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2017 Speakers

Highlights for 2017

  • Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi

    Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi

    Secretary General and Former Minister of Trade and Industry
    UNCTAD and Republic of Kenya

  • dambisa moyo

    Dambisa Moyo

    Global Economist and Author

  • Edward K. Brown

    Edward K. Brown

    Director of Policy Advisory Service
    African Center for Economic Transformation

Institutional Investors, Asset Managers, Private Equity Funds, and Offtakers

  • Rick Rule<

    Rick Rule

    President and CEO
    Sprott US Holdings

  • Neil Gregson

    Neil Gregson

    Portfolio Manager
    JP Morgan Global Natural Resources Fund

  • Caroline Donally

    Caroline Donally

    Denham Capital

  • Joanne Warner

    Joanne Warner

    Head of Global Resources
    Colonial First State Global Asset Management

  • Michael Scherb

    Michael Scherb

    Founder and General Partner
    Appian Capital Advisory

  • Anthony Milewski

    Anthony Milewski

    Managing Director
    Pala Investments

  • Hanre Rossouw

    Hanre Rossouw

    Portfolio Manager and Head of Resources - Frontier and Emerging Markets
    Investec Asset Management

  • Claudine Sigam

    Claudine Sigam

    Head of Human and Institutional Capacity Workstream

  • David Street

    David Street

    Tembo Capital

  • David Twist

    David Twist

    Founding Partner
    African Minerals Exploration & Development

  • Markus Bachmann

    Markus Bachmann

    Craton Capital

  • Philip Clegg

    Philip Clegg

    Investment Manager
    Orion Resource Partners

  • Andor Lips

    Andor Lips

    Fund Manager
    Commodity Discovery Fund

  • Mike Stirzaker

    Mike Stirzaker

    Pacific Road Capital Management

  • Johann Bester

    Johann Bester

    Project Manager, IPPs
    Thebe Investments

  • Egon von Greyerz

    Egon von Greyerz

    Founder and Managing Director
    Matterhorn Asset Management

  • Julian Treger

    Ernie Thrasher

    XCoal Resources

  • Michael Barton

    Michael Barton

    Portfolio Manager
    Orion Resource Investments

  • Xi Xi

    Xi Xi

    Sailing Capital

  • Christoph Eibl

    Christoph Eibl

    Tiberius Asset Management

  • Paul Ballantyne

    Paul Ballantyne

    Partner and Portfolio Manager
    Genesis Investment Management

  • Per Wimmer

    Per Wimmer

    Wimmer Family Office

  • Tim Markwell

    Tim Markwell

    Fund Manager
    Lion Selection Group

  • Graeme Robertson

    Graeme Robertson

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Intrasia Capital

  • Richard Crookes

    Richard Crookes

    Investment Director
    EMR Capital

  • Charl Malan

    Charl Malan

    Portfolio Manager and Senior Analyst
    Van Eck

  • Shi Jiyang

    Shi Jiyang

    CEO and President
    China-Africa Development Fund

  • Willem Middelkoop

    Willem Middelkoop

    Commodity Discovery Fund

  • Qing Yu

    Qing Yu

    Managing Director - Mining and Minerals Department
    China-Africa Development Fund

  • Addi Azza

    Addi Azza

    Adviser to Minister of Mines
    Water and Environment, Morrocco

Mining Companies

  • Mark Cutifani

    Mark Cutifani

    Chief Executive
    Anglo American

  • Robert Friedland

    Robert Friedland

    Executive Chairman and Founder
    Ivanhoe Mines

  • Lars-Eric Johansson

    Lars-Eric Johansson

    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Ivanhoe Mines

  • Bold Baatar

    Bold Baatar

    Chief Executive, Energy and Minerals
    Rio Tinto

  • Mark Bristow

    Mark Bristow

    Randgold Resources

  • Mxolisi Mgojo

    Mxolisi Mgojo


  • Gerhard Potgieter

    Gerhard Potgieter

    Acting CEO
    Impala Platinum

  • Nerys John

    Nerys John

    Group Community Relations Manager
    De Beers

  • Alwyn Pretorius

    Alwyn Pretorius

    Regional Senior Vice President

  • nick holland

    Nick Holland


  • Michael Griffiths

    Michael Griffiths

    Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
    Tiger Resources Limited

