2018 BenefitsPRO Broker Expo


7:45 am - 6:30 pmREGISTRATION OPEN
8:00 am - 1:00 pmPre-Conference Certification: NAHU Advanced Self-Funded Certification (CE Credits)
Speaker: Susan Rider, Consultant in Employee Benefits & HCM, Gregory & Appel Insurance

The NAHU Advanced Self-Funded Certification course begins by paying distinct attention to regulatory concerns, service model options, cost containment strategies and underwriting. Class participants will walk through unique issues that self-funded plans must face due to mergers and acquisitions followed by a concentration of study covering the integration of next generation design elements in plan design, transparency tools, quality based models, cost-sharing & control, tool integration & incentives and payment controls. This session requires separate registration and is open to all attendees who feel they understand basic concepts in self funding, and would like to deepen their expertise (lunch is included in registration). Course Highlights include: Best Practices; Importance of High Quality Consulting; Regulatory Oversight & Next Generation in Self-funding; 5 CE Credits upon completion.
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9:30 am - 10:30 amBenefits Technology Workshop A: Embracing Change - Effective Technology Implementations for Next-Generation Benefits Experiences (Open to All Attendees)
Speaker: Kristin Shirley, Technology Software Liaison, Regions Insurance
Speaker: Scott Evans, Chief Product Officer, Benefitexpress
10:30 am - 11:30amBenefits Technology Workshop B: How Brokers Can Leverage Technology as a Revenue Source, not a Cost Center (Open to All Attendees)
Speaker: Brian Slütz, Director, Broker Partnerships, UZIO
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1:30 pm - 2:30 pmEducation TrackInnovation TrackAdministration TrackMotivation Track
Must-Have Cost Containment Strategies to Help Employers Survive and Thrive
Speaker: Billy Bridwell, Vice President of Benefits, Keystone Insurers Group
Speaker: Reid Rasmussen, Co-Founder and CEO, freshbenies

Skyrocketing premiums. Employees struggling with out of pocket costs. Increased competition from other brokers. To be a trusted consultant, you need to deliver tools that proactively reduce health care costs. Two national experts – one from the carrier side, and one from the broker side – will lead a discussion around 7 must-have cost-containment categories, including:
*What are both long-standing and up-and-coming tools / strategies to save claims?
*How do you present these solutions to secure your role as a key consultant?
*Can you use these to regain control of your success, rather than wait on health care reform?
Voluntary Disruption
Speaker: Eric Silverman, Principal, Silverman Benefits Group

The "Voluntary" industry is ripe for disrupting and as a result, as an industry we musts shift towards being PROACTIVE with respect to enhanced benefits, as opposed to being reactive, which is the norm.
The Importance of the Rapidly Emerging "Gig Economy"
Speaker: Joseph Murgo, Executive Lead, Strategic Growth Initiatives, Anthem Inc.

With more employers aggressively managing full-time labor costs and more multi-generational workers seeking greater lifestyle flexibility, some experts expect that intermittent workers (free lancers, part-timers, contractors and consultants) will comprise 50% or more of the U.S. workforce by the early 2020’s. Employers with a significant numbers of intermittent workers are seeking viable benefits rewards strategies for reasons such as employer-of-choice, recruiting/retention and regulatory compliance.

Sell Stories, Not Products: 3 Ways to Help Clients Crush Health Insurance Out Of the Park
Speaker: Andy Neary, Healthcare Strategist, The Olson Group & Former Member, Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club

Managing benefits today can feel like playing a rigged game where the odds are stacked against your clients. Employers are paying more for deteriorating benefits while employees are frustrated and confused, significantly impacting the bottom line.  Today, benefit advisors have to ask themselves a very important question.  Do I sell my clients insurance products or am I helping my clients attack the biggest financial threat our country faces?  Those are two different stories with two different endings.
2:45 pm - 3:45 pmEducation TrackInnovation TrackAdministration TrackMotivation Track
Self Funding and Group Captives: Is Now the Right Time?
Speaker: Andrew Clayton, President, Pareto Captive Services
Speaker: Dan Exceen, Executive Vice President, Public Sector Practice Lead & Partner, Burnham Benefits
Speaker: Nate Natzke, Benefits Consultant, Employee Benefits Division, Marsh & McLennan
Speaker: Brad Nieland, Vice President, Stop-Loss & Health, Sun Life Financial

As the fully insured market continues to be bombarded by rate increases, brokers are looking for more ways to help employer clients control health care costs. Self-funding provides opportunities for cost containment, and many self-funded employers could further benefit from a group captive arrangement, which provides additional risk management. 


