Reunion Weekend 2018
Start making your plans now!
Celebrating Reunions in 2018

  • 2013 (5th Reunion)
  • 2008 (10th Reunion)
  • 1997/98/99 (20th Generational Reunion)
  • 1993 (25th Reunion)
  • 1988 (30th Reunion)
  • 1978 (40th Reunion)
  • 1972/73/74 (45th Generational Reunion)
  • 1968 (50th Reunion)
  • Torchbearers: All graduates from 1967 and earlier                                                  (including the 55th for the Class of 1963 and the 60th for the Class of 1958)
  • Choir Reunion

As you make plans, please note that the first event for the 50th Reunion Class and the Choir begin on Thursday, May 31. Programs and sessions for all other alumni begin on Friday, June 1.

Recipients of the Alumni Medal and Blue and Gold Citations will be honored at the Alumni Luncheon and Awards Ceremony on Saturday, June 2.