PennDOT Connects-Better Communities through Better Collaboration - January 24, 2018
PennDOT Connects-Better Communities through Better Collaboration

PennDOT Connects strives to build better communities through collaboration and coordination of resources and planning.

Attend an outreach session in your area to:

  • Learn about PennDOT Connects – the need, the vision, and the benefits.
  • Understand how the initiative is implemented and evaluated.
  • Understand the roles and opportunities for communities, the private sector, local transportation agencies/authorities, and other local stakeholders who participate in PennDOT Connects.
  • Help shape future municipal training and technical assistance.
  • Share perspectives and expectations related to all aspects of local involvement.

The sessions will also provide an opportunity for municipalities to provide PennDOT with input regarding the resources and support they will need to make project coordination successful.

Municipalities should encourage their municipal administrator, planners, engineers, public works directors, and anyone involved in their transportation projects to attend this informative two-hour session.

The policy is being currently implemented, and municipal engagement must occur for a transportation project to be included in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). 

To register, click on the link listed below for desired location and a date that you wish to attend.

Inclement Weather: If a session is cancelled due to weather, registered participants will be notified by 5 p.m. via email the day before the session.

For further information please email or call 717.710.2090.