Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow 2018

Competition guidelines

May middle school/junior high school students compete? 
Students must be enrolled in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12. Middle school/junior high school students who are enrolled in the 9th grade may compete.

May high school students who are taking college-level courses through the Running Start program compete? 
As long as the students are enrolled in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12, they are eligible to compete.

May a student participate on more than one team ?
A student may participate on one team only.

Will teams undergo an elimination round prior to the competition in Pullman?
No. Everyone who enters is eligible to come to Pullman to compete.

When is the project due? Where should it be sent?
Projects are not to be delivered in advance of the competition. Teams simply bring them to Washington State University (Pullman) when they come to compete.

How will projects be viewed for judging? 
Judges will visit displays and ask questions of students during designated display hours. You should have at least one student manning your project display at all times during the designated display hours. If your team has formal presentation materials (such as a film, PowerPoint presentation, etc.) you should limit the length of your presentation to five minutes.

I am currently participating in my local science fair. May I enter my science fair project in Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow?
Yes, as long as the project meets the guidelines of the Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow competition.

Do students have to be in Pullman to compete on all three days of the event or are they scheduled for a particular day?
At minimum, students must be present on the Saturday of event weekend, the competition day.  If some of the students who worked on a project are unable attend, at least two students per team must be on site on competition day to present the project to judges in order for the project to be considered for awards. It's easier on the students to have all team members there, so they can support each other during their presentation and take short breaks as needed.

How much space is provided to display each team’s project?
Every team will have a primary display table that is three feet wide by eight feet long and a display board that is four feet high by five feet wide. If your project display will need floor space, you may request additional space (within reason) when registering. If you have already registered and discover that you need extra space as the competition dates approach, contact

Are foreign exchange students eligible to compete?
Foreign exchange students may compete in Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow as long as they are attending a high school or middle school (in grades 9 through 12) and living in a home in one of the four eligible states: Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Oregon.


What expenses should students and schools expect to incur?
Expenses are limited to the cost of transporting teams to Pullman for the competition and any costs associated with project development. Room (Friday and Saturday nights) and board (Friday dinner, three meals on Saturday, and Sunday breakfast) are provided to contestants, advisors, and chaperones at no cost. There is no registration fee.


May one teacher advise more than one team from a school?

May a parent be a team’s adult representative instead of a teacher?
Yes, as long as the school appoints the parent (or other adult) to act in this capacity. Monetary awards earmarked for the teacher’s academic program(s) will instead be directed to the school for distribution as administrators see fit.


When can we register? 
Registration for Alaska Airlines Imagine Tomorrow  opens prior to winter break and will remain open until April 1 or when 400 students have signed up—whichever comes first.

Is there a fee to register and compete?
No, there is no entry fee.

I competed last yearWhen I register this year, can I submit duplicate copies of last year's forms?
Participants must complete new forms each year.

How do I register multiple teams?
Each team must be registered separately, even if teams share the same advisor. To register each team, you must complete the online registration form in full and deliver completed paper forms.

Can a team enter its project in more than one category?
A team can enter each project in only one category.

Can my school have teams compete in every challenge?
Yes, but only two teams per school can compete in a single challenge, regardless of approach. For example, only two teams from your school can compete in The Boeing Aerospace Challenge. These spots are a first-come, first-serve basis. If there are multiple advisors bringing teams from the same school, be sure to communicate your number of teams and each team's challenge.