ICTC 2018

ICTC 2018  |  Progressive Cities: Innovative + Authentic + Connected 

The International Cities Town Centres and Communities Society (ICTC) invites you to join them at the 18th ICTC Conference to be held at the Esplanade Hotel Fremantle—Perth, Western Australia from 14 to 16 November 2018.

The ICTC conference brings together a diverse cross-section of city leaders and urban place professionals—from those who lead and plan cities and town centres right through to those who implement and manage them on the ground.

Keynote Masterclass
Reinventing your town centre: Understanding the impacts and opportunities of technology on town centres - automated vehicles, online retail and last mile delivery
Brian Haratsis
Executive Chairman, Macroplan Dimas & National Co-Chair, Australian Driverless Vehicle Initiative

USA Keynote
Ed McMahon,
Urban Land Institute, Chair National Main Street Center America speaking at ICTC



The Theme  |   Progressive Cities: Innovative + Authentic + Connected

Change in lifestyle, environment and technology is presenting many challenges for cities and towns. There is constant talk of ‘disruption’ and fierce online retail competition.

Staying vibrant and competitive means getting the formula right—we need to deliver places designed for people to live, work, play, visit and study.

It is the progressive cities with innovative approaches to planning, development, placemaking and economic development that are coming out on top.

Progressive cities are positioned for authenticity, connectivity and innovation. They leverage their unique offering and personality to provide communities with a place to love, experience and connect with.

ICTC 2018 will inspire city and place leaders to look through a new lense to consider the possibilities. As more people move to larger metropolitan cities, recognising the value of physical connections and finding your place niche is critical to survival—particularly for regional towns and cities.