Women Give 2018

Past Event

Women Give 2018

Tuesday 6 March

9.30 - 4.00pm

Venue: Ellen Melville Centre, 1 Freyberg Place, Auckland City


Just as men and women experience life differently, so too is their giving behaviour different. Women regard money as a source of freedom, security and a way to achieve goals and they see charitable giving as the most satisfying aspect of having wealth. As a result many Women’s Funds have emerged around the world, with New Zealand’s first one launched in November 2017. 


Coming together and giving collectively appeals to women’s desire to create relationships and work together. It enables women to give socially and with impact and recognises the powerful potential women and girls have to make positive change happen in their communities. Empowered women share their gains with their wider whānau and their community.


Join us for a day focussed on women’s generosity and the role they play in change. Hear from a broad spectrum of women giving and learn from their experiences. Explore how we’re doing as girls and women in New Zealand and the positive impact applying a gender lens to our philanthropy can have.