  • clive johnson

    Clive Johnson


  • Sébastien de Montessus

    Sébastien de Montessus

    CEO and President
    Endeavour Mining

  • ben magara

    Ben Magara

    Lonmin Plc

  • Mzila	Mthenjane

    Mzila Mthenjane

    Executive Head: Strategy & Stakeholder Engagement
    Exxaro Resources

  • Christian de Saint-Rome

    Christian de Saint-Rome

    Director and Chief Executive Officer
    CopperZone Resources Ltd and Kalahari Copper

  • Mashale Phumaphi,

    Mashale Phumaphi

    Managing Director
    Shumba Energy

  • Nikolai Zelenskii

    Nikolai Zelenski


  • John Welborn

    John Welborn

    Managing Director and CEO
    Resolute Mining

  • Allan Mulligan

    Allan Mulligan

    Managing Director
    Walkabout Resources

  • Dr. John Clarke

    Dr. John Clarke

    President and CEO
    Banro Corporation

  • David Scott

    David Scott

    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Tembo Gold Corp

  • Vincent Mascolo

    Vincent Mascolo

    IronRidge Resources Ltd

  • Ian McDonald

    Ian McDonald

    Vice President Corporate Development
    Avnel Gold

  • Aalaeddine Chahbi

    Aalaeddine Chahbi

    Mits Corp Mining & Trading

  • David Archer

    David Archer

    Savannah Resources Plc

  • Rob Thomson

    Rob Thomson

    Managing Director
    Stonewall Resources

  • Daniel Major

    Daniel Major

    GoviEx Uranium Inc.

