2017 ASTC Annual Conference Exhibit Hall
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Company Booth number Website 25 word company description
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360dome.projection, LLC327360dome.projection LLC seeks to introduce easy-to-use and cost-effective digital technology, and dynamic programming to the planetarium industry.
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ABA Science Play Ltd.1029http://www.aba-scienceplay.com/ABA Science play manufactures educational outdoor playground equipment for children to learn about Physical laws, the universe and recycling while playing
Action Moving Services933www.actionmoving.comAction Moving Services is an award winning agent for Atlas Van Lines, We provide transportation, storage for exhibits nationally and internationally. Dave Doebler
ACTIVE Network214www.activenetwork.comFrom fast and efficient ticketing to facility management capabilities, ACTIVE Venue Manager is built to help increase visitation, drive engagement, and improve customer experience.
Aeromax, Inc.1302www.aeromaxtoys.comAeromax is synonymous with innovation. Selling to Science Centers and Specialty stores around the world. Award winning, museum quality merchandise to inspire kid’s imaginations.
Afterschool STEM Hub921http://www.afterschoolstemhub.org/Discover the most effective ways to make the case for expanding and supporting informal STEM learning with FREE tools based on extensive communications research.
AGT EUROEVENTS ltd927www.kotsanas.comAGT EUROEVENTS presend the “THE HI-TECH INVENTIONS OF ANCIENT GREECE”, by “Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology” in Katakolo and “Archimedes Museum” in Olympia Greece.
ALCHEMY Studio708ALCHEMY Studio inspires through master planning, experience and exhibit design and development, film and media concepts, project management, and environmental graphics.
American Museum of Natural History917http://www.amnh.org/global-business-development/traveling-exhibitionsThe American Museum of Natural History is one of the world’s preeminent scientific and cultural institutions.
Anatomage906www.anatomage.comAnatomage is a medical company, driving innovation through advanced solutions in hospitals and educational institutions. Our products include medical tables, surgical devices, and radiology software.
Argyle Design, Inc.323www.argyledesign.comFrom master planning to opening, ADI creates irresistible exhibit experiences for audiences of all ages. Our innovative design solutions and inclusive environments have proven appeal.
Artifact Technologies932artifacttech.comArtifact Technologies creates location-based games and guides that deliver meaningful, relevant content and foster deeper engagement at science centers and museums.
Artisans of Florence - International1022www.artisansofflorence.comDelivering award-winning, interactive scientific and historical exhibitions. Science of Archimedes DaVinci Machines and Robotics Machines of Ancient Rome Eureka!: Interactive History of Science for Children
ASM Materials Education Foundation313www.asmfoundation.orgThe ASM Materials Education Foundation provides for the advancement of scientific and engineering knowledge through its support of education and research.
Audio Visual Imagineering, Inc.925AVI produces and distributes fulldome educational shows for planetarium theaters. We also manufacture the only fulldome (360 x 180) laser system for planetarium theaters.
Available Light829Available Light is an innovative Lighting Design firm working in Museum Exhibition and Architecture fields. Leaders in delivering creative, high performance, and sustainable experiences.
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Benee's, Inc.222www.benees.comBenee’s Inc can make any idea that you have come to life for your museum. Whether it be seating, interactive exhibits, or fitness course.
Betty Brinn Children's Museum828www.bbcmkids.orgThe Museum is dedicated to providing hands-on educational experiences that help children build fundamental cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills during their formative years.
Blackbaud, Inc.420arts.blackbaud.comBlackbaud is the world's leading cloud software company powering social good. Learn more at arts.blackbaud.com
Blue Telescope620www.blue-telescope.comBlue Telescope uses technology, design & storytelling to craft immersive, educational experiences that blend hands-on interaction with media spectacle.
BODY WORLDS1032www.bodyworlds.comThe original exhibitions featuring real plastinated human specimens from a body donation program. Animal Inside Out is now available. Exhibits from 5,000 - 10,000 sq. ft.
BOSEbuild532http://build.bose.comBOSEbuild believes that hands-on exploration is the key to sparking a child’s curiosity. When kids build it does more than teach – it inspires.
Bowen Technovation409www.bowentechnovation.comSince 1985 Bowen Technovation has specialized in technology and interactive production designs for exhibits and planetariums worldwide with over 600 projects completed to date.
Brad Larson Media, Inc.811Storykiosk and Storyspaces.io uses visitors' own stories about their experience to connect post-visit. Popup version for community events, and online record via email invitation.
BRIXO INC.634www.brixotoys.comQuantum Levitation: Hyperloops and magnetic levitation BRIXO: chrome coated building blocks, build electric circuits and bring your creations to life with light, movement & sensors.
Budd Wentz Productions (Wentzscope Microscopes)809wentzscope.comWENTZSCOPE Easy-View microscopes for museums. Built for rough public environments. Display opaque or translucent specimens, magnified 10-400x. Video to a screen is also available.
Bursa Science and Technology Center523www.bursabtm.orgBTM Exhibit aims to raise awareness of children and younger generation of scientific thought. We are designing and producing interactive experimental facilities and exhibition spaces.
BWC Visual Technology1103bwcviz.comBWC Visual Technology is a distributor and licensed re-seller of state of the art interactive exhibit technology for museums and science centers.
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California Science Center1028CaliforniaScienceCenter.orgThe California Science Center develops world-class traveling exhibitions for museums across the world. Experience GOOSE BUMPS: The Science of Fear and DOGS: A Science Tail.
CCS Content Conversion Specialists618www.content-conversion.comThe MagicBox® is a display case fused with digital presentation, where it's possible to interactive animation and tangible 3D renderings directly on an exhibited object.
Chicago Scenic Studios Inc.520Chicago Scenic has spent 40 years mastering the complexities of dynamic environments and challenging interactive experiences. Wherever you are in your exhibit development, let's talk.
Children's Museum of Houston1026www.cmhouston.orgChildren’s Museum of Houston provides hands-on, inquiry-based STEM traveling exhibits and immersive multimedia game experiences that promote problem solving and critical thinking skills.
Children's Museum of Pittsburgh729pittsburghkids.orgChildren’s Museum of Pittsburgh delights and inspires children. The Museum was named one of the nation’s top 15 children’s museums by Parents magazine in 2015.
Clark Planetarium415clarkplanetarium.org/distributionClark Planetarium Productions—specializing in fulldome content and interactive exhibit software solutions. Take your museum experience to the next level!
Collaboration for Ongoing Visitor Experience Studies (COVES)517www.understandingvisitors.orgCOVES is a transformative data service created by museum professionals, helping museums be more effective through collaborative collection, analysis, and interpretation of visitor experience data.
Convergence LLC814convergence.netWe provide web-delivered integrated ticketing and registration. Ticketing from anywhere – MOBILE, PC, kiosk, or box office. We offer Retail, Food and Beverage, and inventory control.
Cosmosphere632cosmo.orgSpaceWorks is internationally recognized for restoration, exhibit fabrication and artifact replication. Projects include Liberty Bell 7, Apollo XIII and F-1 engines recovered by Jeff Bezos.
Creative Discovery Museum817www.cdmfun.orgCreative Discovery Museum, Chattanooga, Tennessee is working with the BioEnergy Science Center on a biofuels/alternative energies STEM project called "Farming For Fuels".
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D3D Cinema and Birdly VR307d3dcinema.comD3D offers complete digital cinema solutions and distributes Birdly VR, a virtual reality flight simulator that delivers an immersive flight experience like none before.
Dino-Lite Scopes1033http://www.dinolite.usDino-Lite portable digital microscopes and eyepiece cameras provide high-quality microscopy video interfacing to PC and MAC. Most models provide 10x-220x magnification.
Discovery Dome (ePlanetarium)209www.discoverydome.comDiscovery Dome is a fully portable digital theater presenting fulldome planetarium shows and digital starfields. We bring the excitement of museum-quality shows to you!
Drug Enforcement Administration Museum220deamuseum.orgDrugs: Costs & Consequences, DEA'stravelling exhibition, is available to science museums wanting to hold conversations about the current heroin/opoid crisis in America.
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eliya321eliya.infomusical structures
Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation508Evans & Sutherland is the world's first computer graphics company and has developed advanced computer graphics technologies for almost four decades.
Everbright By Hero Design611http://everbright.ioEverbright is an interactive light board composed of hundreds of color dials that can be twisted endlessly in either direction through the color spectrum.
Evergreen Exhibitions1024evergreenexhibitions.comEvergreen Exhibitions creates educational touring science, natural history, art and object exhibitions, delivering immersive experiences to museums throughout the world for more than 25 years.
