Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow 2018


Participation in Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow Competition is contingent upon having a completed participant form on file with WSU Professional Education on or before April 18, 2018. Registrants who do not complete and submit their form will not be allowed to attend the competition. 


  • Download the appropriate form to your computer
  • Open the file and fill out the form electronically (and completely) 
  • Save completed form to your computer
  • Print completed form and sign
  • Students under 18 years of age need participant AND parent signatures
  • Students 18 and older need participant AND witness signatures
  • Adult participants need participant AND witness signatures
  • Those with dietary restrictions need to complete that form and submit with participant form (see intro paragraph on participant form)
  • Provide a hard copy of the form(s) to your advisor
  • Advisors should keep a copy of all participants forms with them during travel to and from and while at the competition
  • Scan completed forms with signatures and save as IT2018 Form [Last Name First Name] 
  • Email scanned form to with the subject IT2018 Form [Last Name First Name]


Forms must be received by Professional Education by midnight, April 18, 2018. 

Questions? Contact Joni Ford at or 509-335-3530

Form for Students 17 years or younger

Form for Students 18 years or older

Form for Adults 

If you have special dietary needs, you must also fill out the Special Dietary Needs form, located on the WSU Dining website: Special Dietary Needs Form. If you do not have any special dietary needs, you do not need to fill out this form.

Advisor and Chaperone Background Checks

Per the requirement of Washington State University, any adult (18 years or older) attending Imagine Tomorrow as an advisor or chaperone, and staying in the dorms with students, is required to complete a background check through WSU Human Resource Services. Mid-April, you will be contacted by WSU Human Resource Services via email and you must respond as soon as possible.

We understand that many advisors are already state employees, and have participated in a background check in the past, however, we are required by WSU to run these background checks again. Thank you so much for your understanding and participation.

Advisors or chaperones who do not complete background checks prior to the competition will not be allowed to stay in the dorms, and will have to find their own housing and dining arrangements.

If you have questions, please contact competition organizers at 509-335-3530.