WERC 2019 Annual Conference and Solutions Center
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ThumbnailA-Safe Inc.623Safety SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Workdplace Safety SOLUTION:: Safety Barriershttps://www.asafe.com/en-gb/
ThumbnailAbeTech419Bar Code Equipment SystemsCHALLENGE:: Warehouse Efficiency SOLUTION:: AbeTech provides industrial equipment products that will improve accuracy and efficiency CHALLENGE:: Your partner, not just a vendor SOLUTION:: We are your partner and will assess each unique business structure to ensure the best-in-class products available, as well as services to back those products CHALLENGE:: Work arounds SOLUTION:: AbeTech has aligned with like-minded partners, in order to offer our clients the best products and a great ROI. Noting, the long run does matterhttp://www.abetech.com
ACD-USA603RFID Equipment/SystemsCHALLENGE:: The need for improved warehouse efficiency and fewer personnel footsteps SOLUTION:: Deployment and use of Max Mobile Workstations allow workers to improve efficiency, complete jobs faster, and quicken ROI CHALLENGE:: Multiple Vendors providing different solutions for warehouse efficiency tools. SOLUTION:: ACD offers portable devices for logistics all from a single source, as ACD is the leading European manufacturer providing logistic solutions and tools since 1976 CHALLENGE:: Concerns about the end of life for Embedded Windows in handheld and vehicle devices and multiple devices needed to be replaced SOLUTION:: ACD offers robust Vehicle Mount Terminals, Pick By Voice, MAX Mobile Workstations, and Handheld Terminals, including our patented new M2Smart® ACD modular handheld, providing multiple solutions in one!http://www.acd-group.com
ThumbnailAgillitics100ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: We are data rich and insight poor SOLUTION:: Agillitics helps organizations select and implement the best BI, Analytics, and Optimization tools available today CHALLENGE:: We are slow to react to supply chain disruptions SOLUTION:: Agillitics helps customers develop prediction, machine learning, and AI models to enable better prediction and action to new events CHALLENGE:: We know Analytics and Optimization are important but struggle to identify the best place to start SOLUTION:: Rather than do the work for you, Agillitics helps our customers build a sustainable center of excellence to support operationshttp://www.agillitics.com
ThumbnailAmerican Logistics Aid Network530OtherCHALLENGE:: Humanitarian Logistics SOLUTION:: ALAN works with logistics professionals and organizations to deliver aid to communities affected by disaster CHALLENGE:: Supply Chain Resilience SOLUTION:: ALAN streamlines the flow of information between public, private, and non-profit entities to enable rapid resumption of disrupted supply chains CHALLENGE:: Skills Based Volunteerism SOLUTION:: Participation in ALAN allows companies to utilize their logistics resources, skills, and expertise to serve communities in needhttps://www.alanaid.org/
ThumbnailAmware630Third-Party Logistics ProvidersCHALLENGE:: Trying to find a full service logistics provider? SOLUTION:: Amware touches all parts of the distribution channel from small packaging, LTL, and TL to Warehousing and Distribution CHALLENGE:: Trying to find other value adds to your warehousing offerings?SOLUTION:: Our private labeled software for LTL will help drive extra revenue to warehouse providers while offering freight solutions to their customers CHALLENGE:: Trying to find warehouse space in a very tight market? SOLUTION:: Amware has a portfolio of warehouses in NE Ohio with additional warehouses being built to suit commercial and e-fulfillment needs.www.amware.com
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ThumbnailBig Ass Fans318Warehouse EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Workers complain of oppressive heat and stuffy conditions, leading to exhaustion and lost productivity SOLUTION:: Big Ass Fans’ HVLS ceiling fans provide consistent cooling airflow that makes workers feel up to 10° cooler in the summertime without the use of AC CHALLENGE:: Workers in hard-to-reach areas suffer from stagnant air and a lack of airflow SOLUTION:: Big Ass Fans’ line of directional fans are designed with a wide variety of mounting options and configurations, delivering powerful, targeted airflow directly where it is needed CHALLENGE:: Changes in temperature lead to condensation buildup on equipment, products, and packaging materials, leading to mold, mildew, and dangerously slick floors SOLUTION:: Big Ass Fans’ automated environmental monitoring system Dewtect links with your Big Ass Fans to prevent condensation from forming and mitigates its effects to protect people, products, and propertyhttp://www.bigassfans.com
ThumbnailBOPLAN USA INC428Safety SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Fall Protection SOLUTION:: Safety Gates CHALLENGE:: Pedestrian Protection SOLUTION:: Handrails CHALLENGE:: Forklift Protection SOLUTION:: Traffic Barriers and Guardrailshttp://www.boplan.com
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ThumbnailCipherLab628Bar Code Equipment SystemsCHALLENGE:: Warehouse SOLUTION:: We manufacture rugged Android or Windows mobile computers/PDA's that stand up to the demanding needs of your warehouse environments CHALLENGE:: Logistics SOLUTION:: We manufacture rugged Android solutions for your mobile workforce. Our devices work equally well outside the four walls as they do inside themwww.cipherlab.com
ThumbnailCrimson & Co200Consultantshttp://www.crimsonandco.com
ThumbnailCubiscan606OtherCHALLENGE:: Shipping surcharges and chargebacks SOLUTION:: Certified dimensional data for accurate parcel and freight dimensions CHALLENGE:: Effectively and efficiently slotting your warehouse SOLUTION:: Accurate dimensional data paired with slotting software allows you to optimize your warehouse space CHALLENGE:: Labor shortage and high turnover SOLUTION:: Automated dimensioning decreases the need for manual labor and the ease of use of our dimensioning systems make for easy transitions for new employeeshttp://cubiscan.com
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ThumbnailDematic400Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Labor availability and productivity SOLUTION:: Dematic On-Demand Pickinghttp://www.dematic.com/en-us/
DHL Supply Chain
ThumbnailDistributors & Consolidators of America (DACA)402Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: warehousing space SOLUTION:: warehousing available in Northeasthttp://www.fowlersexp.com
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ThumbnailEAM-Mosca Corp.300Packaging Materials/SuppliesCHALLENGE:: Increase productivity, reduce downtime, labor reduction SOLUTION:: Sonixs Ultrasonic sealing technology Challenge:: Reliability of strapping machine Solution:: ROMP6 AND TR6 Evolution Strapping Machineshttp://www.eammosca.com
ThumbnailEhrhardt Partner Group510Voice-Directed Warehouse SystemsCHALLENGE:: Explosion of e-commerce and smaller orders stressing your existing system SOLUTION:: Lydia Voice increases productivity & accuracy enabling you to get the most out of your technology investment an excels in an e-commerce environment CHALLENGE:: Onboarding new full-time and seasonal workers requires too much time SOLUTION:: Lydia Voice does not require template training and can get your workers performing their jobs in as little as 15 minutes CHALLENGE:: Incredibly fast business drivers leave little time to plan or implement better use of space or improve processes SOLUTION:: Lydia Voice streamlines workflows & provides key data providing insights into how to organize your warehouse to optimize efficiencyhttps://www.epg.com/
ThumbnailEMP Tech Group500Bar Code Equipment SystemsCHALLENGE:: Migrating mobile computers to Android SOLUTION:: Onsite technical support in migrating and implementing MDM tools CHALLENGE:: Mobile printing on fork lifts SOLUTION:: Full solution including mounts and media CHALLENGE:: Mobile power carts in the warehouse to improve efficiency SOLUTION:: Full solutions including mobile power cart, label printing, computer and bar code scanninghttp://www.emptechgroup.com
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ThumbnailFASCOR Inc.431Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Poor Inventory Management > Poor Location Accuracy? Constantly Searching for Product? Still shutting down for Annual Physical Inventories? SOLUTION:: Reach 99.97% Item-Location Inventory Accuracy with FASCOR WMS to eliminate costly downtime, automate cycle counting, reduce safety stock levels while also improving service CHALLENGE:: Increase of LTL & Parcel Shipments > Picking more eaches than ever before? Dim Weights out of control? Still using one carrier to get the job done? SOLUTION:: Streamline Pick, Pack, Rate, Shipping operations into one easy step with FASCOR WMS to increase productivity, ship most efficient package size possible and save on transportation costshttp://www.FASCOR.com
ThumbnailFetch Robotics311Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Worker travel time and distance in a large facility SOLUTION:: Autonomous mobile robot solutions for material flow CHALLENGE:: Fixed automation that's expensive and time consuming to change SOLUTION:: Flexible & scalable automation that adopts to operation & business growth in a few minutes CHALLENGE:: Fragmented data and disconnect equipment across multiple locations SOLUTION:: Unified data and controls across all facilitieshttp://www.fetchrobotics.com
ThumbnailFirst Flight Solutions519ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Excessive spending on small parcel and freight shipments SOLUTION:: Negotiation and audit services to reduce costs CHALLENGE:: Labor shortage and labor cost SOLUTION:: Process optimization to reduce labor demand CHALLENGE:: Excessive supply chain costs SOLUTION:: Supply chain optimizationhttp://www.firstflightsolutions.com
ThumbnailForge Technologies502Staffing / Management ServicesCHALLENGE:: Have trouble finding and retaining quality employees? SOLUTION:: Forge's Talent Sharing solution allows you to partner with nearby warehouses to share quality employees -- offering employees more hours and getting all your shifts covered CHALLENGE:: Have trouble scheduling employees based on your need and their availability? SOLUTION:: Forge's Flexible Scheduling system allows employees to easily select shifts that fit their schedule based on other job obligations, family obligations, etc. CHALLENGE:: Not able to attract enough talent to fill all your shifts?SOLUTION:: Forge's Flex Software enables you to build a labor of flexible staff who come in to work when you have need and when they canhttp://www.joinforge.com
ThumbnailFourKites203OtherCHALLENGE:: A revolutionary approach to yard management SOLUTION:: PCM, Benchmarking, Core Tracking, Insightshttps://www.fourkites.com/
ThumbnailFrazier Industrial Company618Warehouse EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Increase pallet positions and throughput by 30% SOLUTION:: Pallet Mole: With the latest technology in high-density, semi-automated storage, the Pallet Mole optimizes floor space while measurably enhancing efficiency CHALLENGE:: Increase floor pick location by up to 30% SOLUTION:: SelecDeck Case Flow: Are rising SKU's and slow mover putting a squeeze on floor space? CHALLENGE:: Increase picking productivity and increase storage utilization by up to 30% SOLUTION:: Ergo Series: Make case picking easier with the Ergo Beam and the Ergo Deep!http://www.frazier.com/
ThumbnailFuture Industrial Technologies, Inc.301Safety SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Sprain/strain injuries SOLUTION:: Prevent back and shoulder injuries CHALLENGE:: Workers Comp costs and lost production SOLUTION:: Preventing lost time work related injuries CHALLENGE:: Management time wasted on work injury paperwork and reporting SOLUTION:: Establishing a work culture that prevents back and shoulder injurieshttps://www.backsafe.com
ThumbnailFW Logistics306Third-Party Logistics ProvidersCHALLENGE:: We have too much product, not enough space SOLUTION:: We have plenty of overflow space to hold product and distribute it with our asset based trucking on an as needed basis CHALLENGE:: We only have a few employees and need help with fulfillment and distribution SOLUTION:: We have full time employees here year-round to assist with seasonal fulfillment needs or your normal fulfillment distribution CHALLENGE:: We have a repackaging project and need it distributed as well SOLUTION:: Our full time employees can repackage your items and will ship them back out to suppliers nationwidehttp://www.fwlogistics.com
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ThumbnailGenerix Group528Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Inventory Accuracy SOLUTION:: Complete inventory accuracy and visibility. Knowing what you have and where it is at any given time and in real-time CHALLENGE:: Automated Workflows SOLUTION:: Workflows drive your warehouse team to execute efficiently and accurately. You and your team will be successful and your distribution center will run at peak efficiency CHALLENGE:: Multi-channel distribution SOLUTION:: Keeping up with your customers` ever-changing needs requires the right technology. Our scalable and customizable WMS & MES insure you have the flexibility to meet those demands, quickly & easilyhttp://www.generixgroup-northamerica.com
ThumbnailGMR Safety Inc219Safety SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Securing loading areas SOLUTION:: The POWERCHOCK by GMR Safety is the optimal vehicle restraint solution to secure loading areas CHALLENGE:: Loading dock becomes inoperative SOLUTION:: The POWERCHOCK by GMR Safety is covered by our exclusive 5-year warranty on chock and ground plate - Long term profitability, reliability, robustness, no out of service CHALLENGE:: ICC Bars & lift Gates SOLUTION:: The POWERCHOCK by GMR Safety is compatible and flexible with all types of vehiclehttp://www.gmrsafety.com
ThumbnailGoDEX International Americas411Bar Code PrintersCHALLENGE:: Are you in need of wide format thermal labels? SOLUTION:: Our new 300 dpi 8-inch wide HD830i printer with optional WiFi and Bluetooth is the perfect solutionhttp://www.godexintl.com/us
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ThumbnailHigh Jump631Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Lack of accurate supply chain data SOLUTION:: Real-time inventory visibility with actionable analytics to drill down into complex data and turn into actionable information CHALLENGE:: Warehouse efficiency SOLUTION:: Increase inventor, order and shipping accuracy, improve employee productivity and streamline your complex operations CHALLENGE:: Minimize risk SOLUTION:: Fast WMS implementation to achieve a rapid ROI and low TCOwww.highjump.com
ThumbnailHy-Tek Material Handling, Inc.602Solutions IntegratorCHALLENGE:: Determining the best approach to facility improvements SOLUTION:: Hy-Tek designs to your objectives and goals for inventory storage, building throughput capacity/accuracy, labor/handling and material/process flow CHALLENGE:: Determining project scope SOLUTION:: Hy-Tek establishes a thorough understanding of your operation to determine your unique application and needs CHALLENGE:: Determining the best design partner & equipment SOLUTION:: Hy-Tek is a full-service one-stop shop, providing customers with comprehensive integrated systems, lighting, and storage and handling solutionshttp://www.hy-tek.com
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ThumbnailIdeal Warehouse Innovations Inc.201Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Push Back Rack Jam SOLUTION:: The MARC (Maintenance and Retrieval Cart) CHALLENGE:: Stuck Pallets SOLUTION:: The MARC (Maintenance and Retrieval Cart) CHALLENGE:: Safety-at-Height SOLUTION:: The MARC (Maintenance and Retrieval Cart)https://ironguardsafety.com/
Thumbnailio-consultants LP625ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Planning for the warehouse of the future SOLUTION:: io-consultants helps companies find the right warehouse solutions CHALLENGE:: Implementing state of the art warehouse solutions SOLUTION:: io-consultants provides the expertise and detailed planning to implement the warehouse of the future CHALLENGE:: Keeping your warehouse processes optimized SOLUTION:: io-consultants helps companies implement the processes and SAP solutions to keep their warehouses running rightwww.io-consultants.com
ThumbnailIWLA224Third-Party Logistics ProvidersCHALLENGE:: Finding a 3PL Warehouse Partner SOLUTION:: IWLA Find a Warehouse CHALLENGE:: Maintaining a Great Shipper/3PL Relationship SOLUTION:: IWLA Education & Networkinghttp://www.IWLA.com
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ThumbnailJLL523Realty SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Real Estate advisory services and brokerage SOLUTION:: JLL CHALLENGE:: Distribution Site Selection SOLUTION:: JLL CHALLANGE:: Supply Chain Network Strategy SOLUTION:: JLLhttp://www.jll.com
ThumbnailJohnson Stephens Consulting600ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Supply Chain Strategy SOLUTION:: Supply Chain Network Optimization, Site Selection, 3PL Selection, and Transportation Analysis CHALLENGE:: Supply Chain Technology SOLUTION:: WMS, LMS & TMS Assessment, Selection and Implementation assistance CHALLENGE:: Distribution Center / Warehouse Planning and Design SOLUTION:: Distribution Center Planning, Design and Implementation Serviceshttps://johnsonstephens.com/
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ThumbnailKENCOThird-Party Logistics Providershttps://www.kencogroup.com
ThumbnailKuehne + NagelThird-Party Logistics Providershttps://home.kuehne-nagel.com
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ThumbnailLandair607Third-Party Logistics ProvidersCHALLENGE:: Customer satisfaction SOLUTION:: At Landair we apply sound business strategies and forward-thinking concepts to protect the customer experience and company profitability CHALLENGE:: Labor shortage SOLUTION:: Well-defined operational processes with proven efficiency and effectiveness are key. They help employees know what's expected and give them confidence in their ability to perform CHALLENGE:: Reducing cost SOLUTION:: Landair conducts ongoing, data and process driven analysis of the operation to identify areas for continuous improvement and cost reduction opportunitieshttp://www.landair.com
ThumbnailLaserglow Technologies329Safety SolutionsCHALLENGE:: Getting the customers to see our solution is better value SOLUTION:: Providing cost and time comparisons to clients to show them how well we can dohttps://www.laserglow.com/index.html
ThumbnailLogistiVIEW503Picking SystemsCHALLENGE:: Need a pick or put to light system SOLUTION:: The LogistiVIEW Augmented Reality Vision Picking system CHALLENGE:: Need to replace a voice or RF system SOLUTION:: Need to replace a voice or RF system CHALLENGE:: How to extend the life of your existing DC SOLUTION:: The LogistiVIEW Augmented Reality vision system via smart glasseshttps://www.logistiview.com
ThumbnailLongbow Advantage410OtherCHALLENGE:: Low warehouse management system performance SOLUTION:: Rebus Data Services Platform CHALLENGE:: Inconsistent, unreliable supply chain analytics SOLUTION:: Rebus Data Services Platform CHALLENGE:: Time-consuming process of manually creating supply chain analytics in spreadsheets SOLUTION:: Rebus Data Services Platformhttp://www.longbowadvantage.com
ThumbnailLucas Systems, Inc.525Productivity/Labor Mgmt. SystemsCHALLENGE:: Labor productivity SOLUTION:: Lucas Mobile Work Execution CHALLENGE:: Warehouse/DC efficiency SOLUTION:: Lucas Mobile Work Execution CHALLENGE:: Fulfillment accuracy SOLUTION:: Lucas Mobile Work Executionhttps://www.lucasware.com
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ThumbnailMade4net307Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Picking optimization SOLUTION:: Warehouse Management System CHALLENGE:: Distribution costs optimization SOLUTION:: Dynamic Route Planning CHALLENGE:: Real time delivery tracking SOLUTION:: Proof of Deliveryhttp://www.made4net.us
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ThumbnailNewcastle Systems, Inc.403Warehouse EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Labor Shortage & Capacity SOLUTION:: Eliminate costly motion, increase velocity and significantly reduce worker fatigue with Mobile Powered Workstations CHALLENGE:: Labeling Accuracy SOLUTION:: Reduce labeling errors while increasing receipts by up to 50% with Newcastle’s Mobile Printing Stationshttp://newcastlesys.com
ThumbnailNorth Coast Logistics, Inc.Third-Party Logistics Providershttp://www.northcoastlogistics.com
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ThumbnailODW Logistics611Third-Party Logistics ProvidersCHALLENGE:: Maximize savings in e-commerce fulfillment SOLUTION:: ODW Logistcs has a distribution center in Columbus, OH dedicated to efulfillment CHALLENGE:: How easy it to work with a 3PL? SOLUTION:: ODW Logistics offers a completely integrated logistics solutions including Supply Chain Design, Warehousing and fulfillment (included e-commerce fulfillment, and transportation solutions CHALLENGE:: How can a 3PL help me control my supply chain costs SOLUTION:: Learn how ODW is using automation to control costs in e-commerce fulfillment solutions for our clientshttp://www.odwlogistics.com
ThumbnailOptricity417OtherCHALLENGE:: Warehouse Space Utilization, Picking Productivity, Warehouse Travel Times, Ergonomic Standards, Product Damages, Order Accuracy SOLUTION:: OptiSlot DC™http://www.optricity.com
OTTO Motors122
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ThumbnailParamount Staffing430Staffing / Management ServicesCHALLENGE:: The industrial staffing landscape has changed and is expected to continue to evolve in ways that impact companies strategies, productivity, and costs SOLUTION:: Partnering with a staffing provider that has evolved with the market and is agile to quickly respond to client requirements can positively improve bottom line resultshttp://www.paramountstaffing.com
ThumbnailPeoplelink Group529Staffing / Management ServicesCHALLENGE:: Is talent attraction, retention, and development a strategic objective for your company in 2019? SOLUTION:: Peoplelink has the experience and resources to deliver the right talent, on time. We are experts in meeting the demand for talent in the Supply Chain Industry CHALLENGE:: What is the Peoplelink Staffing Solutions Advantage? SOLUTION:: Peoplelink specializes in many verticals. Our recruiters know their space and know it well. This allows us to be agile and move quickly to respond to your needshttp://www.peoplelinkgroup.com
ThumbnailPlug Power Inc.303Industrial Batteries & ChargersCHALLENGE:: Fleet experiences batter droop SOLUTION:: Plug Power's GenDrive fuel cell increase fleet productivity because it powers the truck to operate at 100% for an entire shifthttp://www.plugpower.com
ThumbnailProaction International202ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Need to improve operational performance SOLUTION:: Create a performance-based culture CHALLENGE:: Reduce costs SOLUTION:: Reduce or eliminate all non-value add in the process and behavior CHALLENGE:: "Weak" leadership and management skills Solution: On the floor real time coachinghttp://www.proactioninternational.com/home/
ThumbnailProLogistix407Staffing / Management ServicesCHALLENGE:: Recruiting SOLUTION:: ProLogistix is assisting companies with Creative and strategic recruiting programs CHALLENGE:: Retention SOLUTION:: Learn what warehouse employees think about their work environment. How can you keep your valuable workforce engaged CHALLENGE:: Training/Skills Enhancement SOLUTION:: Developing a workforcehttp://www.prologistix.com
ThumbnailPropel624Transportation Management SystemsCHALLENGE:: Getting fast shipping rates SOLUTION:: Easier rating CHALLENGE:: Get the best shipping rates SOLUTION:: Compare and tender your rates in one place CHALLENGE:: Lack of tracking and reporting shipments SOLUTION:: End-to-end shipment visibilityhttps://propeltms.com
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ThumbnailReb Storage Systems International302Solutions IntegratorCHALLENGE:: Designing or re-configuring a warehouse or distribution center to meet all your operational needs SOLUTION:: REB can develop the ideal solution and provide alternative solutions based on your budget and time frame. Each design meets both local and federal building codes CHALLENGE:: If you’ve outgrown or are moving your warehouse, deciding what to do with your racking system can pose a challenge SOLUTION:: With our Removal and Relocation Services, REB can help you determine the best option for your company, develop a relocation, expansion or removal plan CHALLENGE:: Daily abuse, neglect, adding new rack, modifying or re-configuring old rack can compromise the integrity of those systems SOLUTION:: Our knowledge of ANSI/RMI rack safety standards allow us to analyze a rack system, and make suggestions to help you increase employee safety and asset protectionhttp://www.rebstorage.com
ThumbnailRice Lake Weighing Systems310OtherCHALLENGE:: Dim weight and oversized box chargebacks from UPS and FedEx for shipping SOLUTION:: Reduce chargebacks from UPS and FedEx on incorrect data and help recognize oversize boxes CHALLENGE:: eceiving and slotting for stock locations SOLUTION:: Find the best spot in stock locations and maximize box space for multiple items being shipped CHALLENGE:: Pick and Pack: confirming that the item you are picking is the item requested SOLUTION:: Using the images from the iDimension with dims and weight help reduce errors when pickinghttp://www.ricelake.com
ThumbnailRinchem Company, Inc.Third-Party Logistics Providershttps://www.rinchem.com/
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ThumbnailSaddle Creek Logistics Services401Third-Party Logistics ProvidersCHALLENGE:: Control cost, improve speed to market and improve service SOLUTION:: Omnichannel supply chain solutionshttp://www.sclogistics.com
ThumbnailSedlak Supply Chain Consultants610ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Unpredictable labor markets SOLUTION:: Robotics and automation alternatives CHALLENGE:: Meeting high customer expectations SOLUTION:: Scalable, flexible material handling solutions CHALLENGE:: Bottlenecks and capacity constraints SOLUTION:: Solutions that improve productivity and prolong the life of the facilityhttp://www.jasedlak.com
ThumbnailSiggins501Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Making use of wasted cube space SOLUTION:: Multi-level picking module system CHALLENGE:: Running out of space in current facility SOLUTION:: Retrofit and streamline system for greater capacity CHALLENGE:: Need to increase output without adding manpower SOLUTION:: Automated order picking systemshttp://www.siggins.com
ThumbnailSofteon328Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Omnichannel/Complex Fulfillment SOLUTION:: Solution such as DOM that gives full visibility and connectivity CHALLENGE:: Warehouse Management that fits your needs SOLUTION:: Highly flexible and configurable solutions CHALLENGE:: Small companies trying to keep-up SOLUTION:: Offering all solutions with a cloud-based, subscription option for all the functionality at a value pricehttp://www.softeon.com
