Entry criteria 

Entrants’ submissions should be 500 words maximum, submissions that exceed that length will be marked down by the judges.  Submissions are able to attach supporting material which exceeds this maximum – such as case studies, testimonials, video links, etc.

Accounting Specialist
Open to all accounting firms or internal divisions serving the UK and/or European captive markets. Judges will pay particular attention to examples of efficiencies in areas such as GAAP, auditing and tax reporting. They will also look for firms that can show a clear understanding of captive clients' specific and unique requirement.

Actuarial Firm
Open to all actuarial firms or internal divisions serving the UK and/or European captive market. The award looks at firms who demonstrate excellent service, meeting clients’ needs and satisfaction. Judges will be looking for companies whose customers hold in high regard their loss reserving, risk modelling, business planning, forecasting and the development of early warning systems. Specific contributions to professional organisations and specific mention of participation in discussions with regulators to support (or resist) regulatory developments with be viewed favourably.

BEPS Initiative
Entrants will demonstrate a commitment to working with captive owners and wider industry on the potential impact of the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) guidelines published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The judges will be looking for a deep understanding of the potential problems captives may face under BEPS scrutiny and will reward those firms that can provide examples of how they are supporting clients in this area.

Captive Healthcare Specialist
Open to firms who specialise in healthcare captives or healthcare risks. The judges are looking for examples of firms showing true signs of innovation and depth of understanding of the sector, the client’s needs and regulatory requirements. Contributions and involvement in professional organisations and/or regulatory developments. Specific service offerings, service levels and overall success of the business over the last 12 months.

Captive Innovation Award NEW FOR 2017
This award is open to all service providers and will recognise those firms that have a proven track record of bringing new ideas, working practices and products to the UK and European captive insurance industry. Submissions will demonstrate how innovation has been executed in practice during the 12-month judging period. Case studies and testimonials are encouraged.

Captive Owner Initiative NEW FOR 2017
Open to any UK or European-owned captive that has implemented a new programme, or structure in the past 18 months. Submissions must clearly demonstrate why the captive’s initiative is innovative, groundbreaking and/or creating significant value. Captive owners are able to nominate themselves, while managers or other service providers are also welcome to nominate clients. Alternatively, a manager and owner can make a joint submission. The award, however, will go to the captive owner.

Captive Professional of the Year
This award is presented to an individual who demonstrated exceptional performance within the UK and/or European captive insurance industry during the last 12 months, whether through the development of the organisation they work for, or the broader captive industry. The winner could be someone who has led significant change within a business through their vision and application, or has helped the sector through their engagement with stakeholders, regulators and politicians to effect a positive change. We encourage firms to nominate candidates they think fit this criteria and the judging panel will determine the winner.

Captive Manager
This award is open to all captive management firms who currently manage business for UK and/or European parent companies. Awarding excellence in all areas of captive management we are looking for evidence of business growth by revenue, client numbers, service offering and head count and above all client satisfaction. Judges will look for applicants to demonstrate their diverse product offering and solution based services, advances in use of technology, accessibility to clients, initiatives developed/implemented in the last 12 months and overall business growth.

Cell Company Initiative
Open to all cell companies and captive managers facilitating cell captives. The judges are looking for one specific and truly unique use of a cell company to suit a clients' bespoke needs. It may be an initiative made particularly tricky by the regulatory environment of the insured or due to a new type of risk. Cited examples can also include the evolution of a cell company into a single parent captive, although nominations should be clear to only choose one example to submit.

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Collateral Service Provider
This award is open to any firm that is providing collateral to UK and European owned captives in any capacity. The focus is on customer care, client relations, tailoring services to the client’s needs and accessibility. Judges will look for the breadth of service offering, efficiencies and benefits the client has achieved by working with the applicant. Evidence of business growth and increase of market share is also an important factor for our judges to understand. Client testimonials are encouraged for this category.

Employee Benefits Consultant
This consultant can come from the actuarial, broker, pooling or legal side of the employee benefits ecosystem. They should demonstrate a clear specialism in the area of employee benefits and an ability to work with UK and/or European clients in either the design and implementation of a captive-backed employee benefits programmes and/or the ongoing management and servicing of an employee benefits programme.

Employee Benefits Fronting Network
This company will be able to demonstrate an extensive network able to front for and service large UK and European-based multinational companies implementing a captive-backed employee benefits insurance programme. It will be able to prove a track record in problem solving for clients and being flexible and innovative enough to meet clients’ needs.

EU Domicile
This European Union domicile will have a proven track record in coupling open and transparent communication with its captive owners and service providers with a robust and sensible approach to regulation. It will also demonstrate how it has worked with captive owners through the transition into Solvency II implementation and communicated its approach to the principle of proportionality. The EU domicile should also provide details of the local infrastructure in place to support first class captive management and services.

Fronting Partner
This award is open to insurance companies providing fronting services to UK and/or European-owned captives. Entrants will demonstrate an efficient and client friendly management of large and complex programmes and prove multinational capabilities. The fronting company should demonstrate, excellent business functionality, customised arrangements and ease of access to information, reporting, communication and the account team.

