Evolving Human Consciousness Canada
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Evolving Human Consciousness

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Saturday 16th September - Sunday 17th September 2017



Shakti Durga



Our level of consciousness and the mindsets we inhabit, either connect us with other people and bring us closer to what we want, or draw us further into separateness. By understanding the origins and impacts of different ways of thinking, we can begin to be more empowered and effective in how we establish connections and influence growth and transformation in different groups of people in the world.

In this two day experiential seminar, we will use the perspectives of Spiral Dynamics to examine how competing kinds of consciousness have played out in human history and are affecting the world today. We will gain awareness of how our own level of consciousness impacts on the quality of our lives and look at what role we can play in harmonizing potential issues on both a personal and global level. We will also get an opportunity to taste the benefits of higher spiritual consciousness through meditation and a guided mantra practice.

The seminar will cover:

  • How to live in peaceful cooperation with people who are not like we are
  • Understanding what brings peace, joy and security to diverse kinds of people
  • Honouring differences without losing ourselves
  • Identify people of different kinds of consciousness and how to work/interact with them more effectively

How to use Spiral Dynamics as a tool to:

  • Understand evolving consciousness, and various kinds of awareness
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Understand motivations and memes
  • See how it was used by Nelson Mandela to help unify South Africa after he was freed from imprisonment in 1990
  • How it can work for us in our own lives

 This powerful seminar will also cover:

  • A powerful vedic prayer, Nirvana Shaktam, which will help us be more centered and open to higher consciousness
  • The principles behind taking our own consciousness to the next level
  • Includes Satsang on Sunday morning with Shakti Durga


Come and bask in the energy of Sri Shakti Durga and enjoy the activations, meditations, uplifting discourses, stories and music that moves the soul. Feel the love!

Retreat starts:  Saturday 16th September 10am
   Retreat ends:  Sunday 17th September 5pm

Venue: Calgary

Address will be supplied on the confirmation email once registration is completed

A light vegetarian lunch will be provided by donation, however you are also welcome to bring your own lunch.  This will give you the opportunity to walk down to the river, or just sit and take in the views of the mountains.

For any queries regarding this retreat please email retreats@shaktidurga.com

Price for this Illuminating Life-Changing Retreat

This retreat will be offered by heart-felt contribution. Suggested contribution is from $200 to $500 and we ask that you base this on your means and the value you receive from the retreat.

We do require a small registration fee to secure your place. Please note this registration fee is in Australian dollars and approximate Canadian dollar conversion will vary slightly each day. The registration fee for this retreat is AU$85. This is equivalent to approximately Canadian $84 depending on the exchange rate at the time of payment. This payment is non-refundable and will secure your place on the retreat.

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