ICCA Sector Venue European Client/Supplier Business Workshop, Antwerp, Belgium


“As a venue, the Client/Supplier workshop is a must: format is very effective and you are sure to meet up with associations' representatives. For me, one day and a half at the workshop it is worthier than 3 days on a show. ROI is way more beneficial!”
Aurencie Ranson, Development Manager, La Cite Nantes Events Center

“The ICCA workshops offer the possibility to approach clients in a different manner. It is an excellent opportunity to develop closer relations with clients but also with the attending venues.”
Janette Reigne, Sales Manager, Montpellier Events-Le Corum

“I would highly recommend the ICCA CSBW to anyone that is interested in improving their relationships with the industry peers and in growing their business opportunities. And I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend.”
Hana Obrazkova, Head of Sales – MICE, Prague Congress Centre

“The ICCA workshop brings together professional sessions, valuable contacts and networking experiences. It is a priceless and not-to-be missed event which always creates new opportunities and long-term relationships.”
Laure Filloux, Business Development Manager, Palais des Congres de Paris - VIPARIS

“It’s my fifth venue workshop an I will definitely return for a sixth edition. For me it’s the most valuable and fruitful two days of the year. Great value for money!”
Babiche Oudenweijer, Business Development Manager, World Forum The Hague