Judging process

The winners are in part comprised of individuals and firms who have been put forward via the online submission process. Judges will use the submitted application forms, as well as any supplemental information that is uploaded, to make a determination on whom they believe to be the most suitable and deserving winners for each category. Judges have discretionary power to move submissions into alternative categories that they think may be more suitable.

The judging panels

Judges' Choice categories
The Judges’ Choice Awards are adjudicated by a panel of industry experts, convened by Fund Action and Fund Directions editorial teams. The decision making process takes place over a series of conference calls that will be used to discuss the shortlists and the merits of each entry. Judges - appointed for their sector expertise - will also be allowed to use a degree of contextual knowledge to decide on a final winner. This decision will be based on an unanimous or majority decision made by each judging panel.

Other categories
The remaining categories are judged by a panel comprised of representatives from Fund Action and Fund Directions.

Decisions should be unanimous, but a majority will suffice. Judging decisions will be based on a number of metrics including the judging criteria which can be found here.