Working Time 2019
Presentation Guidelines
Symposium and Oral Presentation Guidelines 

  • For oral session presentations, you will have 15 minutes (including time for questions). For symposium presentations, you will have 30 minutes (including time for questions). Time limits will be strictly enforced by session chairs.
  • Projector screens will accommodate a widescreen (16:9) aspect ratio. A minimum font size of 24pt for body text and 35pt for titles is suggested.
  • You are encouraged to disclose any conflicts of interest early in your talk.
  • Presentations should be saved as PowerPoint files (.ppt or .pptx). Please include your last name in the file name.
  • Conference rooms will be equipped with LCD projectors, laptops (running Microsoft PowerPoint 2016), laser pointers, and microphones.
  • Bring your presentation on a USB drive to the room where your presentation will be held and have your slides uploaded to the laptop in advance of the session.
  • You can check your presentation on the Speaker Ready computer.
  • Please plan on coming to the room at least a few minutes prior to your presentation time.
  • Additional resources that may help you in preparing your oral presentation include:


 Poster Guidelines

  • Posters should measure no more than 90cm tall x 130cm wide (or 3ft x 4ft).
  • You will not be able to print your poster at the conference venue.
  • Pushpins/thumb tacks will be provided. Staples, glue, and/or tape are prohibited.
  • Additional resources that may help you in preparing your poster include:
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