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01/24/2019 ACC Highland Business Center - Austin, Texas

2019 Jan Woman Entrepreneur's Exchange

Speed Mentoring

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One-on-One WBE Mentoring 

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Learn first-hand how Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certification can elevate your business during one-on-one speed mentoring sessions with certified women business owners. Each mentor will also share expert insights on various topics including submitting RFPs, how to bid, marketing, leadership and more!  You may choose up to three mentor sessions during this event.

Don’t forget to network with fellow women business owners and corporate supplier diversity and procurement representatives between sessions!

Who Should Attend?

  • Women business owners who are not yet certified as a WBE, but would like to learn more

  • Currently certified WBEs who would like to know how to utilize the Women's Business Council- Southwest (WBCS) and the Women Business Enterprise National Council's (WBENC) resources 

Read about our mentors below. 


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Vera Fischer
97 Degrees West

The visionary of 97 Degrees West for more than fifteen years, Vera has served as the CEO and President since 2004. During Vera’s tenure, the agency has been recognized as a leader in strategy, creative, digital and traditional media. Garnering multiple industry awards in emerging technologies has made Vera a sought-after expert in the field of digital marketing and technology as well as various business/marketing/brand strategies. Vera also hosts a podcast entitled, “System Execution”, with notable guests like Ari Weinzweig, Jeff Smith, Gary Bizzo, Dr. Alan Pitt, and other business and thought leaders. Vera is a member of the Austin University Area Rotary Club, an advisory board member for the School of Journalism & Mass Communication at Texas State University and a Mentor at Capital Factory. Vera is completing her Master’s in Strategic Communications at Texas State University in May 2019. 
Areas of expertise: Marketing/Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Creative, Traditional Marketing, Podcasting

Marie McGrath
Demand Lighting

Marie’s experience from multiple aspects of business allow her to set strategic vision and inspire her team leaders to drive an organization to scalable success. McGrath had experience at Fortune 500 companies working directly with Executive Management. McGrath earned her JD from the University of Houston, MBA Finance from Pace University and BS Marketing from SUNY Buffalo. She currently serves on the Women's Business Council- Southwest's Austin Committee and Board of Directors. She is also a National Forum representative for the Women's Business Enterprise National Council.
Areas of Expertise:  Operations Management, Strategic Planning & Partnerships, P&L Management and Budgeting

Michelle Ray
Absolute Facility Solutions

Michelle Ray has spent over 20 years in industries that engage extensively in the RFP process for leads. She also worked in a government agency where she was responsible for putting projects out to bid, reviewing responses and working closely with purchasing and the legal team to assure a successful process. Then she spent multiple years working in business development for a consulting business, where she spent a majority of her time responding to solicitations and managing teaming partner relationships as the prime vendor. Since starting Absolute Facility Solutions, she has continued to respond to solicitations.
Areas of Expertise: Project/Program/Portfolio Management, Software Evaluation & Recommendation, RFPs and Bidding, Managing Diverse Teams

Holly St. John Peck
Peck Training Group

 Holly St. John Peck is passionate about working with High Potential Leaders by coaching them one-on-one to quickly improve their professional presence, executive image and bottom-line results through learning the 3 Ps of Leadership: Presentation, People, and Political Savvy  Skills. One of her unique qualities as a coach is that many of the principles and skills taught privately in coaching come from the sought after, certified training programs that Holly delivers around the globe. She has developed astute cultural awareness from working with business people in their home offices in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America. This awareness helps tremendously not only in her own understanding in working with those of different cultures, but in helping her clients to do the same. As a female leader herself coming from a management role in telecommunications and running her own professional development firm for 20 years, she’s often asked to be a part of helping female leaders to succeed, especially in male dominated businesses. Holly is known to be personable, authentic, professional, and politically savvy. She is a sought out speaker within Fortune 500 organizations around the globe, from Coca-Cola in Africa, Citigroup in Argentina, Cisco in Amsterdam and Alcatel-Lucent in Mexico City.
Areas of expertise: Political Savvy, Presentation Delivery/Design, Interpersonal & Management Communication

Darlene Templeton
Templeton & Associates

Darlene is the CEO and founder of Templeton & Associates. She is a professional speaker, certified executive coach, business strategist consultant, trainer and author. Darlene specializes in leadership and transformation for corporations and professionals, specifically for those who want to make a greater impact personally and professionally.She held multiple management and leadership positions during her career at IBM.She brings her 36 years of experience at IBM, to her work and her clients, and provides a level of mastery that is extraordinary. Darlene’s unique combination of extensive corporate experience, her own personal career journey, and her successful coaching and speaking business have given her the ability to work with individuals, small businesses and Fortune 100 companies to help them define their goals, enhance their performance and put an action plan in place to achieve the results they desire. Darlene is the founder and Chief Leader of the AMAZING Women Alliance, a group of high achieving women who meet monthly to inspire, motivate and support each other to achieve their goals.The AMAZING Women Leaders program is asix-month results drivenleadership development and coaching program designed for professional women who are committed to accelerate, accomplish and achieve their goals bothpersonally and professionally.You can build more confidence, develop business and leadership strategies and implement your action plans to achieve your goals and get the results that you desire. Darlene is the Co-VP of Career Development and established the Mentoring Program for the Austin Human Resource Managers Association (AHRMA), Texas Women in Business (TWIB) and several other associations.She also volunteers for Dress for Success and other local charities.She has co-authored three books, The Unstoppable Women’s Guide to Emotional Well Being, “The Success Guide for The Unstoppable Entrepreneur”, and “Behind Her Brand”.
Areas of expertise: Women's Leadership/Professional Development, Executive Leadership, Public Speaking, Business Consulting 

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2:30pm - 3:00pm
Registration Opens [More Info]
3:00pm - 3:15pm
Mentoring Session #1 [More Info]
3:20pm - 3:35pm
Mentoring Session #2 [More Info]
3:40 pm - 3:55 pm
Mentoring Session #3 [More Info]
4:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Open Networking [More Info]

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Email Address*

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This event is open to everyone.

The last day to register online is Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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On-site pricing increases by $5

A member is a WBENC-certified, woman-owned business or a supporting corporation or government entity. 



On-site pricing increases by $5

A non-member is a company not (yet) a member of WBCS.

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Registrant List

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Company First Name Last Name
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Atx JG&W Construction LLCWendyCaceres
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DBA Smith and AssociatesReginaAdams
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Steel BrandingEmilyCarper
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Companies that support us

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