Thermoset 2018

The Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) Thermoset Division will partner with the SPE Composites Division at the Alexander in Indianapolis, IN. This event will connect all members of the composites supply chain - from additives and chemicals to resin and reinforcement suppliers, compounders, processors and OEMs. Experts from the industry’s leading firms will deliver updates regarding advancements in both ‘virtual’ and ‘actual’ thermoset processing techniques. This event will run multiple speaker tracks showcasing over 30 new methodologies, material developments and applications . In addition, trends in composites and raw material demand will be discussed. Guest speaker will illustrate global demand in newly emerging markets, as well as what areas within the United States are ‘hot spots’ for composites - and incentives out there for companies looking to expand their footprint. 

Technical topics will be complimented by contemporary application case studies and market development tutorials focused on the pursuit of profitable, organic growth. Sponsor supported reception will provide educational and network opportunities. Exhibit spaces and sponsorship opportunities are available.



Please contact Shelane Nunnery