Geoscience Technology Workshops

AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshops (GTWs) deliver up-to-date technical content to AAPG members and the industry. Their agendas address the question “How are we doing it now?” through an examination of the latest practices as illustrated with case studies and field examples. The focus is on the sharing of information among knowledgeable individuals in a highly-interactive environment.

Attendees, practitioners and scientists have an opportunity to discuss real cases, issues, and experiences. GTWs follow two tracks for discussion: research and application. Joint workshops are produced in cooperation with other societies, expanding their scope to an even broader spectrum of participants and geoscience topics.

AAPG Geosciences Technology Workshops are focused-themes meetings with about 70/80 people attending, and willing to discuss and talk about the latest and hottest topics in the terroir and the industry, and they are designed for all publics (from academia and students, professionals and even retired geologists who wish to keep updated The workshops are usually 2 days length and sometimes accompanied by a field trip or two. Don't miss the latest news and events by subscribing to our newsletter.


15-16 March 2018, Granada, Spain
Chairs: Juan Ignacio Soto (Universidad de Granada)
         Joan Flinch Zaldivar (Repsol) 
The theme we have chosen for this conference, “Alpine folded belts and extensional basins” refer to the unique position of the Mediterranean area as it has been the locus of mountain building and collapse processes since the Mesozoic [...see more...]
 June 2018, Royal Holloway, London
20 - 21 June 2018, Milan, Italy
Chairs: Giuseppe Serafini (ENI)

Now that many of the largest gas discoveries over the last decade are biogenic in origin we will invite papers exploring the new play types, the basin and source modelling the advances in production technologies the commercialisation processes and where the focus for exploration currently sits. [...see more...]