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ACTE Calgary Education Forum

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Calgary Marriott Downtown

Education will build upon the travel manager as the supporting hub, with each of the spokes representing the various components that must come together in a unified fashion for a successful travel programme. Key focus areas within each of these spokes will surround the evolving expectations and needs of the modern business traveller, and support to the travel managers with both today's challenges and tomorrow's future:
  • We encourage participation of corporate travel professionals, buyers and suppliers and both members and non-members
  • If your company would like to sponsor this event and gain valuable marketing exposure, please contact Debbie Thomas at dthomas@acte.org.

Tentative Agenda


**Separate Registration Required** Supplier Round Table
Optional complimentary  session for ACTE supplier attendees. Separate registration is required. Space is limited and will be confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Priority will be given to ACTE supplier members and sponsors. Join your fellow suppliers in this round table, open mic session for some rich and robust dialogue around trends, benchmarking and other relevant topics, decided by YOU. To secure your space, email: Maria Stevens - mstevens@acte.org

Facilitated by: Joshua Amiel, Director, Strategic Sales, HRG North America and ACTE Canada Regional Chair and Dirk Baerts, President, MeritBiz and ACTE Board Member, Canada


Corporate Travel Manager/Buyer Round Table & Lunch (Open to Corporate Travel Managers/Buyers only)
Corporate Travel Managers/Buyers only are welcome to join us for this lunch and learn session. A great opportunity to meet with your peers and share solutions and best practices. 

Led by: Daniele Gorla, Director, Strategic Sourcing, Shaw Communications and ACTE Canada Regional Chair


General Registration


Opening Remarks


2017 Canadian Economic Outlook
Gain insight from the Conference Board of Canada's Bruce Leslie, as he returns  and shares his analysis on trends such as volatile oil & gas prices and other economic and geopolitical factors influencing Canadian business travel and the energy sector in particular.

Presenter: Bruce Leslie, Executive Director, Western Canada, Conference Board of Canada


Insights from the Modern Business Traveller

Travelling for work is a reality for many. For years, companies have touted their business travellers as a tenacious force that sacrifice a lot in order to pave the path toward business success. Frequent business travel can take a toll and travellers are often required to make personal sacrifices. Although the degree of traveller friction – the wear and tear of too much travel - varies widely, what is clear is that travellers, suppliers and companies can benefit by actively working to improve the business travel experience.

This session will further explore the unique needs and expectations of the modern business traveller. Frequent business travellers will offer candid insight highlighting both the positive elements of their business travel experience, as well as areas for improvement. To balance this perspective, travel industry experts will share insight on industry trends and how they are actively reviewing their travel policies, product offerings and customer experience to respond to the needs of the modern business traveller. This session will aim to inspire more open communication and collaboration between the traveller and team of experts committed to their successful travel experience.

Patrick Doyle, Regional Vice President, American Express Global Business Travel
Laura Pallotta, VP Sales & Marketing, Marriott Hotels of Canada
John Hanlon, Manager, Travel & Corporate Card, Enbridge Inc.
Lisa Marks, Manager, Corporate Events, Shaw Communications
Chris Gall, Vice President, Global Supply Chain and Manufacturing, Calfrac Well Services Ltd


Networking Break

IGNITE the Industry
IGNITE the Industry is a fast-paced, 5-minute session, formatted to introduce or raise awareness of innovations in the corporate travel space.

Enterprise Holdings: Stacey Perlmutter


Payment Strategy: Why You Need One

Payment solutions are not ‘one size fits all,’ and that makes it more difficult for travel managers to understand what solutions are best (or even relevant) to your unique company. You need a clear strategy on how to approach and begin evaluating payment options. Leveraging a recent global study, this session will highlight the business payments behaviour of corporate entities and compare key findings from Canada with other countries, giving you insights on what has worked for other companies who share features in common with your program. The study was conducted by the RFi Group, which specialises in data and information gathering, customer based insight generation and business decision support for the world’s leading financial service providers. We’ll also hear from various stakeholders sharing their experiences and best practices in payment strategy and transformation.

Cyrielle Chiron, General Manager – North America and Latin America, RFi Group
Aaron Galvan, Supervisor, Air and Fleet Programs, Multi Service Technology Solutions/UATP
Kim Teichroeb, Director, Distribution & Production, Hillberg and Berk


Networking Reception