ICTC 2018

Autonomous Vehicle/Virtual Reality Emergency & E-bike Tour

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Tickets: $25

Tour 1    9am – 11am

Tour 3   11am – 1pm 

Tour 4   12noon – 2pm

Note: Each tour is limited to 12 places and may be cancelled at any time due to minimum number requirements. RAC requires each delegate to register on their online portal at the time of conference registration and book a tour time.

Transport from Esplanade Hotel will take delegates to/from South Perth to take part in the Intellibus Trial located near the Mends Street Jetty where they will learn about and experience:

  • 30-minute journey in the RAC Intellibus, a fully autonomous and electric vehicle
  • virtual reality emergency response simulation in a grounded helicopter
  • electric bikes and their growing importance

RAC Intellibus

Since 2015, RAC has been working to test and evaluate a fully autonomous, electric shuttle bus and on the 31st August 2016 launched our Automated Vehicle Trial on public roads. The trial is supported by the Australian and WA State Governments and City of South Perth.

The trial is not a pursuit of technology for technology’s sake, but a commitment to ensure AV technology can be applied to solve urban and regional mobility challenges in Australia.

Delegates will have the opportunity to ride the Intellibus and hear how RAC want to ensure that the community, industry and government alike have an opportunity to experience an automated vehicle in a complex traffic environment while the technology remains largely in development.

Virtual Reality Emergency Response Simulator

The RAC Rescue experience will be available to delegates and will take them on a 360° virtual reality re-enactment of a rescue mission while sitting on a replica helicopter. 

Being WA’s only 24/7 rescue helicopter service, hear about the important role that the two RAC Rescue helicopters play in road incidents as well as the vital search, rescue and critical care medical services they provide to the WA community.

Electric Bikes

There is no single solution to Perth’s congestion challenge but encouraging an increase in cycling is an important part of the response. 

RAC ran two 10-week eBike trials in metropolitan Perth (in 2015) and regional WA (in 2016) to better understand their potential to overcome some of the barriers to cycling.

Delegates will hear how RAC wants to help make cycling a more convenient and realistic commuting option for more Western Australians.

Come along and see the eBikes—which may be the answer to taking some of the puff out of cycling and helping unlock more demand.