II-VI 2018 Exhibits
Company Company Description: 
5N Plus Inc.5N Plus is a leading producer of engineered materials. The Company is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and operates manufacturing facilities and sales offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia. 5N Plus manufactures critical precursors and key enablers used in a number of industries such as as pharmaceutical, healthcare, renewable energy, aerospace, security and sensing, imaging, technical and industrial materials, among other sectors.
Teledyne Imaging SensorsTeledyne Imaging Sensors is a leader in high performance imaging systems for military, space, astronomy, and commercial applications. Our products include infrared (IR) & visible sensors, Read-Out Integrated Circuits (ROICs), IR scientific and tactical cameras, camera electronics embedded with advanced algorithms, optical lenses, optomechanical assemblies, and laser eye and sensor protection devices & filters.