  • Dr. Caigen Wang

    Dr. Caigen Wang

    Managing Director
    Tietto Minerals

  • Riaan Koppeschaar

    Riaan Koppeschaar

    Financial Director

  • Mike Fraser

    Mike Fraser

    President and COO, Africa

  • Tom Albanese

    Tom Albanese

    Vedanta Resources

  • Peter Steenkamp

    Peter Steenkamp

    Harmony Gold

  • Tom Brady

    Tom Brady

    Chief Economist

  • Neal Froneman

    Neal Froneman

    Sibanye Gold

  • Chris Griffith

    Chris Griffith

    Anglo American Platinum

  • July Ndlovu

    July Ndlovu

    CEO Coal SA
    Anglo American

  • Anesan Naidoo

    Anesan Naidoo

    General Manager, Logistics, Kumba Iron Ore
    Anglo American

  • Mpho Mothoa

    Mpho Mothoa

    Managing Director, Richards Bay Minerals and Head of South Africa
    Rio Tinto

  • Steve Phiri

    Steve Phiri

    Royal Bakofeng Platinum

  • Norman Mbazima

    Norman Mbazima

    Deputy Chairman
    Anglo American South Africa

  • Tim Carstens

    Tim Carstens

    Managing Director
    Base Resources Limited

  • Boris Kamstra

    Boris Kamstra

    Chief Executive Officer
    Alphamin Resources Corp

  • Elias Scafidas

    Elias Scafidas

    Chief Commercial Officer, Simandou
    Rio Tinto

  • Barrie Van der Merwe

    Barrie Van der Merwe


  • R. Michael Jones

    R. Michael Jones

    President, CEO and Director
    Platinum Group Metals

  • Simon Purkiss

    Simon Purkiss

    Chief Executive Officer
    Consolidated Nickel Mines

  • Ken Tainton

    Ken Tainton

    Exploration Director
    Rio Tinto

  • Jonathan Samuel

    Jonathan Samuel

    Group Head of Government and Social Affairs
    Anglo American

  • Erwin Spolders

    Erwin Spolders


  • brad gordon

    Brad Gordon


  • Edward Otto

    Edward Otto

    Vice President, Investments
    Appian Capital

  • David Noko

    David Noko

    Vice President Sustainable Development
    AngloGold Ashanti

  • Patience Mpofu

    Patience Mpofu

    Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Africa Region

  • Innocent Mabusela

    Innocent Mabusela

    Head of Corporate Affairs
    De Beers Consolidated Mines

  • Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan

    Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan

    Chief Executive Officer
    AngloGold Ashanti Ltd

  • Christiaan Jordaan

    Christiaan Jordaan

    Managing Director
    Mustang Resources

  • Nombasa Tsengwa

    Nombasa Tsengwa

    Executive Head: Carbon Operations

  • Mark Strizek

    Mark Strizek

    Managing Director
    Vital Metals Limited

  • Brent Nykoliation

    Brent Nykoliation

    Senior Vice President
    Energizer Resources

  • Brandon Munro

    Brandon Munro

    Bannerman Resources

  • Sicelo Ntuli

    Sicelo Ntuli

    Senior Vice President
    AngloGold Ashanti

  • Nthabeleng Ledwaba

    Nthabeleng Ledwaba

    Investment Committee Member
    JSS Empowerment Fund

  • Sariel Polatinsky

    Sariel Polatinsky

    Global Head of Copper
    Noble Group

  • Philip Clegg

    Philip Clegg

    Investment Manager
    Orion Resource Partners

  • Vincent Algar

    Vincent Algar

    Managing Director
    Australian Vanadium

  • Malik Dechambenoit

    Malik Dechambenoit

    GM for EA& CC for Africa
    Rio Tinto

  • George Brakoh

    George Brakoh

    Regional Manager, Local Business
    Newmont, Ghana

  • Anil Agarwal

    Anil Agarwal

    Group Chairman
    Vedanta Resources

  • Edward Lauer

    Edward Lauer

    Head of Portfolio Optimisation
    Eurasian Resources Group (ERG)

  • Benedikt Sobotka

    Benedikt Sobotka

    Chief Executive Officer
    Eurasian Resources Group (ERG)

  • Toni Aubynn

    Toni Aubynn

    Ghana Minerals Commission

  • Mr. Hundie Melka Yadete

    Mr. Hundie Melka Yadete

    Chief Geologist
    Geological Survey of Ethiopia

  • Sisay Ayalew Amera

    Sisay Ayalew Amera

    MoMPNG, Director
    Mineral Licensing and Administration Directorate

  • Lisa Stadelbauer

    Lisa Stadelbauer

    Director General, Pan-Africa Bureau
    Global Affairs Canada

  • Isabeau Vilandre

    Isabeau Vilandre

    Director, SUMM
    Canadian International Resources Development Institute (CIRDI)

  • Magdi Habib

    Magdi Habib

    Director General, Canme tMINING, Minerals and Metals Sector
    Natural Resources Canada

  • Robert Owen-Jones

    Robert Owen-Jones

    First Assistant Secretary, Investment and Economic Division, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
    Government of Australia

  • Peng Qiming

    Peng Qiming

    Chief Engineer
    Ministry of Land and Resources, China

  • Alan McKenzie

    Alan McKenzie

    General Manager: Technology

  • Graham Briggs

    Graham Briggs

    Former CEO
    Harmony Gold

  • Mark Parker

    Mark Parker

    Andiamo Exploration

  • Roger Murphy

    Roger Murphy

    Sula Iron and Gold

  • Seth Dickinson

    Seth Dickinson

    Managing Director
    Lake Victoria Gold Ltd

  • Laurence Robb

    Laurence Robb

    Lerama Resources

  • Abraham Worwui

    Abraham Worwui

    Regional Manager, Goods Procurement, Regional SC Processes
    Newmont Ghana

  • Anil Agarwal

    Anil Agarwal

    Group Chairman
    Vedanta Resources

  • Edward K. Brown

    Edward K. Brown

    Director of Policy Advisory Service
    African Center for Economic Transformation

