Thursday, December 6, 2018
7:30 p.m. CST

Updates in Pediatric Dentistry: Treating Tiny Tots to Teens
Presented by Dr. Lance Kisby 

Members: $75     Student Members: $37.50       Non-members: $125

Subject Code: 430 - Pediatric Dentistry    Credits: 1.5

Course Description

Attendees will learn about the current dental implications of common pediatric medications and increasing rates of pediatric asthma, ADHD and autism. This course also will cover the latest concepts in caries formation and prevention and discuss techniques for pulp therapy in primary teeth such as indirect pulp caps, biodentine pulpotomies and silver diamine fluoride (SDF). In terms of restorative dentistry, this course will also cover new designs in tooth preparation and indications for using glass ionomer cements as a final restoration. Participating clinicians will be able to apply these treatment modalities to their everyday clinical practice

 Learning objectives: 

  • List three factors contributing to dental caries. 
  • Name three roles of saliva in caries prevention. 
  • List and describe the indications and steps for performing a pulpotomy versus an indirect pulp cap. 
  • Describe the slot prep and two types of accepted dental materials in primary and permanent teeth. 
  • List the steps for using SDF.