IPS 2018 Biennial - Colombia

Welcome to the 2018 IPS Biennial in Colombia 

This eight-day journey begins high in the Andes, in Colombia's Quindío Region, with stops in Armenia, Tochecito and the Cocora Valley. We will travel by buses, jeeps, boats and by foot to see a vast array of palm species.

Our adventure begins in Armenia, nestled in the heart of Colombia’s coffee region, where we will explore Tochecito and the Cocora Valley.  Climbing the verdant foothills of the Andes we will visit breathtaking stands of more than 600,000 Ceroxylon quindiunese (wax palm), Colombia’s national palm, and the world’s tallest, soaring to heights of 60 meters (190 ft.).

Our journey then continues down to the coastal lowlands and port city of Buenaventura, and then on to the palm-rich archipelago of Bahia Malaga.

We end our adventure with the comforts and culture of Cali.  

We have focused on variety – striving to offer something appealing for all tastes by offering two distinct tours.  While in Bahia Malaga you may choose to extend your time in the palm-rich jungle by spending the night in rustic accommodations on the island of Ladrilleros which include shared accommodations with no AC or WiFi. These hardy explorers will have an extra day to explore the Jungle and its 40+ palm species (Jungle Adventure Option).  Those preferring the softer side of life may choose the option of departing Bahia Malaga for a night of comfortable beds, fine dining and a day of exploring Cali (Cali Comfort Option).

Finally, we are all together again to wrap up the event at the farewell dinner in Cali.

Please visit the ITINERARY tab for a detailed description of the day-by-day agenda. 

This is a tour you won’t want to miss!

See you in Colombia.

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