Compete Smart 2012
MT Product Showcase at Compete Smart
As we STAND TALL FOR MANUFACTURING, Compete Smart is creating a 100-ft Showcase of products manufactured across the stateThis special area is is not to be confused with our Exhibitor Hall but is a separate wall-length display area in the banquet hall that attractively displays the diversity of products made here. Showcase items draw media attention and help demonstrate that "Manufacturing Is More Than You Might Think."  
 If you are interested in having any of your Montana manufactured products woven into the display, contact Bill Rattell or MMEC at 406-994-3812.   Attendance is not required to have your product in this special display though it's a great opportunity to stimulate dialogue with your peers & allies.  
Bill will contact you about shipping your sample to us, optional drop locations and other pertinent information. He will check whether you want product donated as a door prize or arranging for its return after the show.  You would be responsible for shipping costs to and from the show and any necessary insurance covering items of high value. Planning to attend? Just let Bill know you will be bringing your item along so he can reserve space within the display.  Oversized -- check with Bill for details.