Power Sources 2018 Exhibition
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Acme Aerospace, Inc.113Acme Aerospace has an extensive history in the design and manufacture of main ship, starter/generator, engine start, emergency backup batteries, battery chargers, battery management systems and battery pack assemblies. Advanced concepts in power conversion design and Lithium chemistry have led to significant technical and weight savings over the competition.
ADA Technologies, Inc.114ADA Technologies is a scientific based research, development and manufacturing company that aggressively seeks opportunities to commercialize its technology developments. The technologies are broadly based and have included instrumentation and sensors, material science, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and electrochemistry-based technology. Founded in 1985, the company serves customers in the commercial, research, defense and health sectors from its location in Littleton, Colorado.
American Lithium Energy Corp.307American Lithium Energy Corp. is a US-based battery manufacturer that has developed and supplied safe and powerful advanced Li-ion batteries to the DoD for over 10 years. Our patented Li-ion battery safety technology, SafeCore, enables ruggedized and reliable solutions customized to meet the most critical military and commercial applications.
Arbin Instruments111Arbin Instruments is the leading, global manufacturer of cell, module and pack-level high precision testing equipment for the battery, flow battery, and capacitor industries with over 5000 systems running in 50 countries.
ATB Inc.115, 117Research, Development and Mass Production of Thermal Batteries.
BAE SystemsBAE Systems delivers a broad range of solutions and services enabling militaries and governments to successfully carry out their missions. The company provides large-scale systems engineering, integration, and sustainment services across air, land, sea, space, and cyber domains. BAE Systems takes pride in its support of national security and those who serve.
Bren-Tronics, Inc.101We’re a technology based power/energy company with over 45 years experience designing/manufacturing rechargeable batteries, chargers and complete power systems. Supporting worldwide customers providing batteries and complete systems from watts to kilowatts, in any climate. Our Lithium-Ion battery systems are ideally suited for today’s demanding Directed Energy lasers, silent watch, etc.
BST Systems116Products: High Energy High Power Silver-Zinc Primary and Secondary Cells and Battery Systems for Undersea, Land, Air and Space Applications for the Defense and Aerospace Industries. Sealed Silver Zinc Cells/Batteries. Lithium Secondary Aerospace Batteries. Custom Designed Chargers, High-end Scanners, Battery Monitoring Systems, and Aerospace Harnesses. Certified Small Business
Defense Logistics Agency112The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is the Department of Defense's logistics combat support agency. DLA's Battery Network (BATTNET) program improves Defense battery logistics by developing and leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies through key industry partnerships. BATTNET is a designated Defense Operational Energy Program managed under the Defense ManTech Program.
Denchi Power Ltd214Denchi Power Ltd is a manufacturer of portable power solutions for the Defense and Industrial markets, specializing in Smart Lithium-ion batteries and charging systems. We undertake design, development, manufacture and qualification in our factory in Scotland. We have supplied direct to Government, Primes and Industry for over twenty years.
Dexmet Corporation110Dexmet has been providing expanded metal foils for primary and secondary battery applications for over thirty (30) years. Over these years, we have advanced the expanding process to introduce new and unique materials for the battery industry. These open area foils are well-suited for primary and secondary battery applications.
Digatron Power Electronics Inc.311Digatron Power Electronics is a solutions provider for post-assembly production, quality control and R&D of batteries, fuel cells, super-capacitors and other energy storage devices. • Test equipment from cell to pack to system; • Production formation and conditioning equipment; • Systems engineering including plant layout, material handling, power management;
EaglePicher Technologies LLC106, 107EaglePicher Technologies, LLC, is a leading producer of batteries and energetic devices, custom battery assemblies, battery management systems and power solutions for the defense, aerospace, medical, commercial, oil, and gas industries. Headquartered in Joplin, MO. and ISO9001:2008, ISO 13485, and AS9100C certified.
Electrochem200Electrochem is the premium provider of mission critical power solutions where energy demands are high, operating conditions are extreme, and the cost of failure is significant.
EnerSys105EnerSys® – Powering Submarines to Satellites EnerSys® designs, manufactures and supplies batteries that are deployed globally in some of the world’s most demanding applications. Backed by 100 years of energy expertise and the industry’s widest range of technologies, EnerSys supports an array of aerospace and defense programs. From lithium-ion and lithium thermal to advanced lead acid and low-maintenance nickel cadmium, advanced battery technologies by EnerSys are truly powering the future.
Engineered Power210Engineered Power manufactures non-rechargeable robust lithium cells, ranging in sizes from 1/2AAA to DDD. Available lithium chemistries are Thionyl Chloride, Sulfulryl Chloride, CFx-MN02 and CFx.
Gamry Instruments109“Gamry Instruments designs and manufactures high-quality electrochemical instrumentation and accessories. Our full lineup includes single and multichannel potentiostats from 600 mA to 30 A. All our potentiostats perform Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy. We have a full suite of software for virtually every technique you’ll need to characterize your materials, batteries, supercaps, and fuel cells.”
K2 Energy Solutions313K2 Energy provides cutting edge technology in Lithium-Ion energy storage, with a world class team of scientists and engineers with extensive experience in energy storage design, systems integration, manufacturing, support testing and quality control. K2 offers inception to implementation solutions as our knowledge base encompasses cell to systems level optimization.
Lind Electronics Inc.118Lind Electronics a manufacturer of Rugged portable power and cabling solutions for military, police, aerospace and robotics industries. Product solution support laptops, computers, communication systems, military vehicles, aviation, UAVs, robotics and military batteries. Designed for use in harsh environments.
Maccor Inc.103Maccor Inc. designs and manufactures cell and battery test equipment used for material and cell research & development, battery application testing, quality assurance and other applications requiring precise control and measurement of current and voltage. Different systems can operate from 100 nanoAmps to 2000 Amps and from 5V to 1200V.
Midnite Solar216MidNite Solar is an innovative manufacturer of electronics and balance of system components for the renewable energy industry. Equipment ranges from cutting edge charge controllers and off-grid power solutions to pre-wired systems for some of the biggest names in battery based inverters. Products proudly designed and built in the USA.
Military Battery Systems Inc.208US Government Representatives for: Optima Batteries. Teledyne Battery Systems. & Gridless, portable Li-Ion power systems.
National Manufacturing Co., Inc.309ISO 9001 & AS9100 certified, specialists in precision deep and shallow drawn metal battery cans and cases in round, square or rectangular cross sections using aluminum, cold rolled & stainless, titanium, Inconel.
Navitas Systems LLC204Lithium Forklift Battery Company
PEC North America, Inc.301PEC delivers building blocks for development and manufacturing of large format cells, modules and battery packs for automotive, aerospace and defense applications. PEC’s offerings include R&D test equipment and automated cell finishing lines automating all process steps after electrolyte filling (soaking, formation, grading, degassing, ageing, stand loss, sorting…). CONTACT: WWW.PECCORP.COM
RAFAEL317Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of high-tech defense systems for air, land, sea and space applications for the Israeli Defense Forces and the defense establishment, as well as for customers around the world. The company offers its customers a diversified array of innovative solutions at the leading edge of global technology, from underwater systems through naval, ground, and air superiority systems to space systems.
Saft America Inc.303, 305Saft specializes in advanced technology battery solutions for industry, from the design and development to the production, customization and service provision. For nearly 100 years, Saft’s longer-lasting batteries and systems have provided critical safety applications, back-up power and propulsion for our customers. Our innovative, safe and reliable technology delivers high performance in space, at sea, in the air and on land. Saft is powering industry and smarter cities, while providing critical back-up functionality in remote and harsh environments from the Arctic Circle to the Sahara desert. Saft is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Total.
Shmuel De-Leon Energy Ltd.315Shmuel De-Leon Energy provides comprehensive collection of power sources tools and services: Consulting, Market research reports, Energy storage seminars and conferences, Battery eSchool, Battery safety trainings, Energy storage weekly newsletter, Energy storage online web Database,
SKC PowerTech212SKC Powertech, Inc. is a leading developer of Li-ion technologies. Located in Mt. Olive, New Jersey, SKC Powertech has more than 17 years of experience in lithium-ion R&D and manufacturing. Over the years, SKCP has developed high performance polymer Li-ion cells and batteries, and has received high marks from US military and government agencies. Our technology offers the highest energy density and power density of the same sort, while maintaining excellent cycle life, storage life and safety characteristics. SKC Powertech is also ISO 9001:2008 certified.
Wildcat Discovery Technologies206Wildcat uses proprietary high throughput technology to accelerate the development of better battery materials. Wildcat’s customers include material suppliers, cell makers, and OEM’s in the automotive, electronics, medical, and military industries. Wildcat reduces R&D costs and helps its partners commercialize battery breakthroughs faster; cathodes, anodes, and electrolytes are all possible.
ZAF Energy Systems Inc202ZAF Energy Systems is a multi-chemistry battery company focusing on next-generation, clean, safe, and economical battery solutions. Our mission is to provide tangible and proven energy storage solutions that will drive innovation in the motive, industrial and renewable energy sectors.