Do you have clients who could benefit? Perhaps you have clients who have shown interest in self-funding but need guidance to know whether its right for them? Do you have self-funded clients who are good candidates for a group captive? This session will examine the factors to consider, and discuss how brokers can provide the right information and guidance to clients looking to convert to self-funding.

Technology in Action: Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Execution
Speaker: Doug Morse-Schindler, President and Co-Founder, HealthJoy
Speaker: David Contorno, President, Lake Norman Benefits/The Hilb Group of North Carolina

There are many drivers of cost and employee confusion in employee benefits, and brokers shoulder a responsibility to address these areas of risk for their employer clients - but that's easier said than done. This session will showcase strategies to address each pillar of cost and confusion for clients, the technologies leveraged to help them execute the strategy, and the results in better cost containment and employee engagement they've realized.

Takeaways Include:
*An exploration of the drivers of cost and confusion for employees and HR teams in the healthcare system
*Strategies to mitigate risk and help employees change their behavior, plus common pitfalls and how to address them
*Tools to implement modern engagement strategies and communication campaigns to position them

Making Sense of ROIs: Best Practices to Demonstrate Value and Pinpoint Success
Speaker: Dr. Abbie Leibowitz, Chief Medical Officer, Founder, and President Emeritus, West's Health Advocate Solutions

As brokers, consultants and benefits professionals, the importance of demonstrating the value of employee benefits programs is well understood. However, determining the most effective way to analyze available data to show the impact on costs and outcomes can be challenging. Understanding how to interpret and maximize data from a variety of sources can help to uncover trends and show how programs are moving the needle (or need to be adapted). In this session, Dr. Leibowitz will discuss current trends, such as ROI vs. VOI, as well as explore best practices and strategies to translate and leverage data to generate effective outcomes reporting.

Takeaways Include:
*Understand best practices to utilize available data to demonstrate program results
*Utilize results from data and reporting to maximize programs for organizations and clients
*Identify data-driven strategies to strengthen outcomes reporting and incorporate new ideas into existing reporting structures

Demolishing the Tower of Benefits Misery: Communication Strategies to Drive Employee Engagement
Speaker: Doug Layman, President of Health & Life, Gilsbar

When it comes to driving home the value of employee benefits, a high percentage of employees view all the information given to them at open enrollment as “The Tower of Benefits Misery”. It’s time to ask ourselves, “why”?  Considering how much money employers spend to offer a competitive benefits package they should be able to expect substantial outcomes for the investment. Benefits consultants must establish a clear strategy that is focused on retention, employee engagement, productivity and the overall well-being of your employees – only then do the benefit decisions become manageable.

Takeaways Include:
*Learn how cultural alignment plays a critical role in employee benefit design and delivery
*Explore the concept of Value vs. Perceived Value with Employee Benefits
*Interactive exercises to equip benefits sellers with new ideas to bring sanity back to Employee Benefits

Speaker: Dr. Gurpreet Dhaliwal, Professor of Medicine, University of California San Francisco
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8:30 am - 6:30 pmREGISTRATION OPEN
8:45 am - 10:15 amFocus Workshop - The Well-Being Boom: Seizing Today’s Most Sought-After Benefit Opportunity
Speaker: Shamial Sheikh, Senior Vice President, Strategic Alliances, North America, LifeWorks
Speaker: Dana Hilts, Senior Product Development Consultant, MetLife
Speaker: David Contorno, President, Lake Norman Benefits/The Hilb Group of North Carolina
Moderator: Angel Paravicini, Head of North America Partnerships, LifeWorks

This educational and interactive workshop will provide insight into how top thought leaders are helping employers transform workplace loyalty and productivity. Find out how brokers have improved their outreach, relationships, and profitability by tapping into the key needs of today’s employers looking to deliver the optimal opportunity for work/life success – inside and outside of their organizations.

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10:15 am - 11:00 amBROKER OF THE YEAR Panel Discussion & Official Announcement
Speaker: Beth Robertson, Assistant Vice President, Senior Consultant, NFP
Speaker: Bret Brummitt, Managing Partner, AG Insurance Agencies
Speaker: Julie Freidus, Senior Vice President, Brown and Brown
Speaker: Billy Potter, Principal, Snellings Walters Insurance Agency
Speaker: Bob Gearhart Sr, Partner, DCW Group
Speaker: Bob Gearhart Jr, CEO, DCW Group
Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, 2008-2016; U.S. Presidential Candidate, 2016
12:00 pm - 1:15 pmNETWORKING LUNCHEON
Donna Brazile, Veteran Political Strategist; Interim Chair, Democratic National Committee
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2:30 pm - 3:30 pmEducation TrackInnovation TrackAdministration TrackMotivation Track
Show Me the Money: How to Charge Fees in a Commissioned Based Practice
Speaker: Susan Combs PPACA, President, Combs & Company