Global Programme Initiative NEW FOR 2017
Open to all firms working with UK and/or European-based multinational clients in the implementation, structuring or servicing of global programmes. The judges will be looking for a deep understanding of how captive-backed global programmes work across both mono and multi-line programmes. They will also seek one clear example of an initiative undertaken for one individual client or a new servie made available to all of its global programme clients.

(Re)Insurance Company
This insurance or reinsurance company will demonstrate a broad range of abilities to deliver a quality service to captive owning clients. Considering in fronting, reinsurance, consultancy and management of the integration of new lines to a captive portfolio as well as an efficient transparent claims deliverance, the submission should be able to demonstrate a clear and holistic approach to their relationship with captive clients. Captives will not be considered in this category.

Investment Manager
This investment manager should be able to demonstrate a high level of innovation and customer care in its dealings with captive insurance companies. Its services and knowledge should be in line with the unique challenges and considerations facing captives compared to other institutional clients.

Law Firm
Open to all law firms providing legal support to UK and/or European captives and/or captives writing European risk and their parent company. Entrants must demonstrate a deep understanding of legal issues currently facing captives and provide examples of their work. A proven track record supporting and working with insurance regulators will also be looked upon favourably. Client testimonials are encouraged for this category.

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Most Innovative Firm of the Year
Awarding stand-out innovation in the industry, the judges will consider entries from all types of service providers that can demonstrate a consistent commitment to innovation. Examples of innovative consulting work with individual clients as well as broader innovation across their practice will be considered. The judges are looking to award a firm that is constantly pushing the captive industry and its own expertise forward.

Most Innovative Use of an ART Structure
Open to all firms who design/manage/consult on ART structures. This award will showcase firms who have displayed creative and innovative design while ensuring effective cover. Evidence of cost benefits, efficiencies, complexity or simplicity of the structure and use of alternative markets such as the capital markets or using the structure as a profit centre will all be considered.

New Captive Formation NEW FOR 2017
Open to any UK or European-owned captive formation in the past 18 months. Submissions should explain the rationale and need for the captive and the benefits it is projected to bring to the parent. Captive owners are able to nominate themselves, while managers or other service providers are also welcome to nominate clients. Alternatively, a manager and owner can make a joint submission. The award, however, will go to the captive owner.

Non-EU Domicile
This non-European Union domicile will demonstrate a proven track record of appropriate regulation of European-owned captive insurance companies. It will highlight a first class regulatory environment, advance local captive infrastructure and a willingness to adapt to the unique needs of European owners.

Outstanding Contribution by an Individual
The winner of this special award will be presented to an individual who has made extraordinary contribution to the success of the UK and/or European captive industry through their illustrious career. We are not accepting entries to this category. However should you wish to nominate an individual, these will be considered by our panel of judges.

PRIIPs Initiative NEW FOR 2017
This award is open to any service provider that has provided support to captive insurance companies as they seek to comply with PRIIPs and prepare KIDs for 1 January, 2018. Submissions will demonstrate a clear understanding of captives and unique challenges they face in responding to PRIIPs regulation.

Rising Star NEW FOR 2017
This category will recognise a professional under 35 years old working in the captive industry, either for an insured that owns a captive or for a service provider. The individual will have made a strong impression within their own company or impressed in their work and interaction with clients. The winner will have demonstrated a passion for captive insurance and ambition to make a lasting impact on the alternative risk industry.

Risk Consulting Initiative
Open to any firm providing risk consulting services to UK and/or European captive owners. This submission will outline either a client-wide initiative or product demonstrating advanced risk consulting, or one specific example of how effective risk consulting has had a significantly positive outcome. Client testimonials and specific examples are encouraged in this category.

Run-off and Captive Acquisition Partner
This specialist will have a proven track record of acquiring and running-off insurance companies and show a deep understanding of the nuances of the captive industry. The winner will also have demonstrated an ability to execute a range of run-off transactions, such as innovation, loss portfolio transfer and commutations. Management approaches and relationship with the end client will also be considered, as well as success stories. Client testimonials are encouraged for this category.

Solvency II Initiative
This award is open to any service provider or domicile that has delivered a specific product or educational campaign that is aimed specifically at easing captive owners' transition into a Solvency II compliant world. Judges will be looking for innovation as well as the provision of an efficient and easy-to-use concept. Client testimonials are encouraged for this category.

Tax Advisory Firm
Open to all tax advisory firms working with UK and/or European captive owners. The judges will look for excellence in technical tax advice, tax reviews and compliance with regards to European captives and European-based risk. Submissions will demonstrate a deep understanding of pertinent captive issues during the judging period. Use of software products and capabilities, particularly white-labelled, will be considered by the judges.

Technology Initiative
This award will focus on administrative processes and innovation. It is open to any firm in the captive insurance market - insurer, intermediary, service provider and technology specialist - that can demonstrate that the application of new software, hardware or information and communications technology has enhanced the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of managing insurance risk placed in a captive, running a captive company or captive management firm. The judges will be looking for evidence of greater efficiency, customer service, lower error rates and effective implementation within agreed budgets and timetables.

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