  • Brent Nykoliation

    Brent Nykoliation

    Senior Vice President
    Energizer Resources

  • Frank Rizzo

    Frank Rizzo

    Technology Sector Leader - Africa

  • Kaspar Euvrard

    Kaspar Euvrard

    Cyber Security Leader

  • Jacques Erasmus

    Jacques Erasmus

    Global Head of Mining

  • Sean Bennet

    Sean Bennet

    Kore Potash

  • Paul Erskine

    Paul Erskine

    IPC Coal

  • Patrick de Saint Simon

    Patrick de Saint Simon

    Georesources Exploration

  • John Gladston

    John Gladston

    Government Affairs
    First Quantum Minerals Limited

  • Jac Van Heerden

    Jac Van Heerden

    Technical Director
    ERG Africa

  • Riaan van der Westhuizen

    Riaan van der Westhuizen

    Technical Director
    ERG Africa

  • Steve Tambanis

    Steve Tambanis

    Managing Director
    Black Rock Mining

  • Dan Weir

    Dan Weir

    Chief Executive Officer
    DNI Metals Inc.

  • Hilaire Diarra

    Hilaire Diarra

    Group Environmental and Social Officer
    Randgold Resources, Mali

  • Tsakani Mthombeni

    Tsakani Mthombeni

    Group Head of Carbon & Energy
    Gold Fields

  • Deirdré Lingenfelder

    Deirdré Lingenfelder

    Head of Safety and Sustainable Development
    The De Beers Group of Companies

  • Ian Harebottle

    Ian Harebottle

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Tsakani Mthombeni

    Tsakani Mthombeni

    Group Head of Carbon & Energy
    Gold Fields

  • George Roach

    George Roach

    CEO and Chairman
    Premier African Mining

  • Mukasiri Sibanda

    Mukasiri Sibanda


Finance, Banking, Royalties, and Streaming

  • Randy Smallwood

    Randy Smallwood

    President and CEO
    Silver Wheaton

  • Orlee Wertheim

    Orlee Wertheim

    Head of Business Development
    Toronto Stock Exchange

  • Oscar Jofre

    Oscar Jofre

    President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Paul Brink

    Paul Brink

    Senior Vice President, Business Development
    Franco-Nevada Corporation

  • Julian Treger

    Julian Treger

    Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
    Anglo Pacific Group PLC

  • David Awram

    David Awram

    Co-founder and Senior Executive VP of Corporate Development
    Sandstorm Gold

  • Jeremy Wrathall

    Jeremy Wrathall

    Team Leader, Metals & Mining Research

  • Ian Roper

    Ian Roper

    Division Director

  • Mandisi Nkuhlu

    Mandisi Nkuhlu

    Chief Operations Officer
    Export Credit Insurance Corporation SOC LTD

  • Tyler Broda

    Tyler Broda

    Director, Global Mining Research
    RBC Capital Markets

  • Des Kilalea

    Des Kilalea

    Director, Global Mining Research
    RBC Capital Markets

  • Richard Hatch

    Richard Hatch

    Global Mining Research
    RBC Capital Markets

  • Johann Erasmus

    Johann Erasmus

    Director - Africa ETF Issuer Limited
    Standard Bank

  • Sandra du Toit

    Sandra du Toit

    Head of Mining and Metals
    Standard Bank

  • Mazwi Tunyiswa

    Mazwi Tunyiswa

    Head - Basic Metals and Mining
    Industrial Development Corporation

  • Mamadou Barry

    Mamadou Barry

    Senior Mining Specialist Extractives and Energy Global Practice Oil, Mining, and Gas Division
    The World Bank

