ESG Solutions


Welcome to the RI Workshop Series 2017: ESG Solutions

The inaugural RI Workshop Series in 2016 was an enormous success, attracting more than 200 participants to workshops across Europe and North America (Decarbonise 2016 website). In 2017 we are building on the very positive feedback received in 2016 to broaden the workshops to include real assets and passive investing, as well as taking our decarbonisation workshops to the next level.

Decarbonise 2.0
Click here for further information about Decarbonise 2.0.
Workbook for the Decarbonise 2.0 workshops are now available.

Passive Investing
Further information on the next series coming soon. If you would like to be notified when registration for the next series opens, click here.

Each one-day workshop comprises three, market-researched, themed roundtable discussions, feedback and networking. Format details.

The workshops are free of charge for asset owners, NGOs and other relevant associations.
See who attended the 2016 workshops.