Final Round of Nominations 2017

1) Category: 0-3 years (minimum assets $10m; maximum assets $500m).
2) Category: 3-5 years (minimum assets $10m; maximum assets $500m)
3) Category: more than five years (minimum assets $10m; maximum assets $100m)
4) Category: more than five years (minimum assets $100m; maximum assets $250m)

1) Category: 0-3 years (minimum assets $10m; maximum assets $500m).

Category Management Company Fund Name
Macro, CTA & Volatility sponsored by: GPP Pacific Fonder AB Pacific Precious A - Class A (UCITS)
Runestone Capital Ltd Runestone Capital Fund
Ruthenium Fund S.A. Ruthenium Fund S.A. Absolute Return
Tom Capital AG Tom Capital Growth Fund
Credit & Fixed Income sponsored by: GPP Alva Capital LLP ALVA Disruptive Credit Opportunites Fund
Gardena Capital Ltd Gardena Bond Absolute Return
Promeritum Investment Management LLP Promeritum Fund SPC
Quadra Capital Partners Quadra Capital Global EM Macro (UCITS)
RedHedge RedHedge RV - Corporate Bond
Z Investment Partners LLP Z Special Opportunities - USD
European Equity sponsored by: Cowen Prime Services Elementa Management AB Elementa
Eleva Capital LLP Eleva Absolute Return Europe Fund (UCITS)
Monterone Partners LLP Monterone Partners Long Short Fund Ltd
Rye Bay Capital LLP Rye Bay European Fund Limited
Blackwall Capital Trium Blackwall Europe L/S Fund (UCITS)
Global Equity sponsored by: Maybank Kim-Eng Empiric Capital Limited Empiric Managed Capital Limited
Infinity Capital SICAV plc. Infinity Enhanced Equity
Quadra Capital Partners LLP Quadra Capital Global Equity Alpha Class S (UCITS)
Robocap LLP RoboCap UCITS Fund
Talomon Capital Talomon Value Fund
Event Driven & Distressed Anavio Capital Partners Anavio Capital Fund Limited
Burren Capital Advisors Burren Global Arbitrage UCITS Fund
CF Partners Capital Management CFP Opportunity Fund - Class A
Copper Street Capital LLP Copper Street Capital Fund
Melqart Asset Management Melqart Opportunities Fund - Class B USD
MVN Asset Management Limited ( MVN Event Driven Master Fund Limited
Mygale Funds MYGALE Event Driven Fund (UCITS) - USD Institutional Class

2) Category: 3-5 years (minimum assets $10m; maximum assets $500m) 

Category Management Company Fund Name
Macro, CTA & Volatility sponsored by: Societe Generale Starmark Investment Management Bulkara Systematic Fund SP
Granite MSA Granite Alphen Capital Fund
Hartswell Capital Management Hartswell Capital Management MP-1 
John Street Capital John Street Vantage Strategy (Normal)
LindenGrove Capital LLP LindenGrove Capital Feeder Fund Limited
Macromoney UK Ltd Macromoney Global Investments Ltd
Credit & Fixed Income Oristan Ireland Limited BK Opportunities Fund II, Ltd
Elara Capital Plc Elara Fixed Income Fund
First Geneva Capital Partners First Geneva Global High Yield Fund
Hellebore Capital  Hellebore Credit Arbitrage
Palmerston Capital Management LLP Palmerston Credit Master Fund LP - Founder USD Class
Robus Capital Management Limited Robus Mid-Market Value Bond Fund 
European Equity sponsored by: Circle Partners Alchemy Trading Alchemy Profile 1
Aventicum Capital Management Switzerland Ltd AQS SPC, European Alpha Fund 
Centricus Asset Management Ltd Centricus Wittenberg European Small and Mid Cap Fund
Done Fund Management Done Hedge Fund
Incentive AS Incentive Active Value Fund
Westray Capital Management LLP Westray Long/Short Feeder Fund
Global Equity sponsored by: Cowen Prime Services Level E Capital SICAV PLC Level E Capital SICAV PLC: The Maya Fund - GBP A
Metronome Capital LLP Metronome Fund
Milkwood Capital Milkwood Fund Class A
MSK Capital Partners MSK Capital
Praxis Partners Praxis Utility and Infrastructure Equity Fund
Event Driven & Distressed Ben Oldman Partners Ben Oldman Special Situations Fund
CIAM CIMA Opportunities
LONSIN Capital Ltd LONSIN Global Credit Fund
Origo Capital Origo Quest 1, Class A

3) Category: more than five years (minimum assets $10m; maximum assets $100m) 

Category Management Company Fund Name
Macro, CTA & Volatility sponsored by: Circle Partners Jaguar Investments Limited The AEGIR Strategy
Capricorn Strategies Capricorn fxST (Lev1)
Plurimi Investment Managers Diversified Dynamic Solution
Pharus Management SA Pluri-Invest Kronos Fund
North Asset Management LLP North Emerging Markets Fund - USD
Paris Capital Advisors (London) LLP Paris Capital Relative Value Fund - USD
Credit & Fixed Income sponsored by: Saxo Markets Argo Capital Management Argo Fund
Finanziaria Internazionale Alternative Investments SGR Fondo Finint Bond Class A
HP Fondsmæglerselskab A/S HP Hedge
Mavors Investment Managers LLP  Pelagus Capital Fund - USD
Sphereinvest Group Limited  Sphereinvest Global Credit Strategies (UCITS) Fund - USD
STORM Capital Management Ltd STORM Bond Fund (UCITS)
European Equity sponsored
by: Maybank Kim-Eng
JMS Invest AG AlphaCore Capital - Class B
Broadwalk Asset Management LLP Broadwalk Select Services Fund Ltd - GBP
Euronova Asset Management UK LLP Euronova Smaller Companies Fund Class 2
LBV Asset Management LLP LBV Primus Fund Limited
Limmat Capital Alternative Investments AG LC Equity Fund - CHF
Pareto Asset Management AS  Nordic Omega Class B
Global Equity sponsored
by: Cowen Prime Services
Auriga Global Investors SV, SA Auriga Investors - Vitrio Real Return Fund Class A (UCITS)
Blau Capital Ltd Blau Capital Master Fund L.P.
Borea Asset Management  Borea Global Equities 
Habrok Capital Management LLP Habrok Fund
Optis Capital (Pty) Ltd Optis Global Opportunities Fund
Tolomeo Capital AG Tolomeo SquarePoint Global Equities
Event Driven & Distressed Accendo Capital Managers S.A.R.L. Accendo Capital
Argo Capital Management Argo Distressed Credit Fund - USD
Castellain Capital LLP Castellain Value Fund Limited
ISPartners Investment Solutions AG Helium Special Situations Fund - GBP
Emerging Market Equity sponsored by: Maybank Kim-Eng Access Turkey Advisiors Ltd Access Turkey Opportunities Fund
Laurium Capital Chobe Sub-Saharan Segregated Portfolio
Equinox Fund Management (Guernsey) Ltd Equinox Russian Opportunities Fund 
MENA Capital MENA Admiral Fund
UFG Asset Management UFG Russia Select Fund
Belgrave Capital Management Ltd Vitruvius Emerging Markets Equity (UCITS) - USD
Multi-Strategy & Mixed Arbitrage sponsored by: Invast Global Helsinki Capital Partners HCP Black Fund
Metage Capital Metage Global Strategies
Quotidian Investments LLP Quotidian Multi-Strategy Master Fund - GBP
Woodbridge Capital Management LLP The Woodbridge Fund

Trafalgar Capital Management (UK) LLP Trafalgar Capital - Select Fund - USD

4) Category: more than five years (minimum assets $100m; maximum assets $250m)

Macro, CTA & Volatility sponsored by: Invast Global Beach Horizon LLP Beach Horizon Fund
The Cambridge Strategy (Asset Management) Limited Emerging Market Currency Alpha Programme
Estlander & Partners Ltd Estlander & Partners Freedom Program
LCJ Investments S.A.  LCJ FX Fund
Polar Star Management SEZC Polar Star Fund Limited
Mulvaney Capital Management The Mulvaney Global Markets Fund, Ltd. 
Whard Stewart (UK) LLP WHARD Stewart Master Fund
Credit & Fixed Income sponsored by: Saxo Markets Alpi Fondi Sgr S.p.A. Alpi Hedge
Robus Capital Management Limited Robus German Credit Opportunities Fund A1I 
Serone Capital Management LLP  Serone Key Opportunities Fund EUR Composite 
Butler Investment Managers Ltd WB Opportunities Fund Ltd USD
European Equity sponsored
by: Circle Partners
EValuation Capital Management B.V. EV Smaller Companies Fund
Prior & Nilsson Fond och Kapitalförvaltning AB PriorNilsson Yield
Entrepreneur Partners AG Tavau Swiss Fund
Entrepreneur Partners AG Trias L/S Fund - EUR
Global Equity sponsored by: GPP Oslo Asset Management AAM Absolute Return Fund - NOK
Consafe Capital Advisors AB ALCUR Fund
Altavista Investment Management Altavista Global Equity Fund
Aphilion Aphilion Specialised Investment Fund Long Short
Inflection Point Investment Inflection Point Investments - USD
Lancelot Asset Management Lancelot Camelot Fund
Event Driven & Distressed Altera Absolute Investments Altera Absolute Global Fund
Cygnus Asset Management SGIIC S.A. Cygnus Europa Event Driven - A
Ironshield Capital Management LLP Ironshield Special Situations Fund Liquid Strategy USD