Rome Conference 2017


Fruit Logistica is the world's leading international trade fair for fresh produce marketing. Held annually in Berlin, Germany, it is the traditional marker of the New Year in the fresh produce business, bringing together more than 2,785 exhibitors from 83 countries and over 65,000 trade visitors from 135 countries. Fruit Logistica attracts a broad spectrum of exhibiting companies, representing all steps in the value chain from production to point of sale. It offers trade visitors the opportunity to gain an overview of the emerging trends, products and technologies in the industry, and forms an excellent platform for establishing and strengthening international business contacts. The event features a full conference and seminar programme.


Petit Forestier Group is Europe’s leading refrigerated rental specialist with a multi product range (vehicle, display units and coldstores)
With its full service offer, Petit Forestier takes responsibility for the management of your vehicle life cycle ie maintenance, mandatory controls, 24/7 repairs and assistance, vehicle specification and administrative follow up) and commercializes a multi-product range.
Petit Forestier has a fleet of 38,000 vehicles, 23,000 display units and 1,200 coldstores and services 15,000 clients worldwide through its 216 international sites.


We work to “develop a system of open international trade, based on shared rules that are not discriminatory, and which can remove the distortions that restrict the availability of food, thereby creating the conditions for improved global food security” from the Milan Charter-EXPO.
Borsa Merci Telematica Italiana (BMTI) is an agency of the Italian Chambers of commerce, established by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies in 2006.
The mission of BMTI is to promote agrifood market transparency and development through the management of the Italian Online Commodity Exchange and the monitoring and dissemination of prices.
In order to fulfill this task, BMTI has developed a series of services, skills and initiatives to support institutions and SMEs in market access, such as the International Online Market (IOM).
The IOM is an innovative and experimental project launched during the EXPO-Milan and has the ambition to extend the benefits on an online commodity exchange worldwide, through a platform where operators from the globe can buy and sell their produce in a safe and smart environment.
Among BMTI’s partners and connections: international organisations, the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, the Italian Ministry of Economic development, the Italian Chambers of commerce, the Mediterranean Federation of Chambers of commerce (ASCAME), sectorial press, and many more.