Compete Smart 2012

Check out what people say about Compete Smart, Montana’s anchor event for manufacturers and their allies, who support our communities, provide jobs and build our economy:

 …such a shot in the arm; mixing with other manufacturers, sharing problems and solutions.  I always find myself returning to the office with fresh ideas from the many great speakers and workshops. The best brain storming/problem solving “meeting,” Richard and I ever had was on our drive home to Forsyth after the conference.

Celeste Rohrich, Co-Owner
Spanwell, Forsyth, MT USA

Great conference!  Bravo!
Marty Stomberg
Singletree Farm & Lightfoot Cycles, Darby MT USA 


You’ve enlightened us, you’ve entertained us, and you’ve motivated us. You’ve given us tools we need to “tune our engines.” I can guarantee that we will be better leaders, better businessmen, and better manufacturers because of these two days, and I look forward to being here again.

Tom Spika, President & General Manager
Spika Welding & Mfg, Lewistown MT


You guys outdid yourself this year on the conference.  Great job!
Jim Markel
Red Oxx Mfg, Billings MT USA