Exhibits Development Group1014EDG ignites and promotes cultural exchange by bringing exhibitions of art, science, history and popular culture to a diverse audience worldwide.
Exploratorium1003www.exploratorium.eduThe Exploratorium is a public learning laboratory exploring the world through science, art, and human perception. We partner with organizations world-wide to create inquiry-based experiences.
Explorer Systems Inc.815www.versai.comPremier non-cloud based all-in-one museum management software includes: school reservations, camp registrations, admissions, memberships, fundraising, grant tracking, real-time e-commerce, CRM, gift shop, integrated reports.
ExplorMor Labs LLC333www.explormor.com (being updated) also see www.libraries-of-life.orgExplorMor Labs provides customized augmented reality solutions and interactive learning tools that engage audiences with natural history collections.
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FLEXHIBIT709Through our portable, modular wall system called FlexWall, FLEXHIBIT offers the ability to switch out inspiring STEM content in a highly affordable manner.
Flying Fish Exhibits820www.flyingfishexhibits.comFlying Fish works intimately with Museum and Science Center clientele to take their exhibitions out to a broader, global market.
Foxfire Interactive Corp616www.foxfireinteractive.comProducer/distributor of GLOBAL SOUNDSCAPES (NSF-funded) and other interactive movie experiences for your IMAX or fulldome theater. Easy to learn! Fun to deliver!
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Gateway Ticketing Systems, Inc.210www.gatewayticketing.comGateway Ticketing Systems, Inc is the world leader in ticketing admission control and revenue generation solutions, services, support and strategy.
Giant Screen Cinema Association1203www.giantscreencinema.comGSCA represents the network of educational, life-changing, giant screen cinema experiences worldwide. Members include science centers and museums, filmmakers, distributors, manufacturers, and other related businesses.
Grande Exhibitions911www.grandeexhibitions.comGrande Exhibitions is a traveling exhibition provider that pushes the boundaries of innovation and technology, focusing on delivering maximum value to partners and visitors.
Guru432theguru.coGuru partners with cultural institutions to enhance the visitor experience through mobile, AR and VR.
Gyroscope, Inc.423We are an award-winning studio of creative designers who work closely with our clients to create innovative learning environments.
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Ideum821www.ideum.comFounded in 1999, Ideum combines emerging technologies with skilled experience design to create compelling interactive exhibits for science centers, museums, and institutions around the world.
Imagination Playground1115www.imaginationplayground.orgmagination Playground is a breakthrough concept that encourages child-directed, unstructured play. The kind of play critical to a child’s intellectual, social, and emotional development.
Imagine Exhibitions Inc.1017www.imagineexhibitions.com
Impact Communications909www.impactcommunications.comImpact Communications is a team of creative thinkers and technical masters, passionate about developing visitor-focused multimedia, videos, apps, augmented reality, interpretive tours and immersive exhibits.
INDE229www.indestry.comINDE creates products and experiences that inspire, entertain, inform and educate using Augmented Reality. Since 2011 we have launched 150+ AR systems worldwide.
Interactive Entertainment Group412www.interactiveparty.comInteractive Entertainment Group Inc. is a leader in manufacturing Interactive Games and VR Experiences for Museums and Science Centers around the world. Some attractions include Giant Light Bright, Giant Battleship, Giant Pin Art and so much more. Check out www.interactiveparty.com 1 800 760-0724
Interspectral902www.interspectral.comInterspectral develops unique interactive learning experiences based on X-ray scans.
Intervoke315www.intervoke.comINTERVOKE is comprised of a variety of industry experts experienced in 3D visualization, forensics, software deployment, augmented and virtual reality design and execution.
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KaBOOM!515The well-being of communities starts with the well-being of kids. KaBOOM! works to ensure all kids get a childhood filled with play so they can thrive.
Kubik Maltbie, Inc.627www.maltbie.comKubik Maltbie, Inc. is an experienced museum exhibit fabricator. The technical knowledge of our team is unrivaled, with an impressive portfolio of over 350 projects.
Kurt Hüttinger GmbH & Co. KG833www.huettinger.deDesigners and Builders of interactive exhibitions
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Laminar Sciences Corp636www.laminarsciences.comLaminar Sciences Corp sells a unique multi-colored rheoscopic fluid to the scientific and arts communities. We also directly (or reference) sell exhibits using our fluid.