ThumbnailSpeech Interface Design229Voice-Directed Warehouse SystemsCHALLENGE:: Increasing order picking PRODUCTIVITY SOLUTION:: Voice-directed work from SID CHALLENGE:: Increasing order picking ACCURACY SOLUTION:: Voice-directed work from SID CHALLENGE:: Increasing order picker SAFETY and SATISFACTION SOLUTION:: Voice-directed work from SIDhttp://www.speech-interface.com
ThumbnailSt. Onge Company222ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Inefficient Warehouse SOLUTION:: Process improvement technologies CHALLENGE:: High Space Utilization SOLUTION:: Improve layout and equipmenthttp://www.stonge.com
ThumbnailSystems Logic330, 331Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Growing pains from multi-channel e-commerce demands growing beyond simple pallet in and case out SOLUTION:: Warehouse Management Tools that can easily maintain multiple integrations, and communicate effectively with your customers, and help you grow your B2B and B2C business CHALLENGE:: Warehouse utilization, and wasted foot traffic driving up operational expenses SOLUTION:: Directed put-away and picking and packing minimized foot traffic and forklift hours with our Intelligent Order Queue solutionshttp://www.warehouseinabox.com
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ThumbnailTAWI USA, Inc.418Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Productivity SOLUTION:: Our equipment allows staff to lift more without losing speed allowing them to maintain productivity all day CHALLENGE:: Employee health and Injuries SOLUTION:: Our equipment allows staff to manage demanding work without causing any strain to their bodies CHALLENGE:: Workforce Flexibility SOLUTION:: Big or small anybody can lift with our equipment, giving employers more flexibility with their staffhttps://www.tawi.com/us/
ThumbnailThe Raymond Corporation518Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE: Gaining insight into forklift operators’ daily activities, along with more overall warehouse data, to make informed warehouse decisions and improvements. SOLUTION: TELEMATICS & FLEET MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS CHALLENGE: Pursuit of the latest technologies to assist operators in repetitive tasks and horizontal transport activities. SOLUTION: AUTOMATED SOLUTIONS CHALLENGE: Material handling products that support the needs of moving goods to meet customer demand and rapid ecommerce growth SOLUTION: FORKLIFTShttp://www.Raymondcorp.com
ThumbnailTouchPath406Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Want inventory and warehouse management that conforms to your business at an off-the-shelf price? SOLUTION:: TouchWMS CHALLENGE:: Need to put an end to paper trails, delayed reporting and duplication errors? SOLUTION:: TouchWMS CHALLENGE:: Require data collection automation that seamlessly integrates with your ERP or other back office systems? SOLUTION:: TouchWMShttps://www.touchpath.com
ThumbnailTPI506Bar Code Equipment SystemsCHALLENGE:: Clock is ticking on Windows Mobile Devices Is your business ready? SOLUTION:: TPI can help you navigate the OS Migration with a strategic, manageable, and budget friendly approach CHALLENGE:: With the shortage in the workforce how can you meet volume demands? SOLUTION:: We empower our customers to improve efficiencies and drive down costs with the deployment of mobile computing systems and rugged barcode scanning solutions CHALLENGE:: How to keep your employees, connected, efficient and your data secure SOLUTION:: TPI customers are confident their wireless infrastructure will have the security, performance & reliability needed to keep mobile employees connected & productivehttp://www.tpi1.com
ThumbnailTrex Company601OtherCHALLENGE:: Pallet wrap recycling SOLUTION:: Trex is an end user of pallet wrap CHALLENGE:: Recycling audits SOLUTION:: Trex will audit a warehouse for pallet and film recycling CHALLENGE:: Shipping baled pallet wrap SOLUTION:: Trex provides shipping for pallet and film recyclinghttps://www.trex.com/recycling/
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ThumbnailUber Freight319OtherCHALLENGE:: One stop for success SOLUTION:: Our single platform accelerates getting quotes, tendering and booking loads, tracking shipments and more CHALLENGE:: Smarter and faster SOLUTION:: Our technology helps to eliminate the time-consuming games of phone tag, email chains and faxing CHALLENGE:: Reliable results SOLUTION:: Carriers on our network are evaluated so that your shipments are always in good handshttp://www.uberfreight.com