As Bob Dylan sang, “The times they are a changin’” and boy don’t we know it! Commissions have been King in our industry for a long time but change is upon us. Many carriers are dropping commissions or getting rid of them altogether in certain markets so the time to prepare is now. Learn how Susan L Combs woke up one day and decided she was no longer going to work for free and how she developed a fee based consulting practice within her brokerage firm and is thriving in uncertain times.
Alexa the Broker: How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Benefits Business
Speaker: Reid Rasmussen, Co-Founder and CEO, freshbenies
Tonia Degner, Chief Strategy Officer, freshbenies

Machine learning and big data are drastically advancing what we know about maximizing results in medicine. And it’s already advancing sales insights and service techniques. This will dramatically change the way we work in the next few years. We’ll discuss various categories of innovations in healthcare delivery, as well as benefits servicing. Are you terrified of more changes, or are you prepared for the coming opportunities?

It Takes Two To Tango – Bringing CHDC and VB Plans Together to Complete the Deductible Puzzle
Speaker: Scott Mardis, Field Development Director, Kemper Benefits

New voluntary products are helping employees cover their growing deductible costs.  How do they work with existing programs like FSA's, HRA's and HSA's?  How can employers reduce premium costs without significantly impacting an employee's out-of-pocket expenses while remaining compliant with ACA requirements? Brokers, agents and consultants will learn how to develop and integrate solutions that are compliant, complete and full address the growing deductible gap.
Faces of Change Panel: Insight from the Industry’s Rising Stars
Speaker: Niko Caparisos, Health & Welfare Consultant, Principal, Prosperity Benefits LLC
Speaker: Bob Gearhart Jr, CEO, DCW Group
Speaker: Rachel Pennington, Partner & Vice President, Operations, Silverman Benefits Group
Speaker: Nolan Waterfall, Agency Leader, Qandun Insurance Agency
Moderator: Megan Chiarello, Founder & President, Grassetto Creative
Moderator: Eric Silverman, Principal, Silverman Benefits Group
Speaker: Rachel Miner, Employee Benefit Strategist, EB Advisors of the Carolinas

The pages of BenefitsPRO magazine come to life with the faces (and voices) behind the headlines. Meet today’s rising stars – the whiz kids rapidly growing their book, leveraging multifaceted strategies and openly sharing their success to push the entire industry forward. In this candid discussion, panelists will share their personalized approach to relentlessly driving impact in an increasingly noisy, 24/7 world. Take their pro tips to distinguish inspiration from imitation and cultivate an authentic, profitable and sustainable brand. Don’t miss the end of the session! All attendees will step inside a headshot photo booth to capture their new face of change.
4:00 pm - 5:00 pmEducation TrackInnovation TrackAdministration TrackMotivation Track
Health to Wealth Trends: Preparing Your Workforce for the Future
Speaker: Daniel Keady, Chief Financial Planning Strategist, TIAA
Speaker: Chad Schneider, Director of Channel Sales, Jellyvision
Speaker: Troy Bagne, Co-Founder and President, OnCore Human Capital Management
Moderator: Jamie Janvier, Program Manager, ConnectYourCare

As retirement projections total nearly $300k needed for health care expenses alone, learn how forward-thinking companies have successfully built a “Health to Wealth” strategy into their benefits plans. Learn best practices and trends in strategic program development and communication plans that illustrate the importance of planning ahead, especially when addressing Millennials, a generation mired in debt from student loans and earning lower wages due to recent economic distress. Takeaways Include employer-proven strategies to effectively articulate the value of HSAs and other tax-advantaged to accounts to younger workers.

Broker Strategy Showdown!
Speaker: David Contorno, President, Lake Norman Benefits/The Hilb Group of North Carolina

Join us as 3 very prominent brokers behind popular strategies for cost containment & client value, bring to you actual case studies for YOUR consideration.  Each broker will present a challenging case and the metrics behind it.  They will tell you all about what they did to control costs and YOU will vote on which strategy you think is going to be most effective. If you have ever wanted to know what these innovative brokers are doing, how they are doing it, what results they are getting, how much they are getting paid for their services, this is the place!  In addition, the strategies will each be distinct and effective, and will help you determine the efficacy it can have.  Examples of strategies include: referenced based pricing, population health management/wellness program, gap plans, and value based care (direct primary care, bundled price surgery, etc).
ERISA and the 2018 Compliance Forecast: Trends & Challenges
Speaker: Kristin Kahle, CEO and Founder, NavigateHCR
Speaker: Eric Ryles, Vice President of Customer Solutions, ALM Intelligence
Speaker: Lynda Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, Wrangle, LLC

As we transition to 2018, it is important to be aware of compliance challenges that may arise so that you can stay on top of changes and help your clients ensure compliance. We already know that changes in the works, which may affect the Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations that employers are already struggling to understand. In addition, the continued expansion of employee rights, leave benefits, and minimum wage laws will have a significant impact on the world of compliance and employee benefits.

