Essential Skills of Emerging Nursing Managers Symposium

Welcome to the Essential skills for emerging nurse managers!

Indeed, it is my pleasure to invite you to be part of this symposium about “Essential skills for emerging nurse managers”. We are planning to make this symposium the first of its kind in UAE, due to the wealth of the program and the expertise of the speakers.

Nurses at all levels require managerial skills to carry out their roles and tasks on daily bases, in addition to the big proportion of nurses who are assuming exclusively managerial roles. Having adequate managerial knowledge therefore is critical.

It is acknowledge that while nurse professionals receive thorough training to become safe and competent clinicians before and during their professional career, less training is usually provided for them to cover their managerial responsibilities and tasks, or when they transition to managerial roles.

This symposium therefore becomes extremely important, it constitute a comprehensive learning experience that assists both nurses and emerging nurse mangers toacquire skills in leadership, communication, conflict resolution, change management, quality principles, teaching and supervision, scientific evidence critical appraisal, in addition to other equally interesting and important topics.

I will be looking forward to welcome you on this symposium, which will be an opportunity to expand knowledge as well as network with experienced speakers, and nurse colleagues.

Dr. Nabeel Al-Yateem
Chair of the Symposium

Objectives of the training program:

  • Identify core principles that facilitate leadership skills, knowledge, and values
  • Apply effective communication skills to identify, address, and manage conversations relating to specific situation, problems or conflicts.
  • Use critical thinking and problems solving when addressing performance or operational deficiencies.
  • Apply the scientific research methods when accessing, appraising and synthesizing knowledge for clinical practice. .
  • Be familiar with principles of planned and effective change management in healthcare setting.


  • All staff nurses at all levels from all department who wish to acquire managerial skills to help them on their daily practices.
  • Senior nurses transitioning to a managerial role to acquire the essential skills for the new roles.
  • Current nurse managers who wish to update information in the areas covered in the symposium.

For inquiries/registration please contact:

Abrar Abuelkhair
Operations Manager- MCO
Phone: +971 2 658 8717
M: 050 509 7889 | E: