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What people say about dots

Connect with People Quickly and Meaningfully with DOTS™

 - “Such a fun and informative day. Makes you think about yourself and others. Gives a different perspective on situations and people and I now have more of an understanding for why people are the way they are. Thank you!

- “Clear, informative, humorous”

- “Was good to learn how to communicate with different personality types, something I struggle with.”

- "Was a very informative course, day went fast. Group activities were good."

- "Very useful, very positive, thanks"

- "Will be a great tool for our team."

- “Great revelation of oneself and others around you. Highly recommended to further increase communication skills and breaking boundaries with fellow colleagues.”

 # Understand the science behind conversation.

 # Learn the language of connection.

# Get trained in the art of effective communication.

In the DOTS™ training we coach teams, individuals and companies in an advanced skill that helps connect people, repair relationships, reduce stress and improve collaboration and productivity.

What You Will Learn:

This is a practical workshop where you will be able to learn and immediately apply the techniques we teach directly to your own life and work situations. This training “sticks” and is used for years post the training day. The topics we will cover include:

 Your Communication Style - Learn about the four different styles of communication we each use and what style you are most dominant in (your natural style of communication).

Identifying Others - Gain the ability to identify what other people's communication styles are within a matter of minutes (sometimes seconds) of meeting them (by the way they are dressed, certain words they use etc.)

Meeting Peoples' Communication Needs - Discover the four needs you must cover in all of your communication with others in order to be successfully understood.

Dealing with 'Difficult People' - Learn simple yet effective techniques for reducing conflict and stress when dealing with people in difficult situations.

Growing Strengths - Discover your strengths and hidden talents (and those of others) and how to make better use of them in order to become more productive and overall more successful.

Connecting Easily with Others - Learn how to speak and write in someone else's "language" (the three communication styles you're not dominant in) so that you can connect with them quickly and meaningfully.

Showing Appreciation - How to determine the correct way to show appreciation to others that will save you time, money and effort when you get it right.

Attitude - A quick reminder on how our attitude affects everything we do.

  **What will learning the DOTS™ training do for you?**

 Personal Growth - Discover why you think and act the way you do and why others are naturally different.
Understand Others - Gain the ability to assess how someone wants to be connected within a matter of minutes (sometimes seconds).
Improve Relationships - Connect with people in real ways while improving your relationships and bringing clarity to all of your conversations.
Reduce Your Stress - Reduce conflict while learning tools for dealing with ‘difficult people’.
Grow Your Strengths - Uncover your hidden talents and what really drives you.
Become Influential - Gain the ability to determine what others need from you in order to take action.

 **What will learning the DOTS™ training do for your team or business?**

 Improve Customer Service - Give your team the skills to connect with clients, customers and colleagues successfully in a matter of minutes.

Increase Productivity - People will work to their strengths and appreciate the strength of others and as a result your meetings will be more effective. For sales and customer-focused organisations this will optimise customer relations.

Upskill your team - Everyone needs to be able to effectively communicate and our training will enhance your team’s ability to do so immediately.

Reduce conflict - Enhance your team’s ability in dealing with ‘challenging people’ by providing clarity and understanding around miscommunication and frustration.

Foster an environment for high performing teams and people – your workplace culture will thrive.