  • Sheila Khama

    Sheila Khama

    Practice Manager, Energy and Extractives
    World Bank Group

  • Christopher Sheldon

    Christopher Sheldon

    Practice Manager, Energy and Extractives
    World Bank Group

  • Martin Lokanc

    Martin Lokanc

    Senior Mining Specialist
    World Bank Group

  • Namrata Thapar

    Namrata Thapar

    Global Head of Mining
    International Finance Corporation

  • Ignacio de Calonje

    Ignacio de Calonje

    Chief Investment Officer
    International Finance Corporation

  • Daniele La Porta

    Daniele La Porta

    Senior Mining Specialist
    World Bank

  • Kirsten Hund

    Kirsten Hund

    Senior Mining Specialist
    World Bank

  • Amani Abou-Zeid

    Amani Abou-Zeid

    African Development Bank

  • Stephen Karangizi

    Stephen Karangizi

    Chief Executive Officer and Director
    African Legal Support Facility

  • Jan Wehebrink

    Jan Wehebrink

    Manager, Global Portfolio, Oil, Gas and Mining

  • Gareth Phillips

    Gareth Phillips

    Chief Climate and Green Growth Officer
    African Development Bank

  • Boubacar Bocoum

    Boubacar Bocoum

    Lead Mining Specialist
    World Bank Group

  • Peter Richardson

    Peter Richardson

    Managing Director and Principal Consultant
    Metallum Commodity Consulting (UK) Ltd

  • Thomas Viot

    Thomas Viot

    Principal Domestic Linkages Officer
    African Development Bank

  • Lance Rishor

    Lance Rishor

    Managing Director
    RBC Capital Markets

  • Anna Chytla

    Anna Chytla

    Deputy General Counsel
    World Bank Group


  • H.E. Mosebenzi Joseph Zwane

    H.E. Mosebenzi Joseph Zwane

    Minister of Mineral Resources
    Republic of South Africa

  • Hon. John Peter Amewu

    Hon. John Peter Amewu

    Minister of Lands, Forestry and Mines

  • Hon. Jean Claude Brou

    Hon. Jean Claude Brou

    Ministry of Industry and Mines
    Côte d'Ivoire

  • H.E. Monsieur Aly Ngouille Ndiaye

    H.E. Monsieur Aly Ngouille Ndiaye

    Minister of Industry and Mines

  • Hon. Dan Kazungu

    Hon. Dan Kazungu

    Mining Cabinet Secretary

  • Hon. Kayode Fayemi

    Hon. Kayode Fayemi

    Minister of Mines and Steel Development

  • Hon. abdoulaya magassouba

    Hon. Abdoulaye Magassouba

    Minister of Mines and Geology
    Guinea Conakry

  • Hon. Francisco Queiroz

    Hon. Francisco Queiroz

    Minister of Geology and Mining

  • Hon. Patrick Sendolo

    Hon. Patrick Sendolo

    Minister of Energy and Lands

  • Hon. Christopher Yaluma

    Hon. Christopher Yaluma

    Minister of Mines and Minerals Development
    Republic of Zambia

  • Hon. Obeth Kandjoze

    Hon. Obeth Kandjoze

    Minister of Mines and Energy

  • Hon. Martin Kabwelulu Labilo

    Hon. Martin Kabwelulu Labilo

    Minister of Mines and Geology
    Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Hon. Lebohang Thotanyana

    Hon. Lebohang Thotanyana

    Minister of Mining of the Kingdom of Lesotho
    Kingdom of Lesotho

  • Hon. Evode Imena

    Hon. Evode Imena

    Minister of State for Mining

  • Hon.Tiémoko Sangare

    Hon. Tiémoko Sangare

    Minister of Mines

  • Hon. Christian Magnagna

    Hon. Christian Magnagna

    Minister of Mines

  • Hon. Alfa Oumar Dissa

    Hon. Alfa Oumar Dissa

    The Minister of Energy, Mines and Quarries
    Burkina Faso

  • Hon. Sadique Kebonang

    Hon. Sadique Kebonang

    Minister of Minerals, Green Technology and Energy Security
    Republic of Botswana

