Member Marketplace ONLINE

 Member Marketplace ONLINE

The Goodwill Industries International (GII) Member Marketplace ONLINE is a vendor directory designed to help local Goodwill organizations and their retail stores to source their vendor needs. It also enables approved vendors to market their goods and services frequently and more effectively to the Goodwill network.

The Member Marketplace ONLINE and Member Marketplace LIVE are components of the Goodwill Industries International vendor relationship program.

Participation to the Member Marketplace ONLINE takes the following forms:

Listing – Vendor profile with company description, links and contacts. Limited reporting on listing clicks is available to determine effectiveness.

Promotions – Timed advertisement with offer details. Promotions may be submitted weekly to for logo compliance review, approval and download to the Marketplace. Reporting is not currently available.

 Subscription Levels

Select any one of three subscription levels:  

• 3-month subscription: $500

• 6-month subscription: $800

• 12-month subscription: $1,200

• 12-month subscription: $600 (discounted rate for current year exhibitors at any Member Marketplace LIVE event) *

* You must register to exhibit for the Member Marketplace LIVE first and select the Member Marketplace ONLINE discount option.

 Subscriber Benefits

As you subscribe, your company will have the opportunity to:

  1. Market to Goodwill employees at 162 Goodwill organizations and more than 3,300 stores across the United States and Canada.
  2. Upload and highlight special promotions and employee discounts online.
  3. Use the Goodwill Member Marketplace logo to market to Goodwill employees.


  1. A listing of Goodwill locations or Goodwill contact information for its stores.
  2. The right to use any of Goodwill logos to market on vendor’s standard marketing or vendor’s website.
  3. Guarantee of purchase of products or services by Goodwill members.
  4. Participation on the Member Marketplace ONLINE does not constitute an endorsement by GII
  5. License to broadcast mass emails to Goodwill members.
  6. Note that the Goodwill name, the Smiling G logo (in isolation without the ‘Member Marketplace’ words to the right), and the Goodwill Industries and Goodwill Industries International logotypes are registered trademarks, and their use by vendors is expressly prohibited. Vendor use thereof constitutes a breach of contract. Use of any Goodwill member’s logo in print or online promotions is only permitted with written consent from the appropriate Goodwill member’s manager.




  1. Member Marketplace ONLINE applications are subject to background screening. Upon acceptance, vendors will receive an approval email with the Member Marketplace Agreement and Starter Toolkit. 
  2. Subscription approval and activation may take up to fifteen (15) business days to complete.
  3. Listed vendor agrees to comply with all vendor contract terms and conditions as specified in the Member Marketplace Agreement. 

Participating organizations:
  1. Must be incorporated in the United States or Canada.
  2. Must have customer service and financial viability records that are quantitatively verifiable with public tools. Applications are not final until GII concludes its review process.
  3. Subject to GII Member Marketplace Agreement


Payment can be made by credit card only.

Cancellations and refunds are accepted within 14 business days of application approval.

In no event shall either party be liable for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. Under no circumstances shall either party be liable to the other or any third parties for an amount greater than the amounts received under this agreement.

Any vendor failing to take advantage of full benefits of the Member Marketplace ONLINE as outlined will not be entitled to a pro-ration of membership fees.

Listing in the Member Marketplace ONLINE may be terminated at the discretion of GII without refund due to:

  1. Non-compliance of terms and conditions.
  2. Negative feedback from Goodwill members.

  1. Only vendors in good standing will be eligible to renew their Member Marketplace ONLINE subscriptions. 
  2. Poor customer feedback may preclude vendors from renewing their Member Marketplace ONLINE subscriptions. 

Subscription periods are rolling and may begin at any time of the year.