ThumbnailUNEX Manufacturing517Material Handling EquipmentCHALLENGE:: Order Accuracy SOLUTION:: Span Track and Speed Cell CHALLENGE:: Travel Reduction SOLUTION:: Span Track Carton Flow CHALLENGE:: Space utilization and higher density SOLUTION:: Span Track Carton Flow and Speed Cellhttp://www.unex.com
ThumbnailUniversity of Arkansas Global Campus228Educational InstitutionCHALLENGE:: Furthering ones education while in the workforce can be difficult, especially from an accredited institution SOLUTION:: The University of Arkansas offers degrees 100% from a Research 1 ranked institution that can be taken anywhere while being charged in-state tuition CHALLENGE:: Businesses can have difficulty finding highly qualified candidates to fill positions SOLUTION:: The University of Arkansas produces highly qualified candidates through our accredited programs, available anywhere CHALLENGE:: Many Businesses want to educate and further employees from within their company SOLUTION:: The University of Arkansas's online programs allows business to empower their workforce with a top rated university without the need of travelhttp://www.online.uark.edu
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ThumbnailWERC323OtherCHALLENGE:: You seek connections to other professionals united by their warehousing expertise SOLUTION:: WERC members represent a dynamic industry crossing all sectors. Connect with our searchable directory, find job seekers or new opportunities via our Career Center; and participate in regional chapters CHALLENGE:: You want to make well-sourced operational decisions based on reliable insights SOLUTION:: Draw from WERC’s expert, objective research and best practices to inform your planning and decision-making CHALLENGE:: You and your team need to stay on top of the latest industry trends to keep your operations nimble SOLUTION:: Stay up-to-date with our wide selection of online learning courses, self-study guides, and webinarshttp://www.werc.org
ThumbnailWest Monroe Partners622ConsultantsCHALLENGE:: Optimizing the performance of management teams to drive increased communication, productivity, sales, improved customer experience, and reduce operating costs SOLUTION:: Our Workforce Optimization team helps organizations identify and realize improved operational performance through a quantitative and qualitative view of the current state of the management team CHALLENGE:: Navigating rising transportation costs, labor shortages, and barriers to scalability in relation to increasing demands SOLUTION:: Our Supply Chain Management team helps organizations optimize their supply chain operations to improve competitiveness, drive revenue growth, meet profitability expectations, decrease costs, and improve employee and customer experience CHALLENGE:: Facing the pressures of competition for talent, digitization, cybersecurity, and economic uncertainty SOLUTION:: Our Organizational Change Management team helps companies reap the full benefits of transformation by positioning them to adapt, thrive, and sustain through changewww.westmonroepartners.com
ThumbnailWireless Data Systems, Inc.102Warehouse Management Systems CHALLENGE:: Off-the-shelf software solutions lack customization and only meet 80% of the user's needs SOLUTION:: WDS provides a custom solution to meet our customers specific requirements at a cost inline with other software solutions. Let us show you how CHALLENGE:: Growth creating stress on processes and systems SOLUTION:: WDS has extensive experience in streamlining processes, systematically eliminating swivel-chair transactions, and architecting systems to handle the ebb and flow of throughputhttps://www.wdsinc.com
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ThumbnailYale Materials Handling Corporation211Material Handling Equipmenthttp://www.yale.com
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ThumbnailZebra Technologies511Productivity/Labor Mgmt. SystemsCHALLENGE:: Accommodating a larger volume of orders with a shortage in labor and high turn over SOLUTION:: Zebra offers user-friendly and intuitive rugged edge devices that enable quick, automated inventory and cycle counting CHALLENGE:: Ensuring inventory and order accuracy SOLUTION:: Zebra's demand forecasting and planning applications boost the accuracy of revenue forecasts and better align inventory levels via data analytics CHALLENGE:: Meeting expedited delivery times SOLUTION:: Zebra's rugged, purpose-built hardware and innovative solutions enable proactive maintenance and route planning to final proof of deliveryhttp://www.zebra.com