Welcome to the RI Workshop Series 2017: ESG Solutions

Following Decarbonise 2.0 workshops, the RI Workshop Series 2017: ESG Solutions broadens its scope to include passive investing.

Passive Investing 2017

We are hosting two workshops on the subject in London on 23rd November and Paris on 23rd January, 2018 .

Link to Draft agenda

Passive Investing 2017 will bring together a select group of market participants such as pension funds, investment consultants, asset managers and index providers. The workshop discussions are not panels, they are conversations amongst like-minded peers who want to share and learn about how to integrate ESG into their passive investments.

For an example of the quality of delegates attending our workshops, you can find a list of the companies who attended our carbon-focused workshops in 2016 here:
Decarbonise delegates 2016

The workshops are free of charge for personally invited asset owners and investment consultants.

Seats are limited to approx. 40 delegates per location, please REGISTER as soon as possible to secure your place.

Dates and Cities