Thomas Bus Institute West
Bus Institute Classes

Each person registered for the Bus Institute will attend the following classes:

Advanced Electrical Skills
This class works with a DVOM, relays, fuses, etc. and tests different components with hands on activities. We will cover the fundamentals of the electrical system and how to troubleshoot different circuits.

Allison Transmission
This class covers the operation and troubleshooting of the transmission along with repair information and software for troubleshooting.

Coolant Class
This class covers the importance of proper testing and maintaining of the coolant system with today's engines.

Electrical Charging systems
This class covers the entire charging system of the bus to include battery, alternator, and cabling. The importance of properly sizing the alternator for all of the today's electronics.

Electronic Resources

This class is a computer lab that lets the attendees navigate with a computer the looking up of information available on the websites. You will look up wire diagrams, parts drawings, installation drawings and repair information

EPA Emissions
This class will cover the different levels of EPA regulations and changes along with a look at what is to come. The class covers such topics as DEF, DPF, SCR, and OBD.

Seating systems
This class will cover seat maintenance and repair procedures for seats. We also cover the changes that seats have undergone to meet stronger FMVSS standards.

Wheelchair Lifts
This class covers the operation, repair and maintenance of the wheelchair lift. It also covers items such as rebuilding lift cylinders.

Classes are subject to change.

During your registration you will choose one of the following:

Type C Conventional
This class reviews the multiplex electrical system, troubleshooting information, and software available.

Type D Transit

This class reviews the electrical system, fan drive systems, and product updates