Barcelona is an extraordinarily lively city; it is active, passionate, creative, innovative and committed. Barcelona is also a welcoming and generous city, accustomed to receiving visitors from all over the world.

As Mayor of Barcelona, ​​my commitment is to furthering all these values, which represent the citizens of Barcelona. The retail and wholesale markets of the city play a fundamental role in the defence of these values, given that they articulate city life and form spaces for co-existence, having become excellent social and economic catalysts. Preserving them and facilitating their development are among our priorities.

Another priority is continuing to project this city to the world. Hosting an event such as the World Union of Wholesale Markets Conference, which brings together the very best professionals in market management from around the world, provides a magnificent opportunity to enhance our position as a world leader in the food industry.

In addition, as one of the cities to have subscribed to the Milan Food Policy Pact, we are firmly committed to the defence of healthy eating and the sustainable development of the supply chain.

We looking forward to sharing your experiences and hope that you enjoy this city which, from its privileged location on the Mediterranean, boldly promotes itself around the world. 

Ada Colau, Mayor of Barcelona

Mercabarna is a food “city” which bustles with activity 24 hours a day in order to guarantee the supply of fresh food to more than 10 million people.

With this description you may get an idea of ​​the purpose of Mercabarna. But, if you really want to understand its importance in economic and social terms, it would be best to come to the WUWM Conference next April.

At this event you will have the chance to visit the facilities of Mercabarna, one of the leading wholesale fresh food markets in Europe. It is a great food hub, built by hundreds and hundreds of initiatives and projects (led by the 700 companies located on the premises), thanks to a great dose of innovation and the daily efforts of thousands of people (more than 23,000 who come to work here every day).

Mercabarna looks to the future with a desire for continuous improvement, based on two fundamental premises: responsibility and efficiency. Responsibility in its commitment to generate employment, train professionals in the agro-food sector, reduce food waste and educate children in healthy eating habits. And efficiency in the provision of innovative services, waste management, mobility and the reduction of pollutants.

We look forward to sharing our knowledge with all of you and learning from your ideas and experience, so that we can continue building the markets and food units of the future. 

Agustí Colom, President of Mercabarna

Next April, Mercabarna will be proud to hold the 33rd Conference of the World Union of Wholesale Markets, and we will strive to ensure that this meeting of market professionals from around the world will contribute to improving the management of our market and yours.

In recent years Mercabarna’s core strategies have focused on streamlining procedures and managing facilities so as to achieve even more responsible and efficient management. And this comes not only with the companies operating at Mercabarna in mind, but for the benefit of society as a whole.

For this reason, the Conference will discuss the role markets play as backbones of their respective societies. We will present initiatives that provide training for the unemployed, or a plan to reduce food waste. We will debate the best solutions with regard to waste management, energy efficiency, mobility and digitalization.

Wholesale markets are more alive than ever, but we must also address major challenges in order to serve society as best as possible. By sharing our knowledge and experiences at the next WUWM Conference, we are sure to overcome them. We await you in Barcelona with open arms.

Josep Tejedo, Managing Director of Mercabarna