  • Hon. Zafilahy Ying Vah

    Hon. Zafilahy Ying Vah

    Minister of Mining and Petroleum

  • hon. Walter Chidakwa

    Hon. Walter Chidakwa

    Minister of Mines and Mining Development

  • Godfrey Oliphant

    Godfrey Oliphant

    Deputy Minister
    Department of Mineral Resources

  • H.E. Motuma Mekassa Zeru

    H.E. Motuma Mekassa Zeru

    Minster of the Ministry of Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas
    Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

  • Hon. Osheak Tahir

    Hon. Osheak Tahir

    Minister of State, Ministry of Minerals
    Republic of the Sudan

  • H.E. Dr. Abdelkader Amara

    H.E. Dr. Abdelkader Amara

    Minister of Energy, Mines, Water & Environment

  • Takumi Ihara

    Takumi Ihara

    Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
    Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry, Japan

  • Hon. Mohamed Abdel Vetah

    Hon. Mohamed Abdel Vetah

    Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Mines

  • Hon. Moussa Hassane Baraze

    Hon. Moussa Hassane Baraze

    Minister of Mines and Energy

  • Hon. Peter Lokeris

    Hon. Peter Lokeris

    State Minister for Minerals in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development

  • Hon. Ernest Gbwaboubou

    Hon. Ernest Gbwaboubou

    The Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development
    Republic of Cameroon

  • Hon. Peter Lokeris

    Hon. Peter Lokeris

    State Minister for Mineral Development

  • Philip Baker

    Philip Baker

    Ambassador of Canada to Ethiopia
    Government of Canada

Consultants, Advisory, Analysts, and Solution Providers

  • Peter Major

    Peter Major

    Head of Mining
    Cadiz Corporate Solutions

  • Keith Scott

    Keith Scott

    Managing Director
    The MSA Group

  • John Capel

    John Capel

    Executive Director
    Bench Marks Foundation

  • Andy Anderson

    Andy Anderson

    Head of Marketing

  • Tracey Cooper

    Tracey Cooper

    Executive Director
    Mining Dialogues 360⁰

  • Dr. Elena Clarici

    Dr. Elena Clarici

    Founder & CEO
    Micah Group

  • Ben Chalmers

    Ben Chalmers

    Vice President, Sustainable Development
    Mining Association of Canada

  • Koos Jordaan

    Koos Jordaan

    Executive Director
    Master Drilling Group Limited

  • Lisa Sachs

    Lisa Sachs

    Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment

  • Clyde Russell

    Clyde Russell

    Asia Commodities Columnist
    Thomson Reuters

  • Pierre Gratton

    Pierre Gratton

    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Mining Association of Canada