Laser Fantasy929Laser Fantasy produces laser light shows for Science Centers, Theme Parks, Events, and Custom Projects. Combining art and technology to entertain audiences the world over.
Los Alamos National Laboratory Bradbury Science Museum522http://www.lanl.gov/museum/index.phpCreates free, traveling STEM exhibits on the Lab’s world-changing work and partners with you on content. This year’s exhibit offering: The Ribosome Machine.
Luci Creative915www.lucicreative.comLuci Creative is a multidisciplinary studio that develops, designs and produces compelling exhibits and spaces for museums and cultural institutions.
Luckey LLC710Luckey LLC is a bespoke design-build firm specializing in creating unique and imaginative climbing structures for children-oriented institutional and commercial clients.
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Magna-Tech Electronic903Konica Minolta Planetarium Co. along with Magna-Tech Electronic Co. will be showing examples of our Fulldome Digital and Optical-Mechanical planetarium technologies.
Minnesota Children's Museum728www.mcm.org/travelMCM is the leading producer of children's traveling exhibits for museums. Visit our booth for a special announcement about our newest traveling exhibit!
Minotaur Mazes1020www.minotaurmazes.comMinotaur Mazes creates immersive traveling exhibitions - unique learning adventures bursting with interactive challenges. Topics include aerospace, brain games, butterflies, dinosaurs, rainforests and clean water.
Modular Robotics335http://www.modrobotics.com/Cubelets Robot Blocks from Modular Robotics are a fast and easy way to inspire kids to become better thinkers.
Morey Consulting923moreyconsulting.comWe partner with science centers to provide in-depth reports with information on how to maximize attendance, membership and revenue potential.
Museum of Science and Industry1219msichicago.orgTraveling exhibits for rent.
Museum of Science, Boston427www.mos.orgNew England's most attended cultural institution, the Museum of Science, Boston annually introduces 1.5 million visitors to STEM education via interactive exhibits, programs, and curriculum.
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NASA - Exploration System Directorate509https://www.nasa.gov/content/j2m-getting-to-mars-sls-and-orionNASA’s Exploration Systems Development (Space Launch System, Orion, and Ground Systems) is developing the capability for humans to conduct deep space exploration missions.
NISE Network527National Informal STEM Education Network is a community of informal educators and scientists dedicated to supporting learning about STEM across the US www.nisenet.org
NOAA, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration835www.noaa.govNOAA’s mission is to understand and predict changes in the Earth’s environment, and to conserve and manage our coastal and marine resources.
nWave Pictures Distribution614www.nwave.comnWave Pictures Distribution is the sales and marketing arm of nWave Studios, a fully integrated digital 3D feature animation studio based in Belgium.
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Omaha Children's Museum & Kraemer Design & Production, Inc.1129www.ocm.org and www.kd-p.comOmaha Children's Museum's Forever Forest exhibit: Showcases how we live, work and play in the natural resource we call the forest. Designed by Kraemer Design.
Ontario Science Centre1127For 45+ years, our services have included design and fabrication of engaging, interactive science exhibits, consulting, development and touring travelling exhibitions.
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry1117https://omsi.edu/yourexhibitOMSI creates highly engaging, hands-on interactives, presenting science education to audiences of all ages through our traveling exhibits and consulting services.
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Pacific Studio533www.pacificstudio.comPacific Studio creates exhibits for museums, science centers, visitor centers and public spaces.
Pathfinders Design + Technology629www.pathfindersdesign.comPathfinders makes hands-on educational materials for STEM Maker/Tinkerer spaces and outreach science programs, as well as cool science kits for the museum store!
Premier Exhibitions Inc.1027www.premierexhibitions.com/Premier Exhibitions offers world-class touring exhibitions that combines scenic, immersive, educational and entertaining experiences for people of all ages.
Pufferfish803www.pufferfishpro.comPufferfish designs and develops new platforms for the display of digital content outside of the confines of traditional flat screen media.
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Radical VR837http://www.radicalvr.caRadical VR, provides custom and licensed virtual reality (VR) solutions for the museum market. Our experiences educate visitors and drive new revenue streams.
RedBox Workshop, Ltd807redboxworkshop.comRedBox Workshop is a full service studio offering the highest level of design, fabrication, project management, and printing services.
Richard Lewis Media Group819rlmg.comRLMG is an acclaimed digital design studio specializing in interactive installations, films and custom applications for museums and public spaces.
