Rome Conference 2017


Located along Tiburtina Street, at Tenuta del Cavaliere in the Municipality of Guidonia Montecelio (Rome), Centro Agroalimentare Roma occupies a strategic geographical position in the national road-system. From such a location, Centro Agroalimentare Roma aims to become one of the most competitive trade centers in Europe. It will establish business relations within the Mediterranean area to acquire genuinely fresh and high – value products, thus actively promoting trade flows towards all countries in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe due to its increasing demand.

Core data:

  • 1 Million visitors per year
  • 1,8 Billion euro annual turnover
  • 380 firms with head offices at CAR
  • 19 million kwh energy consumption
  • 1.405.000 sq.m. CAR area
  • 2.500 day employee
  • 279.895 sq.m. covered area
  • 800.000 tons of fruit and vegetables
  • 38.000 tons of fish