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Delivering the Curriculum through VC (Video Conference)

Monday 4 February 2019

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Airthrey Castle
University of Stirling


Video conferencing is part of everyday life, and for many of our colleges, a regular part of curriculum delivery. With advances in VC and the new interactional tools, we can offer an educational experience for those who want to engage remotely that is on a par with face-to-face teaching, and increasingly mirroring practice in the workplace.

We are excited to team up with Ajenta, the team behind Vscene, to offer this dedicated workshop which focuses on making the most of VC interactions. The face-to-face workshop will guide you through the steps of designing and delivering online sessions via VC. You’ll also get the chance to experience the best of online delivery via a special lesson from e-Sgoil’s Mr Graham on ‘Percentages and profit’ – now maths might not be your favourite subject (just now), but Mr Graham will lead you through a lesson that brings home how the technology can be used to engage students in an online medium.

This free workshop is being run as part of Fire Starter Festival (28th Jan – 8th Feb) and is open to all with an interest in online delivery.


Who should attend

Anyone who would like to learn more about the practical side of delivering educational content via video conferencing.

This workshop aims to:
  • provide examples of best practice when it comes to delivering content via VC
  • cover the stages of preparation, delivery and post delivery
  • explore different approaches to engagement and effective communication