who needs it, where it fits your strategy and how angel and venture capitalists can make the difference. Come learn sources of risk capital and what is needed to approach different resources. See how different sources of risk capital can be used to fund
first the development of new technology and then commercialization.

John Balsam, MT Technology Innovation Partnership
& Diane Smith, Entrepreneur, Northfork Strategies (in for Liz Marchi)

 C-3 Fuel Up Your Innovation Pipeline

Not long ago, we all wanted to do “Quality” but weren’t sure what it meant or how to do it. We now know it is all about process, culture, leadership & people -- building a sustainable system. Guess what? The same goes for Innovation! Attend and get an overview of the Innovation Pipeline, a sustainable system with specific tools for each Innovation phase (Define, Discover, Develop, Deliver).
See how the National Innovation Marketplace can advance innovation.

Todd Daniels,  IELI Black Belt & Field Engineer, Montana Manufacturing Extension Center
C-4 Light Speed: Inspiration to Production

Now more important than ever! -- speed in prototyping and a rapid pace for getting new ideas into production. Voyage through the successful product development process and conceptual design for improvement, marketing, and protecting your concept or innovation. Explore common industry terminology and tips for working within a modest budget. Check out hands-on prototype examples made at
light speed right here in Montana.

David Yakos & Steve Sanford, Salient Technologies Inc.

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TRACK D -- Increase Velocity with LEAN MANUFACTURING
D-1 Blast Off to Success by Leveraging Lean Basics
Lean Manufacturing in production alone will not propel your company to world class levels. Come boost understanding of Lean concepts as they apply to Production, Administration, and Engineering/ Product Design. Explore how support services that surround manufacturing can embrace Lean to truly reach the next level and how non-manufacturers can also benefit. Discuss ways to ignite implementation and probe tools for more success thru Lean Office, Lean Engineering, & Lean Leadership.

 Bill Nicholson, Field Engineer, Montana Manufacturing Extension Center

D-2 Aligning Trajectory with Lean Accounting: A Case Study in Lean Costing

Explore how progressive companies take their Lean Manufacturing programs to the next level using techniques from Lean Accounting and Value Stream Management. Follow the evolution of West Paw Design over the last 12 years and see how they are growing the business and staying ahead of the competition by aligning the entire organization to their customer base. Discuss strategies for your business.

Mark Shyne, Montana Manufacturing Extension Center, & Stacey Scott, West Paw Design

D-3 Ignite Initiatives with Lean Leadership

Implementing Lean Manufacturing in any work place has its challenges, but without leadership, the Lean initiative will fail. This course will lay out the essential elements of Leadership that enable the implementation of Lean principles and ensure long term success. The behaviors that should be learned and used in a Lean manufacturing environment will be discussed.

Dale Detrick & Bill Nicholson MMEC Field Engineers, Montana Manufacturing Extension Center

D-4 Propel Lean w/ Root Cause Analysis & Problem Solving

NOTE: THIS IS A SESSION CHANGE from brochure listing.  

As an analytical tool and one that can help keep your Lean initiatives going, Root Cause Analysis is an essential way to perform a comprehensive, system-wide review of significant problems and the events and factors leading to them. Using an eight step problem solving processes focused on an application  to safety incident investigations, you will see how  this can be successfully applied to  other organizational problems that relating to cost, quality and delivery.  Learn to identify Causal Factors
and get to Root Cause through the Five Why’s; understand how to set up Corrective Actions and Follow-Up. 
Understand why Kaizen helps minimize the need for Root Cause Analysis in the future.

Terry Cox, The Dakota MEP


TRACK E -- Mission Critical: Supplier Development
E-1 Explore Peer Perspectives for Selling to OEMs or Agencies
Catalyze sales efforts with knowledge from Montana peers about what works and pitfalls to watch out for in this panel presentation on selling to large tier one and tier two firms and to government agencies. Learn about resources available for soft landing. Q&A. Panelists from PFM Landtamer; Creative Sales; Spika Welding & Mfg; Timberline Tool and Nomad Global Communications
Moderator:  Doug BolenderMT Procurement Technical Assistance Center at MTCDC  
E-2 Finding Payload in the Federal Marketplace: A DLA Case Study
 Review what it takes to do business with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), the largest purchaser of parts, goods and services in the world. Whether considering marketing your product(s) to DLA for the first time or an experienced DLA contractor, gain value discussing contractor requirements, capability statements, solicitations, bidset interface, packaging, RFID, Internet quoting and more. Learn if government contracting is for you and if so, how to get on board!
Doug BolenderMT Procurement Technical Assistance Center at MTCDC  
Barry Nelson, Proxity-EC

E-3 Probe New Food Safety Standards...What You Need to Know

Discuss changes in food safety standards in response to consumer and food business concerns about food safety from farm to table. Explore how to address these concerns and comply with your customer food safety demands. Learn more about GFSI and the Food Safety Modernization Act, HACCP planning and what 3rd party audit means. Get a certifying body auditor’s perspective with guest registrar NQA.

Pam Ader,  DDB Technical Services, Consultant to MMFE  

E-4 Accelerate Buyer/Supplier Reach thru Web-based Supplier Connectors

Leads to more profitable customers, markets and products. Explore several complimentary web-based supplier & innovation connectors intended to help small businesses engage with commercial supply chain and with technology and business opportunities: “The Supplier Connection”, “NIM – National Innovation Marketplace”, and for a more local twist the MT Manufacturing Information System (MMIS). 

  Moderator Tab Wilkins, NIST MEP 

TRACK F -- The Right Crew: People & Resources
F-1 Explore Win-Win in Worker Comp: "Return To Work" Works
Forget the old model of getting injured employees healed to get back to work. Learn about surprising bottom line benefits and plusses of getting people back to work to get them healed. Explore the philosophy behind “work heals” and how to implement within your safety program. Get tips on reducing leave impact in the workplace and an overview of pertinent laws.
Wendy Forgey, [change in instructor for this session] Montana State Fund
F-2 On Target with TWI: Job Instruction & Job R
 Get an overview of the history & current state, mechanics and application of the three core TWI modules and how to apply these tools to create “standard work” for leading, providing work instruction and making sound process improvements. Explore Job Relations and dealing with people. Look at Job Instruction methods for training and tips on instructing.
Terry Cox, ND MEP 
F-3 Boosters to Rocket into the Global Marketplace
Join this session for a test flight on exporting — how Montana companies are successfully dealing with “all that foreign stuff.” Learn first hand what worked and what didn’t, plus the resource organizations that assisted in overcoming barriers that often create reluctance to launch an export initiative. Service providers in the audience will field questions.
Moderator: Nicole Hagerman MillerProject Manager, Montana World Trade Center 
Peer Panelists Steve Bixby, MorTech; Mike Hetherington, Cleanwaste; BD Erickson, Satic, Inc., & Curt Pijanowski, the Milky Whey; with resource providers in the audience for Q&A 

F-4 Voyage into Lender Programs to Finance Your Business Growth
Get the latest on business financial assistance and programs available to fit your growth initiatives from loan options to grants. Hear from program specialists who can answer questions about options that best fit your goals and help you overcome challenges.
Panel Moderator:  Andy Poole -- Deputy Director, Montana Department of Commerce 
Panelists:  Herb Kulow, MT Board of Investments; Amita Patel, SBDC at MTCDC; Matt Jones, USDA Rural Development; &
Karyl Tobel, MT Department of Commerce  
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