Tuesday, August 21, 2018
7:30 p.m. CST

Early Diagnosis, Minimally Invasive
Cavity Design, and
Bioactive Dental
Materials: A Winning Combination

Presented by Dr. Robert Lowe

Members: $75     Members' Staff: $75     Student Members: $37.50       Non-members: $125

Subject Code: 149- Multi-Disciplinary      Credits: 1.5


Course Description:

Dr. Lowe will discuss technologies that allow for early diagnosis of carious lesions and demonstrate techniques to conservatively prepare and restore these teeth using bioactive restorative materials. One goal of dental health care providers is to maximize tooth longevity by diagnosing caries early and restoring with materials that can heal and strengthen the compromised tooth. During this webinar we will discuss where to use: Cavity liners and restorative materials now have the capability of helping to rebuild and mineralize affected tooth structure and help protect the teeth from acid attack. Today’s new “smart” materials, in combination with efficient finishing techniques will enable simple, yet “world class” placement of state of the art restorations for your patients tomorrow!

Learning objectives:

·         Discuss the latest “tools” for early diagnosis of dental decay – beyond the “x-ray and explorer”

·         Learn techniques for conservative, minimal preparation of carious lesions that conserve a maximum amount of   tooth structure.

·I    Identify the difference between “infected” dentin and “affected” dentin?

·         Define what are bioactive dental materials and how can they help in the repair “sick” teeth?

·         Learn finishing and polishing techniques that create natural surface texture and reflection.