The schedule for the 33rd WUWM (World Union of Wholesale Markets) Congress is complemented by a series of optional tours designed to enrich the experience of the food sector professionals during their visit to Barcelona:


  • Mercabarna, Barcelona’s fresh food wholesale market

  • A retail market in Barcelona- Sants Market

  • Alimentaria 2018 - International Food, Drinks and Food Service Trade Show

Tour of Mercabarna

Mercabarna, Barcelona’s fresh food wholesale market 

Mercabarna is organizing this year’s Conference of the World Union of Wholesale Markets and invites you to visit its facilities on a guided tour enabling you to learn more about how some of its markets operate, in particular the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market.

The tour will be complemented by an explanation of some of the most outstanding features of the management of this food centre, such as its waste management system and its commitment to training. This includes different social responsibility initiatives, in which it leads plans to promote employment and minimize fresh food waste, as well as campaigns to promote healthy eating habits among children.

This gives greater insight into the workings of a fully consolidated market - one of the leading wholesale establishments in Europe - which has just celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Mercabarna in figures

  • 90 hectares of surface area

  • 700 companies

  • 2 million tonnes of products sold each year

  • 30% of products assigned to exports

  • 10 million consumers

  • 4.8 billion euros invoiced by the market’s firms

  • 23,000 people entering daily

  • 7,000 people working for the market’s companies

  • 14,000 vehicles entering daily

  • 800,000 m3 of cooling chambers, the highest concentration of cold storage in Spain

Date of the visit: 18 April 2018

Tour of a retail market - Sants Market

Barcelona is a city of retail markets. We could say that they form part of its soul, one of the few cities in the world which can boast a network of more than 43 retail food markets, located in such a way that all its residents have one nearby. These local facilities have left their mark on the character of the city and its inhabitants and have become focal points of life in Barcelona’s different neighbourhoods. 

The markets of Barcelona not only facilitate access to high-quality fresh food; they also provide experiences of co-existence amongst its citizens, as they are often at the centre of social life and constitute the driving commercial force of the surrounding neighbourhoods. They form a key part of the economic development and job creation of each neighbourhood.

As part of the WUWM Conference, we offer you the chance to go on a guided tour of one of the most emblematic markets of Barcelona, Sants Market.

Date of the visit: 18 April 2018


Visit to Alimentaria

Alimentaria 2018 - International Food, Drinks and Food Service Trade Show

Alimentaria is a leading international event for all professionals in the food, drinks and food service sector. It is not to be missed if you wish to learn more about innovation, the latest trends and the internationalization of the sector.

In addition to forums specializing in innovation, gastronomy and wines, the show also offers an attractive range of exhibiting companies, with roughly 4,000 firms representing key markets of the food industry and consumer trends.

Date of the visit: 17 and 18 April 2018

Visit schedule: Free tour of all the show’s halls