Finding Sales Success at the Intersection of Prospecting & Marketing
Speaker: Barry Cohn, President, Really Great Employee Benefits
Speaker: Tim Doherty, President, Pinnacle HR Solutions
Speaker: Heidi Rasmussen, Co-Owner, freshbenies
Moderator: Wendy Keneipp, Partner & Coach, Q4intelligence

Agencies struggle keeping a full pipeline of quality prospects, and the trouble comes from both a lack of targeted prospecting and supportive marketing. We’ll talk with agencies who have recognized that it takes both a boots-on-the-ground prospecting effort to stir up interest, paired with an ongoing, educational marketing effort to meet today’s buyers at their point of interest. But just recognizing that this intersection is where the magic comes together is not enough to make it happen on its own. Agencies will share challenges and successes they’ve experienced on their road to seeking pipeline consistency.
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9:00 am - 12:00 pmREGISTRATION OPEN
9:30 am - 10:30 amEducation TrackInnovation TrackAdministration TrackMotivation Track
Fast Tracking Social Media: Easy-to-Implement Strategies for Busy Brokers
Speaker: Amy Evans, President, Colibri Insurance Services

Social media is essential in today's business world, but most insurance brokers don't know how to fully leverage it as a marketing and branding tool. In this engaging presentation, brokers will shift their perceptions about social media with savvy strategies that will get them excited about taking control of their online presence. They will walk away with tips they can implement immediately - in just a few minutes per day - to build a powerful and profitable online presence.

What Brokers and Carriers Can Learn From Disruptors in Travel & Banking
Speaker: Vinay Gidwaney, Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder, Maxwell Health

Technology has brought fundamental shifts to virtually every industry and some sectors like travel, entertainment and banking, have been fast to build technology and adapt how they do business while others, like brick and mortar retail, have not, and lost the customer altogether. The employee benefits experience is currently being disrupted by the same innovation- advanced technology platforms that drive change. This session will take a deep dive into how this disruption affects the key stakeholders in your audience, the pain that they feel, and how technology can help you win the battle.

Takeaways Include:
* Emergence of marketplaces: how brokers and insurance companies could lose out on representing the main brand of “health” for the consumer
* Use of data and platforms: the risks of being at the mercy of distribution platforms determining what consumers want and how they pay for it
*Health-as-a-service: adapting to what the consumer actually wants (health and financial well-being) and monetizing that outcome
Brokerage for Sale: Preparing for Life Before, During & After Your Deal
Speaker: Jim King, Owner & Wealth Manager, Balasa Dinverno Foltz LLC

As an agency owner, you receive frequent phone calls urging you to sell your business—which makes you wonder how much your agency is worth. Before you can answer that question, you have to first decide if you are ready to sell your business. An important part of that decision is knowing what you want your life to look like after the sale is complete. The gap that exists between where you are today and where you want to be will impact when you sell and what, if anything, you need to do to increase the value of your agency before you do. 

Takeaways Include: 
* What questions you need to ask to determine your vision for the future 
* How to determine your own net worth 
* Factors that will impact your desired sale price 
* The impact of taxes on your future income 
* How to protect the assets you do have 

Voluntary Benefits Attitudes and Trends: Truths to Avoid Being Burned – or Churned
Nick Rockwell, Vice President, Eastbridge Consulting Group

While the voluntary benefits industry continues to expand, so does the complexity.  Every year, Eastbridge Consulting Group and BenefitsPro do a joint survey of brokers regarding their views and attitudes of the voluntary market today. This session will explore the results, as well as the latest trends shaping the market, through the eyes of the distributor. A must-see session for anyone trying to remain competitive and ‘in the know’ regarding worksite today.  The presenter will also share valuable insights from studies focused on employers, employees, carrier executives, product, enrollment and administration.  

Takeaways Include:
* Key insights into current peer group attitudes and views of the voluntary industry
* Important developments in overall trends
* Actions steps to address misalignment between the attitudes of brokers, employers & employees regarding different aspects of worksite benefits


Speaker: Dave Chase, CEO & Group Founder; Author, Health Rosetta Institute
Speaker: David Contorno, President, Lake Norman Benefits/The Hilb Group of North Carolina
Speaker: Dutch Rojas, CEO, Sano Surgery
Speaker: Kevin Trokey, Founding Partner and Coach, Q4intelligence

Join us for a rapid-fire series of TED talk-style keynotes with leading Benefits visionaries, together discussing "Four Things that Must Change in Employee Benefits".