Roto217www.roto.comFull-service planning, design, and production of custom and replicated interactive science exhibits. Extensive construction experience and operations background for front-end consultation through installation.
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Saint Louis Science Center429www.sciencebeyond.orgManaged by the Saint Louis Science Center, Science Beyond the Boundaries connects museum professionals to go beyond the existing boundaries of informal science learning.
SC Exhibitions1223www.sc-exhibitions.comSC Exhibitions creates exhibitions which travel worldwide, and hosts international exhibitions in Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland
Science Gallery International816https://international.sciencegallery.com/The world's first university-linked network dedicated to art and science public engagement. Our galleries and touring exhibitions reach millions of 15-25 year olds worldwide.
Science Museum Group908www.sciencemuseum.org.ukThe Science Museum Group UK is devoted to the history and contemporary practice of science, medicine, technology, industry and media.
Science Museum of Minnesota1217www.smm.orgThe Science Museum of Minnesota also offers a complete menu of services to organizations which need help developing, designing and building educational exhibits.
Science North1221At Science North, we deliver world-class, dynamic, and entertaining experiences everyday. Travelling exhibits, multimedia, Large-Format films, consulting, tour management and off-the-shelf exhibits
Sciencenter521sciencenterexhibits.orgWe develop and tour innovative science exhibits that are inquiry-based, hands-on, and FUN. Educate and engage your audience—book a Sciencenter traveling exhibition today.
Seiler Instrument/ZEISS Planetariums227Over 600 Zeiss Planetariums globally testify to their success providing the most realistic night sky possible and for surpassing simulation, educational, and entertainment needs.
SLS433ShawnLani.comCreator and supplier of the artwork, Icy Bodies. A handmade and rare exhibit wonder, Icy Bodies weaves comet-like patterns of remarkable beauty.
Space Station Explorers - CASIS329www.spacestationexplorers.orgCASIS has a mission to manage and maximize the use of the ISS U.S. National Laboratory to foster innovative research.
Space Telescope Science Institute1132watkins@stsci.eduHow does the Universe work? How did we get here? Are we alone? NASA's Universe of Learning provides resources and experiences to engage your audiences.
Speak Creative326madebyspeak.comDigital Marketing Agency specializing in websites, apps, and marketing for attractions.
SRO Associates, Inc.727www.sroassociates.comDinosaurs: Predator vs. Prey is a traveling exhibit showcasing astonishing animatronic dinosaurs exhibited in the types of environments they would have lived in.
Stage Nine Design1015www.stageninedesign.comStage Nine Exhibitions designs, builds and tours interactive, modern, eye-catching exhibits for museums, science centers, and other special events.
Starlab / Science First127starlab.comStarlab planetarium creates memories, using education based virtual travel through the universe. Starry Night immerses your students into astronomy, TLE can dig into Earth Science.
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TAM Retail928
Tessitura Network609www.tessituranetwork.comTessitura Software powers all area areas of your business while housing data in one, unified system. We currently power 600+ organizations on 3 continents.
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis1010https://www.childrensmuseum.org/Dora & Diego: Let's Explore available Spring 2018! The Children's Museum of Indianapolis creates extraordinary learning experiences that enrich the lives of children and families.
The Elumenati, LLC215The Elumenati are a design and engineering firm creating innovative solutions for immersive visualization.
The Field Museum of Natural History1215fieldmuseum.orgThe Field Museum combines research of its world-renowned scientific staff with award-winning design expertise to create traveling exhibitions that offer an exceptional level of service.
The North Carolina Arboretum1202www.ncarboretum.orgThe North Carolina Arboretum’s traveling exhibits, Making Scents and Wicked Plants, blend science, culture and natural history to create dynamic, family-friendly experiences.
Toronto International Film Festival934tiff.netCome and check out what's new at digiPlaySpace, our wildly successful digital interactive exhibit for kids of all ages!
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Universal Services Associates, Inc.910buildwithusa.comUSA, Inc is a full-service exhibit fabrication firm specializing in museum exhibits, interactive displays, immersive environments, media and art installations, prototypes, model making and more.
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Virtual Science Center514www.virtualsciencecenter.orgVirtual Science Center is developing an inquiry-based traveling exhibit about the dynamic science of Virtual and Augmented Reality. Stop by our booth to see prototypes!