  • Nellie Mutemeri

    Nellie Mutemeri

    Independent Consultant & Associate Professor
    Wits University

  • Andrew Lane

    Andrew Lane

    Energy and Resources Leader

  • Eily Ong

    Eily Ong

    Global Metals & Mining Industry Analyst

  • Peter Fitzmaurice

    Peter Fitzmaurice

    General Manager
    Industrial Minerals

  • Cameron Perks

    Cameron Perks

    Industrial Minerals

  • brian gordon

    Brian Gordon

    Partner and President
    Holman Fenwick Willan and Singapore Mining Club

  • Paul Wilson

    Paul Wilson

    World Platinum Investment Council

  • Kobus van der Wath

    Kobus van der Wath

    Founder and Group Managing Director
    The Beijing Axis

  • Nastassia Arendse

    Nastassia Arendse

    Journalist and Presenter

  • Carole Cable

    Carole Cable

    Brunswick Group

  • Robert Ryan<

    Robert Ryan

    Vice President, Commodity and Energy Strategy
    BCA Research

  • Wayne Du Chenne

    Wayne Du Chenne

    Executive Director: Sourthern Africa
    AEL Mining Services

  • Asa Borssen

    Asa Borssen

    RAW Talks

  • Nicolas Di Boscio

    Nicolas Di Boscio

    Founder and Editor in Chief
    RAW Talks

  • Gareth Huckle

    Gareth Huckle

    Partners in Performance

  • Peter Dormehl

    Peter Dormehl

    Sedna Industrial IT Solutions

  • Richard Martin

    Richard Martin

    Business Unit Manager

  • Andrew Forster

    Andrew Forster

    TAP Regional Manager
    Maxam Mauritanie S.A.R.L

  • George Coles

    George Coles

    Senior Analyst

  • Peter Leon

    Peter Leon

    Co-Chair of the Africa Practice
    Herbert Smith Freehills

  • Patrick Leyden

    Patrick Leyden

    Herbert Smith Freehills

  • Jacques Erasmus

    Jacques Erasmus

    Global Head of Mining

  • Jane Korinek

    Jane Korinek

    Economist and Trade Policy Analyst
    Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)’s Trade and Agriculture Directorate

  • Bert Van Hege

    Bert Van Hege

    General Manager Business Development and Process
    SGS South Africa

  • Alex Grose

    Alex Grose

    Managing Director
    Mining Indaba

  • Harry Chapman

    Harry Chapman

    Director of Content
    Mining Indaba

  • Scott Mumford

    Scott Mumford

    Group Managing Executive – Satellite & VSAT
    Liquid Telecom

  • Dr. Simon Handelsman

    Dr. Simon Handelsman

    Adjunct Professor
    University of British Columbia

  • Luke McKend

    Luke McKend

    Country Manager - South Africa

  • Itumeleng Mahabane

    Itumeleng Mahabane

    Partner and Head of South Africa

  • Frank Rizzo

    Frank Rizzo

    Technology Sector Leader - Africa

  • Kaspar Euvrard

    Kaspar Euvrard

    Cyber Security Leader

  • Dr Martyn Davies

    Dr. Martyn Davies

    Managing Director, Emerging Markets & Africa

  • Robert Hersov

    Robert Hersov

    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
    Invest Africa

  • Fred Noce

    Fred Noce

    Sales Director
    Mining Indaba

  • Barbara O\'Donovan

    Barbara O'Donovan

    Managing Editor
    Industrial Minerals

  • Andrew Grant

    Andrew Grant

    Data Analyst
    Bloomberg New Energy Finance

  • Jamie Valade

    Jamie Valade

    Business Development Manager
    Howden Simsmart

  • Santhuri Thaver

    Santhuri Thaver

    Senior Manager Deal Advisory, Infrastructure
    KPMG Services Proprietary Limited

  • Christopher Stevens

    Christopher Stevens

    Werkmans LLC & LexAfrica

  • Wei Jia Ming

    Wei Jia Ming

    Vice President
    China ENFI

  • Huang Haiwei

    Huang Haiwei

    Managing Director
    AXIS Capital Advisory

Associations and NGOs

  • Roger Baxter

    Roger Baxter

    Chamber of Mines

  • Mike Teke

    Mike Teke

    Chamber of Mines

  • Tom Butler

    Tom Butler

    Chief Executive Officer
    International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM)

  • Carol Kiangura

    Carol Kiangura

    East & Southern Africa Regional Coordinator
    Publish What You Pay

  • Matthew Bliss

    Matthew Bliss

    Deputy Director, Programs

  • Kojo Busia

    Kojo Busia

    Acting Coordinator
    Africa Mineral Development Center

  • Greg Radford<

    Greg Radford


  • Rinko Kinoshita

    Rinko Kinoshita

    Deputy Representative, Burkina Faso

  • Christine Colvin

    Christine Colvin

    Senior Manager, Freshwater Programmes, SA

  • Tebello Chabana

    Tebello Chabana

    Senior Executive: Public Affairs and Transformation
    Chamber of Mines South Africa

  • Emmanuel Jengo

    Emmanuel Jengo

    Executive Secretary
    Tanzania Chamber of Minerals and Energy

  • Dr. Klaus Steinmueller

    Dr. Klaus Steinmueller

    Senior Researcher, BGR
    Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources

  • Clemence Nare

    Clemence Nare

    Outreach and Engagement Manager

  • Dr. Dee Bradshaw

    Dr. Dee Bradshaw

    South African Research Chair: Mineral Benefication
    University of Cape Town

  • Joe Amoako-Tuffour

    Joe Amoako-Tuffour

    Director of Research

  • Jerry Ahadjie

    Jerry Ahadjie

    Asset Manager
    Sectoral Policy and Planning, Minerals Commission, Ghana

  • Dr. Ndougsa Mbarga Theophile

    Dr. Ndougsa Mbarga Theophile

    Associate Professor of Exploration Geophysics
    University of Yaounde, Cameroon

  • Vincent Kedi

    Vincent Kedi

    Principal Engineer (Mining)
    Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Uganda

  • Frank Mugyenyi

    Frank Mugyenyi

    Senior Industrial Advisor
    African Union Commission

  • Frank Mugyenyi

    Frank Mugyenyi

    Senior Industrial Advisor
    African Union Commission

  • Kaijuka Richard

    Kaijuka Richard

    Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum

  • Adetokunbo Adeyinka Kayode

    Adetokunbo Adeyinka Kayode

    Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) First Deputy President

  • Noluthando Primrose Gosa

    Noluthando Primrose Gosa

    Advisory Board Member
    Mining Indaba

  • Mpho Makwana

    Mpho Makwana

    Advisory Board Chairman
    Mining Indaba

  • Frans Msokoli Baleni

    Frans Msokoli Baleni

    Advisory Board Member
    Mining Indaba

  • Torge Hamkens

    Torge Hamkens

    Advisor, Extractives for Development Project

  • Toni Aubynn

    Toni Aubynn

    Ghana Minerals Commission

  • Grant Mitchell

    Grant Mitchell

    Emerging Miners Desk
    Chamber of Mines South Africa

  • Elaine Pura

    Elaine Pura

    Chief Operating Officer and Director of International Programs

  • Koichi Hamano

    Koichi Hamano

    Executive Vice President, Member of the Board
    Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC)

  • Sven Renner

    Sven Renner

    Head of Project
    German Federal Institute of Geosciences and Natural Resources

  • H.E. Fatima Haram Acyl

    H.E. Fatima Haram Acyl

    Commissioner for Trade and Industry
    African Union Commission

  • Nneoma Nwogu

    Nneoma Nwogu

    Senior Counsel
    World Bank

  • Louis Maréchal

    Louis Maréchal

    Policy adviser, Extractives, Responsible Business Conduct Unit

  • Karen Hayes

    Karen Hayes

    Senior Director, Mines to Markets

  • Nicola Woodroffe

    Nicola Woodroffe

    Legal Analyst
    Natural Resources Governance Institute

  • Lance Crist

    Lance Crist

    Global Head of Oil, Gas and Mining
    International Finance Corporation

  • Kirsten Hund

    Kirsten Hund

    Senior Mining Specialist
    World Bank

  • Fitsum Weldegiorgis

    Fitsum Weldegiorgis

    Senior Researcher, Sustainable Markets Group
    International Institute for Environment and Development, IIED

  • Brett Cohen

    Brett Cohen

    Director, The Green House Consultants, Cape Town, Honorary Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering
    University of Cape Town

  • Veronica Jones

    Veronica Jones

    Head, Advisory Services, Infrastructure and Natural Resources
    International Finance Corporation