ASJA 2018 Annual Writers Conference

ASJA's 47th Annual Writers Conference

Friday, May 18 – Saturday, May 19, 2018 (May 18 – Members Day)
Sheraton New York Times Square
811 Seventh Avenue at W. 53rd Street
Third Floor

Become An ASJA Member and Reap the Rewards

During our popular Client Connections event on ASJA Member's Day, Friday  May 18, ASJA members (who apply for the event via a lottery) get to meet with top editors, agents and content agencies who are searching for experienced freelancers. For more information, click here

Navigate. Motivate. Captivate.

Keynote Speakers

Aimee Ross

Dan Jones

Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Conference Chairs

Carolyn Crist

Dorri Olds

Nancy Dunham

The publishing industry occupies very different terrain than it did even a decade ago. With the industry shift from print to digital, new media for authors, the influx of content marketing, and revolving editors, freelancers—experienced and new—need to build their platforms while developing creative business strategies.

Never before has it been so essential for successful writers to Navigate in order to Motivate and Captivate.

With more than 1,200 members, ASJA stands as the country's leading and most prestigious association of successful journalists, authors and nonfiction and literary nonfiction writers.

Join us in NYC for two days of education, connections, tips, tricks and strategic moves from seasoned journalists and authors, plus top social media and website experts, PR pros, editors, agents, content buyers, and more.

We have 46 instructive panel sessions and workshops, plus three dynamic keynote speakers over two days - guaranteed to help you grow as a writer, plus the opportunity for one-on-one meetings with editors, agents and publishers. In order to maximize your time we have continued our early riser sessions we instituted last year.

There will be a plethora of networking opportunities, and besides the special members lounge, we will be offering a subject area roundtable session, so you can find your tribe. Our welcome committee will lead an interactive, “getting to know you” activity for new members. We’ll also offer, as always, individual mentoring sessions, networking lunches and lots more.

The panels, sessions, coaching, and workshops with a focus on craft and practical how-tos, will inspire, motivate and empower journalists, nonfiction and literary nonfiction writers at all stages of their careers.

Listen to Dorri Olds talk about the breakdown of each track for the conference, how the Chairs chose the three keynote speakers, what the most anticipated sessions are, and more, in a free podcast, brought to you by ASJA Direct. You can access the podcast by clicking here